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Checking Judgment on Seasonal Low Energy

Checking Judgement on Seasonal Low Energy by @stronginsideout

Hey Fall, heyyyyy. Leaves are droppin’ and so are… my energy levels.

But wait, before you go all wa-waaaaa debbie downer on me, let’s look at if that’s really a “bad” thing.

Around this time of the year, the days grow shorter and many of us super-feelers start to feel a little more tired and low-energy. In years gone by, I’d fight this because I thought it was a sign of my lack of strength or something I was doing wrong. The reality is that a lot of shit is going on astrologically and seasonally that calls for rest, reflection and recovery.

What’s Up In The World and Stars

Checking Judgement on Seasonal Low Energy by @stronginsideout

If we’re looking at physical science, we can see and feel a lot of changes around us. Days are growing shorter, sunlight isn’t as intense as it was just a month ago and nature is dying (for lack of a better word) so that it can protect its valuable resources through the harsh weather of winter and come back stronger in the Spring. Many of us human beings do the same thing.

Did you know that Earth Empaths are a thing? It’s a real term I first read about in an article by Judith Orloff, M.D. In this super cool article, she explains that Earth Empaths intuit the changes in the Earth with how we feel in our bodies. Women Earth Empaths are in tune with the moon cycle and many of either sex get Seasonal Affective Disorder causing depression in the winter (which is a cause of low energy).

Beyond physical science is astrology which brings us to the time of year it is right now: Scorpio Season! If you don’t believe in astrology, cool. I encourage you to read this anyway just for shits and giggles – see if it resonates with where you’re at.

From October 23-November 21, you might feel called to go within, focusing on healing your shit. One of my favorite spiritual Instagram accounts is thehoodwitch and she says it perfectly in one of her recent posts:

“This is a fixed water sign and Scorpio represents the urge to sink deeply into the depths of emotional experiences and to destroy old structures in order to make room for the new to emerge.”

Sounds like *exactly* where I am right now. How about you?

What Low Energy Means About You

Checking Judgement on Seasonal Low Energy by @stronginsideout

Even after learning all of that, though, it’s common for many of us to rationalize it away; to fight for why it’s still our fault. All that energy we put into holding onto this destructive, disempowering story adds up to how we feel. As we learned in Mental Optics, your reality is the way you perceive the world. Knowing this truth can liberate us if we choose, or at least encourage us to be more aware of the way we talk to ourselves and judge others.

So if you’re not feeling like doing the same high energy workouts that you’ve been doing all Summer and you’re beating yourself up for it, let this post be a sign to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Low energy is not a reflection of your self-worth. It does not mean you’re lazy, doing something wrong or you lack willpower. It just means that your body is in rest and recovery mode – an essential part of getting stronger (our muscles literally grow stronger on recovery days, not workout days). That’s it. End of story.

Low energy isn’t something that needs to be fixed; it’s just something your body needs from time to time.

An Exercise To Shift Your Mental Optics

Checking Judgement on Seasonal Low Energy by @stronginsideout

Here are questions to keep you grounded and Loving in the downtime:

  • How can I use this time of being drawn inward to work on my own deep healing?
  • How might this season of stillness benefit me? Can I focus on that?
  • If I want to do movement today, what kind of movement would be Loving for my body?

Write these questions out and place them where you’ll see them every morning. If you wake up feeling low energy, journal or think through them before your day starts. Set the intention of Love and recovery for your day from the very beginning.

Here’s to Love and Acceptance this season, my super-feeling friend. May you let your body do what it needs to do so you can come back stronger.



P.S. If your energy levels are low consistently instead of seasonally, check in with your doctor or naturopath. There are a host of things that could be making you tired that you can’t self-diagnose.

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One response to “Checking Judgment on Seasonal Low Energy”

  1. Norman says:

    Hi Amy,
    I agree completely. The term “earth empath” is a very good description for me. Thanks for it. Happy birthday to you and many thanks for these empowering messages!

    Big hugs,

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