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The Reframe: Spotter

The Reframe: Spotter by @stronginsideout

I’m feeling power-hungry, babe, and not in the way you think! I’m talking personal power. Let’s reframe it to reclaim it [tweet that sh*t!]. It’s time for another visit to The Reframe!

The Reframe series is devoted to reframing old performance health terms into ones that serve us in the Health Movement.

Last time, we reframed the term, “Chin Up.” Today, we’re taking it one step further…

Today’s Reframe: Spotter

When you think “spotter,” you might think of that buff guy who lives in the gym yelling at you, “Just one more, bro! Come on! No pain, no gain!”

Blegh. Let’s reframe that to be more supportive in our judgment-free, accepting health goals. Get ready to feel goooood…

Like a sponsor in addiction recovery, your Spotter is the person who’s got you no matter what.

Your Spotter is someone you can check in with when you need a chin up. They can help you free a situation by giving you a different perspective and check your dark voice before it causes massive destruction.

This person won’t let the soul-crushing weight of depression or anxiety crash down on you. Your spotter won’t let negative body image bully you into shame and guilt. No, this person’s your lifeline.

But a spotter isn’t a “yes (wo)man.” Your spotter’s got you by supporting you through the darkness and also calling you on your sh*t. We don’t get stronger by hearing how great we are all the time or by enabling the same destructive patterns over and over again. We need real, honest feedback on ourselves, and sometimes that means the kind of Love that stings sometimes. You know: TRUTH.

Who’s Your Spotter?

Your Spotter could be your coach, therapist, best friend, tutor, sibling or parent. Basically, your Spotter is anyone you can trust to be real and loving with you.

When you’ve got a difficult decision to make, are doubting yourself or your worth, or are just having a hard time dragging yourself out of the dark place, you turn to your Spotter for help.

Here are my Spotters:

My therapist: She’s always got me and isn’t afraid to put me in check. I can count on her to shoot me straight in a compassionate, empathetic way.

My husband: We have a safe word for when I’m being controlling. It’s pineapple. He isn’t afraid to use it because I want to get better at this! I want to release this need to control everything, and he helps me do just that by calling me on it.

My besties: My girls got me no matter what. These are the spotters I go to when I doubt myself, am afraid to do something or need to make a difficult decision. I know I can trust them to give me their honest take.

Now I want to hear about your Spotter! Tell me on social media who your Spotter is:

 My #Spotter is _____ because (s)he’s got my back no matter what. Love you, boo!

 Thanks for spottin’ me, _____. You call me on my sh*t and it helps me grow. 👊

As you thank your Spotter, start thinking about how you can be a stellar Spotter for them, too. This Love thing only works if traffic’s moving both ways, remember? Go get ’em, tiger.



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3 responses to “The Reframe: Spotter”

  1. Bob Acton says:

    Awesome! We all need those Spotters.

    I was recently working on what to doing the middle of the night when our worries can take over. And I guess at that time we can find ways to be a Self Spotter; using our own skills to see the crap our mind can often stir up.

    • Amy says:

      Yes, that’s true, Bob! Through learning skills and tools, we can become our own Spotters in ways. It always helps to have the support of someone outside ourselves as well. It can be really helpful to check ourselves with a trusted external source (as you know)!

  2. Norman says:

    Hi Amy,
    my true spotter is my partner. In times of real darkness she is there with her love and compassion to help me stand up again. Having the same kind of issues as me, she truly understands me. There is a special thing I want to mention: I don´t know if you had it too; this is the depression – amnesia. Forgot that I ever felt good when I was in darkness. Complete oblivion of good things. And my partner convinced me that my condition will change. These were the turning points of my depression. She was there right when I needed her and probably wouldn´t have made it without her.

    Now that´s a f**ing awesome badass spotter!!
    A big rebel yell out to San Diego from Germany, big bear hugs

    PS: it means really a lot to me that you always answer our posts and comments! I will do it too with my clients <3

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