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Fire Your Friends: Drop The Negative People In Your Life

Update from Amy Jan 17, 2017: I wrote this post when my philosophy on relationships was… different. I have published a follow up to this post, Fire Your Friends: 4 Years Wiser, that reflects where I stand on “firing friends” now. I strongly suggest you read it immediately after reading this post. xo Amy

Over the last year and a half, I have felt consistently happy.  This is the longest stretch of happiness I have encountered since I was a child.

Over the same amount of time, I have cut a multitude of people out of my life that dragged me down in one way or another: energy-zappers, promoters of bad habits, judgmental janes, etc.

Coincidence?  Nope.  The first step is directly linked to the second.

Sometimes you just need to walk away.

Since I’ve cut or limited my time with negative people in my life, I have found:

  • more freedom and confidence in myself
  • the bonds with my truly supportive friends grew stronger because I put more effort into those relationships
  • I now attract more like-minded positive people into my life- the others get cut fast


Sometimes, the best thing for you to do for yourself and your bliss is to sever a friendship that brings you down.

I know this sounds harsh, but it is one of the key steps I’ve encountered on my way to finding happiness.

There are benefits and drawbacks to firing your friends- I’ve found that I’ve felt more free after cutting the ties to some people, but I’ve felt regret and wished I could take it back in other cases.

The bottom line: You are who you hang around with.

You choose to put yourself in that situation, and you will feed off whatever energy the relationship and other person provides.  Knowing when a friendship is bad for you and doing something about it can save you from years of misspent energy.

Be honest, take action, and feel the freedom.

When To Fire A Friend

Don’t let the good memories overshadow negativity now

Sometimes friendships form from negative roots.

I have had friendships develop because I was lonely and just wanted someone to hang out with.

I’ve had friendships that I kept because I only wanted to see the good times, and was in denial that we didn’t have anything in common anymore.

I’ve maintained friendships that sucked the life out of me, but because this person had stuck with me through my hard times, I felt like I owed it to her to listen to her negativity and complaining… every day.

Being honest with yourself means looking at the friendship and asking, “Why am I still friends with this person?”

If the answer is something other than they give you support, love, motivation, inspiration, encouragement, laughter, or any other positive emotions or outcomes, ask yourself this:  “How do I feel after I hang out with this person?”

Do you feel drained, bad about yourself, doubtful, depressed, frustrated, scared, angry, or in any other way negative after most of your meetings?  Do you dread seeing this person?  When this person calls, do you avoid it?  If you’ve answered yes, it’s time to reassess the reason that you’re keeping this friendship alive.

Know that friends will come and go, and that is natural.  Severing the ties with someone makes room for more positive people to come into your life, and allows you more time to nurture the true friendships you have.

Be brave.  Be honest.  Save yourself from wasting any more time.

The Best Way To Call It Quits

Drop him like a bad habit.

When you’ve had enough with the way you’re being treated or the lack of positivity you’re getting from a friend, it’s time to be honest with both yourself and the person in question. This is where I’ve gone wrong in the past.

The way I dealt with cutting ties to people is through simply not talking to them anymore.  It’s disrespectful, juvenile and mean.  I wish I had just been honest with these people instead of refused to take their phone calls.

If I were on the other side of the equation, I would have been devastated.  I would be wondering what I did wrong.  Where did this come from?

If I could take it back and do it again in the way I am going to suggest to you, I would.

How I recommend you handle the situation is having the balls to voice your feelings to the friend you’re having trouble with.  Who knows?  They could be completely unaware of the way they’re behaving or that it affects you negatively.  By taking this approach, both of you are able to look at the friendship and see if it’s worth trying to save.

This will take a load off your conscience, and may perhaps mend the relationship by bringing your concerns to light.  If things don’t improve from your talk, then you’ve at least addressed it and given it a second chance.  This way, it’s not coming out of thin air for your friend, and it helps you ease into the transition as well.

If You Can’t Fire Someone…

…Limit the time you spend with them.  This tends to be the case when a member of your family is particularly draining or negative.  Family is forever, but that doesn’t mean you need to let them hold you back from enjoying life!

When this person calls to complain about their day, be clear at the start that you can only talk for 10 minutes, then you have to run.

When you go to work and see the girl that pressures you into happy hours, tell her you have other engagements and that you’re really cutting back on your alcohol consumption for health reasons.  She can’t argue with you on that one!  You’ll still see her at work, but now you won’t have to play the game outside of 9-5.

If they give you a hard time, stand your ground.  Remember, this is for your sanity and happiness.

This is YOUR life.  Choose who you want to spend it with.

There’s No Going Back

Once the damage is done, repairing it may be impossible.

I am really good at cutting off friends.  So good, in fact, that I sometimes jump to this step prematurely and break a relationship that has a chance to improve, because I don’t want to have the talk.

I hate confrontation.  I’ve gone out of my way to avoid it to the point that I’d just take it if someone was treating me disrespectfully or wasn’t taking me into account.  I see this as a flaw that keeps me in situations I don’t need to be in, and I owe much of my happiness this past year to the fact that I have gotten better at dealing with confrontation and communication.

When you cut a friendship, there’s no going back.  I know because I’ve tried.

A few years ago, I called up my ex-best-friend that I had stopped talking to a couple years prior, and apologized for abruptly ending the relationship without explanation.  She accepted the apology and told me how much it had hurt her, and that she didn’t think our friendship could ever be the same.  I agreed, and I have come to terms with the fact that my screw-up wasted a solid relationship because I ended it for the wrong reasons.

Make sure that the reasons you’re cutting ties are the right ones, and that it’s not a way to further isolate yourself or prove to yourself that you don’t deserve goodness in your life.

Avoid the coulda-woulda-shouldas- always talk to the other person before cutting her off completely.


The only thing holding you back from your ideal life is not taking action.  So do it.  You’re strong enough.


I have published a follow up to this post, Fire Your Friends: 4 Years Wiser. I strongly suggest you read it immediately after reading this post.

UPDATE from Amy: Thank you to everyone who has commented here! I am unable to continue to comment back on this thread because of all the work we’re doing for the Strong Inside Out. Much love in your journey!  -Amy

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269 responses to “Fire Your Friends: Drop The Negative People In Your Life”

  1. It’s amazing how many people will keep friends in their life just because they have been around for a long time. It’s hard to take a step back a really look a whether or not these “friends” are enhancing or hurting your life. But i have found once those deep cuts are made, life instantly starts to refresh itself.

    • Rj Ryen says:

      Found this posting & today I went to an event where one person had invited me, & two of her friends were their that have never been decnet to me ever. The person who invited me was disingenuous & rude to me the entire time. I blocked her on my facebook. We are not close friends, but I took care of her grandma for years. I was very close friends with her grandma. I believe I won’t regret blocking her on facebook, & I just won’t be interacting with her anymore. I am also friends with her mom. I don’t want to drive her mom crazy between us, so while I love this friend, I don’t want to cause trouble between she & her daughter. While I don’t want to leave this friend, I almost believe it will be better for her in a way. Good sound advice here. Thank you. I guess I will talk with her mom, & let her know my dilemma, & let her decide what is best for her.

      • Amy says:

        Hey RJ! It sounds like you’re going about it in a calm, thoughtful manner, which is really important when considering moves that are quite emotional in nature. Though I don’t know the whole story behind this decision, you must do what you think is right. It sounds like this person may be projecting the loss of her grandmother onto you (I’m just guessing that’s what happened). It sounds like you don’t necessarily need to hang out with both her mother and her at the same time, so maybe just distance yourself from the daughter?

        Thanks for sharing your story here, RJ. I hope you find peace in this situation!

    • Diana says:

      So true yes — I have been in this situation with a childhood friend – more than 30+ years since we were kids, but every single memory and interaction are from her saying negative statements whether it is a recipe I give her to my car to anything at all. Very sad. I just told her I am moving out of state (true) – her response was – “Well we only see each other a few times a year, your moving will not have any effect on me.” WOW- OUCH.

      • Amy says:

        Wow. Ouch indeed. Sounds like you’re moving on to bigger and better things. :) You’re worth more than that kind of treatment. I wish you much luck in your future of supportive and encouraging friendships! :)

        • Diana says:

          Thanks Amy – I appreciate it. I really did not want her to gush and cry and go crazy about my move, but there were so many other ways she could have phrased it — the only reason we have seen each other minimally is because I got tired of always being the one to initiate the plans. She is a homemaker, but I work 7 days a week and am a single mom – my time is pretty scarce – the few times I would call her to take her to dinner (my treat), she would just email me the next day and say the food was bland or something else. Thanks again for your kind post, and I hope you are surrounded by positivity too!! :)

  2. Jóna says:

    You just went strait out and said it! I applaud you till my palms bleed!! I’m forwarding this post to some of my dump-hesitant friends ASAP

    I dont think its a matter of being cold-hearted. Its in everybody’s best interest to clean out your friend closet every once in a while. The happier you are, the more happiness you bring to others. It’s happiness capitalism! For us smart people that are to be trusted with the concept, it is the greatest thing ever.

    Your blog has been on my read list for a while now but I just started reading. So far I like your style, philosophy and the flower in your hair :)

    • Amy says:

      Hey Jòna! Glad you came by! Don’t clap too hard- I’d like you to be able to keep the feeling in your hands! ;)

      Thank you for the support!

      We as human beings are very scared of anything ending, but we have to realize that in order to begin, change, and grow, things must come to an end. I think you have the right idea: some friends just serve to drag you down and keep you from the happiness you deserve. In that case, neither of you will benefit from keeping the friendship, so it’s better to simply end it. Getting the courage to tell someone you’ve been close with that you aren’t feeling it anymore is the hardest part.

      Hope to see you here again soon!

  3. ellen says:

    I really appreciate this a lot. Dealing with this with a dear and longtime friend. It is just not going to work after what she just emailed me. I am letting it go with love and prayers…will always talk to her, but it is not going to be the same again.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Ellen! Welcome to the site!

      The same thing happened to me just over a year ago. I’m sorry that you received that email and whatever it contained within it. Sometimes things like that happen just to show us that we are worth more than getting treated poorly.

      It seems that you’re at peace with it, which you should be. Not everyone is meant to be friends with everyone!

      I hope Strong Inside Out and I can help you in other ways as well!

  4. Caitlyn says:

    Thank you so much for this. I needed to read this. And I’m glad I did.

    • Amy says:

      I’m so happy that it helped you. It makes my day to read comments like these. Thank you, Caitlyn, and I hope to see you around Strong Inside Out more soon!

  5. Lynette says:

    This is definitely one of my favourite articles here! Really rings true, as I’m someone who’s really hesitant to end relationships, and in my entire life I’ve only actively ended one friendship that was sucking the life out of me. You’re right about friendships that form from negative roots being unsustainable. I’ve persisted with the most incompatible, exhausting, dysfunctional friendships for all the reasons that you’ve described and it’s really nice to be in a place where it’s acceptable to make a change :)

    • Amy says:

      Hey Lynette!

      Thank you for the kind words! I was very hesitant to end friendships in the past as well, but you have to stay true to yourself and knowing your worth. It’s so important to make your happiness a priority, and if another person is getting in the way of that, they’re no friend at all!

      Thanks for chiming in, Lynette! I hope you’ll find the Strong Inside Out community to be a supportive, motivating source as you make positive changes in your life!

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  7. Keith says:

    Hi Amy,

    This post is so true. And I agree absolutely that just cutting without explanation is the worst thing to do. As you said, how would we feel if we are on the other end. And yes, sometimes the honesty is enough to save the friendship

    I think what makes it hard is that we wonder what the person will say about us. Maybe they will say some things we don’t want to hear. Or maybe we are worried what they will say about us to other people. What it boils down to is how do we feel about ourselves. Can we live with it? Have we really thought it through and is it right for us? If the answer is yes, then we should have the courage to be honest with the person, because one, it is the right thing to do, and two, because we owe ourselves the closure. We need to respect ourselves enough to say what is on our minds and trust ourselves.

    It sounds like you have found that courage so good for you.

    I enjoyed the post Amy and you have me thinking.


    • Amy says:

      Hi Keith!

      Welcome to the site!

      You bring up some really good points: Can we live with it? This can be taken in two ways, though. Can we live with keeping this person in our lives? I don’t think anyone should just settle for “living with it,” so if that’s the question that keeps coming up, there’s something more to look at there. If the question pertains more to living with ourselves after the cut, however, it all comes down to knowing that the decision was the right thing to do. You have to look at all the reasons it WAS a good decision and refuse to dwell on the negative what-ifs.

      Thank you, Keith. I know you’ll find that courage, too! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

      • Keith says:

        Hi Amy,

        Thanks for your kind words.

        Just to clarify, it was the second of the two options :) And yes, we need to focus on the reasons it was the right thing to do.


    • mojo says:

      But this is the thing I don’t get – cutting someone off is pretty direct and it’s honest. People get the message without having to be “dumped” which is hardly a better option. The “talk” can just be unnecessarily awkward. I guess if I felt close enough to someone to tell them why I don’t want to be their friend, I think I would probably consider this person a good enough friend, or someone close enough to me, to keep in my life. In those cases, it’s a matter of giving the relationship a lot slack and just let that distance take it’s course. No need to be unduly dramatic. Everyone picks up on the non-verbal cues. Sometimes you slowly back away, and sometimes you just cut your losses and move on. If you’re ever questioned directly however, this definitely calls for a more direct level of communication. This process is just how people get to know each other and find people they feel authentically connected to (or with). The rest doesn’t really matter that much, when you look back on it.

      • Amy says:

        Hey Mojo!

        I see where you’re coming from, and I’ve definitely cut people out without a word before, too. If for nothing else, I like to treat people how I would like to be treated. I would hate it if a good friend left me because I was being negative, but didn’t warn me. I’d have no idea what I had done! Also, this case is one that is easy to change.

        When it comes to more severe friendships such as downright mean behavior, sure, firing w/o notice seems much more reasonable.

        I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt. :)

  8. […] If it’s a person, ask yourself what you can do to limit your time with him/her or even cut them out of your life completely. […]

    • tami says:

      I feel its important to let the other person know why the friendship is ending directly so that both parties have a chance to discuss it and both feel like they would have closure.

  9. Neha says:

    this is such a great article! recently only one of my friend really killed me by complaining and criticizing and draining my energy just bcoz I don’t have much time for him bcoz of my studies.he doesn’t understood and blamed me only.
    its better to keep people who love u, accept u the way u are..u don’t need to explain them and keep only positive people. It is worth jeopardizing relations with negative people because they don’t deserve it.
    :) thanks a lot for this article!

    • Amy says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, Neha! That’s a tricky situation: I hope he understands that you take your studies seriously. I hope he supports your ambitions rather than simply blaming you for not thinking of him. Have you talked to him openly and honestly about it?

  10. Anne says:

    This was really interesting and so much of what you say makes sense. I have some problem “friends” – one always makes me feel upset and frustrated by her toxic comments and very rigid views on life. Another is very impatient and intolerant of anyone who “lets illness hold them back” in her view. I have CFS and it can limit my energy and free time badly at times. Have tried to explain this to her but she gets bored. Prone to making awful comments like “I’m not the sort of person who would get that . . . ” ! But – these 2 friends I have had for a long time. 1st for over 30 yrs, 2nd for over 20 yrs. Also – they account for 2 out of my 3 main friends ! Because of having CFS for over 20 yrs – my social life has shrunk a huge amount. I guess I’m scared to cut them out incase I end up very lonely more lonely ?). But they don’t seem to do me much good when I do see them. But they do (or did)have good points too. All the problems & frustrations I experience with them is because of my CFS (and their attitude to it).
    Help – you comments/thoughts would be very welcome Amy.

    • Amy says:

      Hey Anne!

      Thanks so much for writing to me here. I hope I can help!

      It’s really scary when you’re looking at decades of friendship and realize that those friends don’t offer what they used to. It’s difficult to face, but it sounds like you’re quite aware of it already. Have you ever been completely honest with them, letting them know how their words hurt you? I would try that first, before taking any major cutting-out actions.

      If they don’t respond well to your honesty, maybe start with cutting down on the time you’re spending with them. Can you try to spend more time with the people who offer you the support and love you need? Also, are there any CFS groups close to you that would allow you to meet more people who understand what you’re going through? That might be a good way to open up your social network a bit.

      Again, I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes!

      • Anne Dean says:

        Hi Amy.
        Thanks for your reply and advice back on 19 July – and I’m sorry I didn’t acknowledge it before now ! I wasn’t ignoring it or disregarding it – I’m just kindof drowning under a sea of work. What you said I think I agree with – as I don’t want to do anything too abrupt or hasty after knowing them such a long time. Its not really in my nature. But I will have to learn to be more upfront I think when things upset me. Because I haven’t been clear with them – I guess I hate confrontation. And worry about what the response may be. But even if I get a bad response – it will prob be better than dwelling on stuff and building up resentment over things.
        Of course I do realise that I am probably not the perfect friend either . . . ! And I must look at myself too – as years of CFS can make me perhaps a bit over-sensitive sometimes (not all of the time though) .
        But thank you again Amy – this was appreciated.

        • Amy says:

          Always happy to help however I can, Anne. :)

          I loathe confrontation, too, and that’s why I’ve cut people off without a word before. When I’ve done that though, I regret it afterwards. It’s not fair to them and it gives them no chance to try to change.

          I think the key thing for you is allowing yourself to speak up if someone’s hurting you. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground!

          Let me know if you have any other questions I can help with!

  11. Harold says:

    This is insightful. I’ve been on the receiving end quite often, and I can say from those experiences that when friendships “end” without so much as a word, not only am I always wondering where I went wrong, I also have less of a reason to socialize with people – without any civil communication, I can’t tell whether someone truly needs my help with something or if there’s something I’m doing which may be annoying too many people. It’s already gotten to the point where I only interact with people when I have to, just to be on the safe side.

    Ironically, I ended up burning a bridge with an acquaintance many years ago, and for the past several months felt the need to fix this because it’s the right thing to do. While I can’t explain the particulars of my situation here, I would like to sincerely apologize to this person without making matters worse, and would like a suggestion on the best way to go about it. Thanks.

    • Amy says:

      Hey Harold!

      I know it must be painful to be cut off without a word of why. I’m sorry you went through that.

      As far as contacting your old acquaintance, I would first ask why you feel the need to contact him/her now. Is there something that recently came up that you want to talk to him/her about, or is it more of a need to explain yourself? I’m sorry I can’t give very specific advice with the general nature of the explanation, but I think being honest is usually the way to go. Tell him/her what you were feeling and if you feel like you were wrong.

      Also, think twice before approaching this person. Is it necessary, or is it going to open up an old can of worms that should just stay closed?

      Hope this helps!

  12. Sylvia says:

    Hello! This article is amazing and has really helped me think about a friendship with a toxic friend I’m currently having trouble letting go of. She wasn’t toxic to start with but started changing and saying things like “I don’t think many people would find you beautiful” I know that with that comment I should have let go of her the second she said it but as I’ve said, she wasn’t always like this and at one point I considered her someone I could trust with ALL of my heart and soul. Because our past elicits such strong feelings for me, I can’t let go but know I should..I guess you could say I’m sort of on the fence here? I have limited my time with her but always feel bad about doing so…how do I deal with that feeling of feeling completely terrible about not spending as much time with her?

    • Amy says:

      Hi Sylvia!

      I’m glad you found the article helpful to you.

      I have some news: it’s going to feel terrible. In the long run, however, you’ll feel better.

      What do you get out of this relationship? Are you giving way more than you’re taking? All relationships have to have a balance of give and take. Maybe try talking to her as well??

      If you haven’t yet, check out my aftermath post, After Firing Friends: Dealing with Regret. It details how I dealt with the hard parts of the separation, and why I wouldn’t go back to how it was.

      • Dave says:

        I totally agree with this. Recently I’ve been cutting a lot of negative people out of my life. Most of them I’ve been honest and upfront. I had an ex which I loved for a long time. She had her personal issues *Eating disorder* which she refused to work on. I tried disappearing for a while and coming back but nothing seemed to work. Had a talk she finds me annoying, and doesn’t want to talk to me, to the point where I couldn’t even ask her how she’s been without those comments. I found her to have a negative attitude towards me, so I told her that I’ve spent enough energy trying to help her, and I’m happy because it’s certified me to myself as a good caring person for trying to help. Then left saying that I need to focus on my life. My energy needs to be focused on me. Despite my efforts it really isn’t’ going anywhere. After 2 days I just blocked her, felt enough has been done. I feel fresh.

        • Amy says:

          Hi Dave! Thanks for the comment!

          Eating disorders are rough. There are a lot of issues that go into them that we can’t understand from the outside. I think the most important thing to understand is that her actions are not personal attacks. She is probably hurting a great deal and isn’t sure how to cope with that pain.

          I’m happy to hear that you tried to help. Did you ever ask her what she wanted/needed from you? Sometimes, this will clear things up a bit rather than getting caught up in trying to FIND the solution. Sometimes people with EDs just need someone to listen, or encouragement.

          If you loved her and really tried to help, but kept getting negative reactions in return, then yes, stepping away from the situation may have been the right thing to do. Unfortunately, you can’t “fix” her, or anyone else for that matter. Change comes from within.

          I hope you’re doing ok!

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  14. […] realize this is a controversial topic (it’s the #1 most popular post on my site), but it’s important to face the reality of your […]

  15. mojo says:

    I have absolutely NO problem giving anyone the axe and I do not understand why anyone else would. It’s your life, you get to decide whose in it, period. Work things out with your family, or at work – but friends? Friends are optional – they are the people you get to choose. So I am baffled as to why anyone would feel obliged to waste their time.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Mojo!

      Just replied to your comment above (re: Keith’s), but wanted to get back to this one, too. It sounds like you know and believe what a lot of people struggle with: that you are worth more than what a negative friendship gives you. I’m with you on that. It took me a while to understand and believe that I deserve positive, supportive, loving friendships and relationships in my life. A lot of people are still on their way, so this post is more to help them along.

      I like what you say about family and work, too. Work them out as best you can. Save those- a lot of family won’t realize that they’re being hurtful. Co-workers you only have to see, well, at work.

      Stay strong, and keep inspiring others to be strong, too! :)

  16. Gaël says:

    This is definitely a blog post to which I can relate all too well to.

    I’ve had someone whom I thought was a good friend cut all ties with me without explanation when I did nothing to deserve it as far as I know. But I’m guilty of having done the same to someone else in recent times. In my defense though, that person’s attitude sickened me at one point.

    I got over being “dumped” quite easily but I found that being the “dumper” kinda sucks. Though I have zero interest in seeing that person again, I can’t say I’m proud of having ended things that way. The only interaction I could see myself having with that person is me telling them the reasons for my action. No apologies.

    But even more recently, I have tried to just limit my contact with the remaining negative nancies in my life instead of just ceasing to talk to them and I couldn’t be happier. Not only do I have a better outlook of life and have great things happen to me (yes they are correlated!), but the guilt of cutting ties with them is practically non-existent.

    • Amy says:

      I love this comment, Gaël. Thank you for sharing your wise insight.

      Yes, I do believe that your better outlook on life and the fact that great things are coming to you are indeed correlated with surrounding yourself with positive people instead of negative. The same thing happened to me!

      It sounds like you have exactly the right attitude about your actions. You can’t look back. It won’t do you any good. All you can do is use the way you feel to make informed decisions the next time around.

      Thank you again for this, Gaël!

  17. Alana says:

    I am one of those toxic friends, I know I am, I’m always down and negative. I try so hard not to be but I can’t help it, I have severe clinical depression, it’s the illness not me. I’m confident my “best friend” has been trying to distance herself from me and my negativity, we hardly see each other anymore, where once we were practically joined at the hip. There are still good sides to our friendship, but nowadays things are hard. She’s very well meaning but doesn’t understand what I’m going though and frequently makes me feel stupid/lazy/pathetic/hopeless, but I can’t lose her, she is all I have.

    • Amy says:

      Alana, thank you so much for sharing your story here. I know that’s not easy.

      I was the same way. If you’ve read my story, you know that you and me are very much alike. I was toxic and lashed out at everyone and anyone who tried to help.

      I think small actions could be a good place to start for you. Do you let your friend know that her support means a lot to you? Do you give her compliments and encouragement where she needs it? Friendship is a give and take. Give to her the love you feel for her, and she’ll feel more apt to stay around I think.

      Also, it’s hard for friends who don’t suffer from depression to fully sympathize. It’s not their fault. Do you have a therapist or someone who can relate to talk to? That way, you can save more of those conversations for people who can help you more, and talk with her more about things that you can mutually relate to.

      Just some thoughts. And please remember: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

      You’ll pull out of this. Just stick in there and keep up your self work. :)

      • Sally says:


        I have been through Depression as well and I can certainly empathize with your situation.

        What really made me a bit said was the part where you say “She’s all I have” Alana she doesn’t have to be all you have and that’s unfair not only on you but on her as well, perhaps it might be a good idea to look at attending a support group for Clinical Depression in your area as well as finding other social outlets that are safe for you.

        I agree with everything Amy has said too..

        Sally x

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  19. Alycia says:

    I read this article and it seems similar to how I feel at this exact moment. I hope to get a response because the fear of not knowing what to do is a bit scary to me. Anyway, I’m twenty years old. I’ve always been “perfect.” Well, yesterday, I made my first mistake. I used my mother’s second car without permission and drove to see an old friend. This friend convinced me to do this. I would have never taken the car without her pleas. I should have taken control, right there. Then, she seemingly is bad luck when she is around. Nothing ever runs smooth, so the car started stalling once she got inside. It was fine before that. We ended up doing nothing but driving around, as she texted and complained about her boyfriend. We only walked into one store before the car problems started to give me paranoia. I knew the responsible thing to do would have been taken the car home. So, I tried explaining this to her and she only plagued me all day about “being a worrywart” and “freaking out.” Now, it is a day later, and I feel extremely distraught over the situation. Not to mention, it was an embarrassing experience to have the car repeatedly stall. What should I do?

    • Amy says:

      Hi Alycia. Thanks for leaving a comment here.

      Ok, so I’m going to throw some truth at you, even though it may not be what you want to hear.

      You chose to take the car, no matter what your if your friend nagged you or if she’s bad luck. In the end, it was still your choice.

      I think it’s more that you are scared of facing the ramifications of your actions alone. I don’t blame you!

      We all make mistakes. When I was 16, I totaled my car at a bridge toll station with 3 friends inside…. I wasn’t supposed to be driving friends. I tried to blame it on the weather and other distractions, but in the end, it was my actions that led me to that result.

      I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, but I don’t have the full scope of the situation, so I’m not sure I can tell you what to do. If you don’t feel like this person is a good friend to have around you anymore (which is what I think you’re asking about), have you tried talking to her about it yet? Honestly, openly and ideally not in a car? ;)

      When it comes down to it, you are the only person that can and should make that decision. Go by how you feel and what you know to be true. And Alycia, you don’t have to be perfect all the time! It’ll wear you out, girl! Allow yourself to let your hair down sometimes. We can only control so much that goes on around us. Don’t let those instances in which you don’t have control overwhelm you.

      Hope this helps!

  20. Natan.S says:

    what do you think of my friendship module ?( ps:yes men have the same problem )

    The rule is that someone can be considerd a friend if he/she is on a min level 4 on all the 6 questions ( A-F ) ,here are the questions( keep in mind that they are subjective and that there is no absolute value )

    A: Things in common
    B: Gives me NOT a negative feeling ( -+- =+ )
    C: Able to talk to him/her
    D: Respects me
    E: Can trust him/her
    F: Can rely on him/her


    6: Always ( 5 out of 10 (±) )
    5: Alot ( 4 out of 10 (±) )
    4: Decent ( 3 out of 10 (±) )
    3: Sometimes ( 2 out of 10 (±) )
    2: Rare ( 1 out of 10 (±) )
    1: NOT/NO ( 0 out of 10 )

    6{ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++
    5{ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++
    4{ + + + + + +
    A B C D E F

    • Amy says:

      I love that you’ve drafted that up! That’s a great guideline to follow! I would definitely agree with you that it’s subjective and there will always be exceptions to the rules, but it gives you a great roundabout idea of whether this friend is questionable or not.

      Thanks for sharing that with us! :)

  21. April says:

    Great thoughts on friendship. Question – What if realize (after it seems too late) that you are the negative Nellie? Okay, I am talking about myself here… I feel as if I have been the negative one so mnay times and often when I see it and start to turn it around … it seems noone is there. Also- along the same lines of friendship/negativity… What is the best way to avoid gossip? I have noticed I’ve been too passive to speak up or walk away, but hated listening to gossip and also ended up getting caught up in it… becoming a gossiper. yuck!

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

  22. mel says:

    I cut a guy out of my life by deleting him from fb. He already lived very far from me anyway. I deleted him because I was really interested in this person and obsessing over him. But he had so many negative traits, talked to me disrespectfully and I had lost respect for him also, yet I thought about him all the time, checked out his profile ten times a day and just couldn’t move on. Deleting him was the only way to move on. I sent a message explaining the truth “that I was thinking about him too much’ after I deleted him. It probably sounded like I was in love! I never got a reply and only silence so I don’t know if he was completely indifferent or pissed off. Guess I’ll never know now.

    • Amy says:

      Hey Mel!

      You did what you had to do, and you were nice enough to offer him explanation just in case he wanted to know. I don’t think you owe him anything else. Now, I believe you’ll be able to truly move on. :)

  23. Alisha says:

    Love this article. I think this is excellent advice no matter if you are a master socializer. This is an issue that I have always hesitated. I don’t know if it’s the fear of hurting the other persons feelings or what.

    I have tried to limit my contact with a lady that is very negative and emotionally draining. We have sons that are about the same age and it makes me happy to see them play together, but at the same time I am miserable because this lady complains about everything. At first I thought,”Oh maybe I could cheer her up.” WRONG, she needs therapy and the more I hang out with her I feel like I should charge her an hourly rate.

    The problem I feel about being honest with her and saying we can only discuss your problems for 10 minutes then lets talk about our sons or something else. But I feel she would take it the wrong way and it would send her over the deep end. Plus I am pregnant with twins and I truly dread when I get a text from her or she wants to get together.

    I am very happy that I had an opportunity with this relationship, it gave me guidelines that I will use in my future friendships and I am very clear on the qualities in a friend that I want now.

    • Amy says:

      Hey Alisha! Really glad you liked the article. I’m also happy to hear that you are grateful for what you learned from this difficult relationship. If we stand back and look at the parts of our lives that are or were trying, and ask ourselves what we learned from them, it’s much easier to see that everything truly does lead you to become stronger. :)

      As far as being honest with her, I totally get it. Saying to her that you only have 10 mins to talk might make it weird between the both of you and spending time with her might not be something you can get around if your kids are good friends. One thing I’ve tried in the past is limiting my reactions to the person who is spouting negativity.

      For example, I have a few trainer friends that are super-awesome people, but they tend to get complainy every now and again. When they do, I try to listen and offer advice where they ask for it, but beyond that, I keep my mouth shut. When they realize that they’re not getting what they want from you, they may learn that you’re not the person to talk to about it.

      If they don’t get the hint from the last step, you could try another thing I’ve tried in the past: I ask the person very bluntly, “What can I do to help you feel better about this situation?” or “What is it exactly that you hope talking to me about this will help you with? Do you just want me to listen, or are you hoping for me to help solve this problem for you?”

      Another option: “You talk about this quite a bit and if you don’t mind my prying, are you taking any steps to make this situation better?”

      All ideas, and obviously I don’t know your exact situation and I am not a mental health professional, so always take my ideas with a grain of salt. ;) I hope it helps!

  24. Hazel says:

    Hi Amy,
    I have had this one friend for 5 years, since I was 8 years old, I’m 13 now. Well, lets call her Jen, Jen and I have always relied on each other. I love her to death, but when we got into middle school, she went from sweet, smart and funny, to rude, dim and cruel. We both turned scene around 10 and we enjoy the same celebrities, music and fashion. We have some good memorise, but she brings me a lot of grief and self-doubt. She is concided beyond belief!
    Once, in 7th grade(last year), I had a condition where I couldn’t go out in the sun for too long (not a vampire XD). And I had to go up to my English teacher’s room while my gym class went outside. But this one day, it turned out that we were staying inside for gym. So my gym teacher sent Jen up to get me. As we were talking down the hall, having a normal conversation, she grabs me and pulls me into the bathroom with her. I was not amused and said, “We should be getting back to gym class.” She just stood there, fixing her hair, completely ignoring what I said and she said, “Damn! I look good!” I wanted to hit her so bad! I said, “It’s not good to be concided, you know. Just have a healthy respect for yorself!” She scolfed and said, “I love myself, I know I’m concided, deal with it.”
    She always gets her way with me. I think it’s because we used to have a friend that made me cry literally everyday and our friend would call me an “emo freak”, but we were only 8!
    Anyway, she always, always gets her way, basically with everyone. She has done the stupidest things, and whenever I ask why, she says, “Because YOLO!” She has recently become obsessed with yolo and it annoys me, I’ve told her it does. And she constintly acts ghetto! She also took to DIY piercing and she always gets infected! I told her, “I love you, don’t hurt yourself!” She got mad at me because she wanted me to give her boyfriend the “If you break her heart” speech and I knew he is a good guy so I told him up-front what she wanted me to do. And now, she uses it agaisnt me whenever she does something wrong. I try standing up to her, but I fear she is my only friend left, even though I know it’s not true.
    You have no idea how many times I have almost cut her off. My sister told me I should, so I can grow as a person, and leave my past where it belongs, in the past.
    Any advice?

    • Amy says:

      Hey Hazel!

      It’s tricky at your age: everyone is trying to find out who they are and sometimes they’ll act out. Though it will seem like they’re attacking you, their actions are actually coming from a lack of confidence and fear.

      I actually think that her love for herself isn’t that bad (I say what she did in the mirror to myself sometimes…jk ;)), it’s the way she treats you that worries me a bit. If it really makes you uncomfortable, or she treats you as if you’re less than anyone else (including herself), then you may need to say something to her. Thing is: it sounds like this girl wouldn’t take that talk in stride; she may freak out a bit.

      Is it possible to trial spending less time with her to see how you feel?

      Also, ask yourself what you’re getting from the friendship. Do you have other friends that you feel better hanging out with?

      Hope this helps, and don’t worry; I was the “emo freak,” too. Still am. ;)

      • Hazel says:

        Thanks Amy, I confronted her about the ghetto talk and she just says she uses it mockingly. She wrote me a letter and it kinda got me, she said, “Thank you for listening. No one else gives a fuck.” after a long letter about all her feelings. The other day on the bus, I was telling her about my dunce of a boyfriend and she just grabbed her cell phone and pulled up his number. She sent him a long text message (against my will) about wanting him to treat me with respect. Because the other day, he had a lazy day, so I thought it would be nice to talk to him for a while, I called him 3 times and he picked up the last time, AND TOLD ME HE WAS SITTING BY HIS PHONE, LETTING ME GO TO VOICEMAIL! So anyway, she sent him a four page text about it and told him to leave me alone, she said, “she took you back 4 times and you still treat her like shit!” She also told him , “No one messes with my Hazel!” Then I put my arm around her and she layed her head on my shoulder and I petted her hair and she said, “I haven’t been petted in so long, hehe.” And she came to me about boyfriend advice later, sadly, I’m closer with her boyfriend than she is. But all is well with us. My ex is gone, I don’t even know why I liked him, he wasn’t my type.
        And btw, two of the “preps” and I had to work on a proect together and I thought we’d bicker a lot, but after we were finished, they wanted to learn about emo and goth and such, it was a nice change from stuck-up people. :D

  25. Chris says:

    Ok. So seriously. You are unbelievably gifted at expressing yourself and somehow capturing the exact emotions I am going through to the T! I’m so thankful for finding this post because it’s like you went into my brain and heart and BAM just wrote a blog! So honestly, thank you. Ending a friendship is so hurtful and difficult. The thing is you know it’s too dysfunctional to keep alive, yet your heart still wishes it could have worked somehow. My main issue is that I am VERY strong-willed and I’ll drop someone if I see they are not a good friend. Some people think I’m harsh but I have the same philosophy as you, make more room for positive people. I know my worth. However, within my heart I do feel that sadness and wonder how others maintain friendships for years and most of the time, I attract people who aren’t loyal at all. I’ve almost given up on letting ppl in. I wonder if I dont screen people properly or if I’m too good of a friend and I shouldn’t even bother. LOL! Anyway, thank you for taking the time to write this awesome post and continue with the great work!!

    • Amy says:

      Hey Chris!

      Thank you so much for the kind words.

      Maybe your faulty friendships are coming out of the wrong places. Start considering how you are meeting these friends. Do you have similar interests? Do you just know the same people? How can you start making friends that are meaningful? Where would you find them? What would you do?

      Mapping all this info out for yourself could assist the creation of new, meaningful friendships. Hope it helps!

  26. Sayan says:

    Hey Amy,

    This is a great post…and so relevant at this point in my life.

    I’ve been realizing all too clearly these past few weeks, that most of my close friends and I just aren’t a great fit anymore. It’s very painful b/c these are people I’ve known for 10+ years. But what it comes down to is, I’m working on making positive moves in my life — staying healthy, working hard, building a business, etc. And they’re kind of just doing the same old thing, and each time I go out with them, I just feel completely the day after.

    And to add to that, I asked for a tiny bit of (moral) support for a goal I’m doing on…and I got 2 responses out of 12 of my ‘close friends’. This is a major goal to hold myself to writing blog content…and I feel like no one has my back on it. I don’t know if they’re being negative, just don’t care much, or are actually really busy. But regardless it sucks.

    It’s nice to see other people have gone through similar things. Appreciate the work/writing that you put up here!

    • Amy says:

      Hey Sayan!

      I’m sorry you’re going through that right now. I know it’s tough to realize that your friends aren’t supportive like you deserve.

      As far as the support you’re receiving from the blog, I’ve found that many people don’t fully understand the blogging world, or don’t take it seriously. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, or a lack of support on their part. You may not have to cut them out. Just find that support from friends that DO understand… or make some here online! :)

      Happy to have you here as part of this community, Sayan. Keep going toward that goal! I know you can do it!

      • Sayan says:

        Hi Amy,

        Thanks for the feedback. I actually ended up speaking to a friend (not part of the group mentioned), and he said something similar to you — these friends may not understand my business goals that much so they aren’t being as helpful, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be there when I have serious personal or emotional issues to deal with. So maybe I am jumping the gun a bit with cutting them out so quickly:)

        With that being said, I hear you on the need to make friends with people who are aligned with my interests and goals. So I will definitely be working on that and the blog writing!

        (note: the last sentence of the 2nd para. was supposed to say “I just feel completely drained the day after”)

  27. Louis says:

    I can totally relate to all of this and I thank the author of the post for describing what has been part of my life:the runaway defense mechanism. I’m a person that tends to avoid conflict but at the same time if I had an argument with a so-called friend and they didn’t seem to take our friendship seriously enough to adress it I just erase them completely from my life. I’m talking here about friends you meet online on forums and that kind of stuff and you also have them on MSN and/or Facebook, etc. I would just have this liberty and the feeling of getting rid of people, that according to my standards, didn’t give me the kind of friendship or appreciation I was looking for. Then after a while I would start having feelings of guilt and regret and wanted to go back to talking to this people because I thought I did wrong on dissapearing from their lives without an explanation. Recent events in my life compelled me to write a reply on this post because now I’m facing this yet again.

    I had an argument with this girl. She’s the kind of person that would get mad at you and exhibit a passive agressive behavior and when confronted she would just deny it. One day I got fed up of this attitude because I said to myself:”You’re her friend and if she can’t be honest with you and tell you what is wrong it’s not worth it anymore”. I totally disappeared from her life. Blocked her on Facebook and MSN. I recognize I did all of this out of anger and frustration that somebody I considered a friend would act so childish as to act like I did something wrong yet she couldn’t tell me what it was and just kept denying it.

    Months passed and everything was going well. Recently I started having this feelings of guilt again. I couldn’t stop thinking that I did something wrong when I left and from so much pressure I decided to contact her. I logged on Facebook and searched for her name to write her a message. Basically I wrote an apology for leaving like that. I didn’t say the exact reasons of leaving, though. I also said I wished, even though I know is unlikely, to keep in touch with her at least on FB. It’s been almost two days and no reply from her. Deep down I knew this scenario could play out but I’m a little stubborn and I wasn’t going to feel well until I told her “Im sorry” I’m still wondering if I did the right thing. I mean, I miss her. I wouldn’t be talking to her if I didn’t. Sometimes I feel like no matter what I say things won’t chaange but at the same time I feel relieved that I tried. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Sorry for the long reply. LOL

    Thanks for this wonderful post!

    • Amy says:

      My pleasure, Louis. I’m really glad it gave you some comfort to read.

      With your situation, the important things are that you A) apologized, and B) are now aware of that pattern so you can stop it in the future. You can’t change what has happened, but you can avoid this sense of guilt in the future.

      Best of luck!

  28. Louis says:

    Thanks for the reply, Amy!

    Yeah, I can say I’ve learned and I’m still learning. After all, life’s full of situations that sometimes we can control but sometimes we just can’t. The best thing we can do is learn from everything the lesson it has to offer and to never make the same mistake twice. That’s the purpose of it all. I enjoy your blog very much and I thank you again for helping others with your good advice.

    • BB says:

      I think you made the right choice in ending the friendship. I too had a passive-aggressive friend, and her digs kept getting more personal, attacking the things I loved the most, which caused me a lot of hurt and depression. As we had competitive businesses, I think the root of her malice was jealousy. Though we’d been friends for 8 years, I finally ended the relationship the same way you did. I think it’s futile to confront a passive aggressive as they’ll merely deny any fault. Like you, I sometimes miss the positive aspects of the friendship, but, overall, I’m happier without her in my life. Life is hard enough. Who needs a frenemy constantly dishing out hurtful criticism?

  29. Susan says:

    I very much enjoyed your article and all of the comments. I am in a “friendship” that is extremely negative and have wanted to break away for a couple of years now. What’s holding me, so to speak, is that this “friend” is a single mom (our children are close in age) and I feel bad for her at times. But it has become a burden on my mind and I am tired of being dragged down into her negativity. My son (who is 7)has even begun to express his dislike of her daughter. She is extremely confrontational and I have seen her be hostile when she feels that she is being wronged. I am at a loss as to how to end things.

    • Amy says:

      Hey Susan!

      This is a tricky situation because your son is involved as well. Since I don’t have children myself, all I can do is offer you advice that isn’t sure to work, but I can try. :)

      Can you slowly start limiting your time with her? Maybe make commitments somewhere else?

      Or you can be straight with her: tell her in the most un-confrontational manner you can muster that her hostility is rubbing you the wrong way.

      Be careful with hostile people, though. Act from that place of love and kindness, though, and it will be hard for her to find fault in your concerns. :)

  30. BB says:

    A wonderful article. You’ve given me a lot to think about. I have several writer friends whom I’ve known for more than ten years. After the publication of my novel in May, I received no support or feedback from these friends–not even a congratulations. One of them started ignoring me on FB. Another removed me as a friend. Their silence has been more painful than any criticism could be. I’ve been unable to edit the second book in the series out of fear that something is wrong with the first book. I woke up this morning, wondering if I should end these friendships and remove these people from my FB page.

    • Amy says:

      Hi BB!

      Thanks for sharing your story with us. I know that couldn’t have been easy. :)

      It sounds like the pain you have is making your lack of confidence in your own writing that much more prominent. Is there any way you can reach out to an editor, a teacher or professor you trust, or even someone who is simply well-schooled in literature to ask them to give it a quick read? Getting an outside opinion from someone else can put your fears to rest and help steer you in the direction of clearer writing if that’s the case.

      As far as your friends go, have you asked them about the defriending business? If they are truly friends, that’s one instance where I (personally) would send them a message or give them a call to see if I had offended them in any way, or if something was going on at home that I didn’t know about. I know it’s a very scary thing and it would almost be “easier” to just not ask so you never know, but I’m sure that would be a worse fate than the quick rip of the bandaid. Know what I mean?

  31. Sophie says:

    I found out my ‘best friend’ always complained about me to my bf and told him I slept with loads of people. Which isnt even true. And just saying things to effect our relationship. I lost it and cut her out but she keeps tryin to act all sweet and get back in contact. Im trying to.stick to my guns.because there’s many times she’s really annoyed me during our friendship. But we were close. I dont know what to do. There are so many mutual friends and many who dont understand. hiIt’s nice to read some thing on the subject that is written by some one more understanding. It is a hard think to do but it’s not always the wrong thing to do. There’s someone I’d been friends with for years. And we were so close and she’s bubbly and fun. But has always been very demanding. I was expected to drop every thing to help.her do some thing she should have been abke herself. And the favour was never returned. I was expected to pay for every thing without a ‘thank you’. She’d put me down infront of other people. I think
    she thrives on making people feel awkward and uncomfortable. She showed little respect for my belongings or privacy. Invited herself to every thing and was always very intusive.

  32. Sophie says:

    I wrote the previous comment on my phone and it kept messing up. I’m talking about the same person throughout and my question is…how do you continue to cut some one out (when you’ve thought it through and told them why) who KEEPS trying to be all sweet and contact you all the time and you live in a small town so you keep bumping into each other. And so many mutual friends who expect you to talk to her. Urgh! Even the thought of her makes me feel so angry and sick but whenever i hear from her it reminds me of her and makes me miss her but also still feel SO angry and urgh. Do I just continue to ignore. I already exploded and told her i want nothing more to do with her because of all the things shes done. But she knows if she keeps saying she missis me and acting sweet that our mutual friends will think she’s some innocent victim. And im not one to run around sayin bad things about her. Im 22 i want to start to grow and evolve without her. But this is just….urgh. Thank you x

    • Amy says:

      Hi Sophie!

      Damn you, autocorrect! ;) I know how that is, don’t worry. :)

      It sounds like cutting this girl out of your life is something you’ve wanted to do for quite a while now. It makes it really tough when you live in a small town and you keep bumping into her I’m sure.

      I liken this situation to getting healthy in an unsupportive environment. Say everyone around you is still eating crap, not exercising, and being happy in their declining health. If you really want to be healthy, you will find a way. You have to have the courage to (kindly) tell the people around you who are trying to sway you otherwise that this is truly the best move for you. Ensure them that you have given this much thought, and you would really appreciate their support for your decision. It doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them.

      Similarly, think of your ex-friend as “soda.” Soda is bad for you. Period. But a lot of us love the taste of it while we have it, knowing that it’s devastating to our health all the while. If you think she’s a poisonous friend, one of the best ways you can get her out of your life is to tell her very calmly and from a place of love that you don’t know if you can forgive her for what she did, but you need the time to consider it without her constant attempts at persuading you to take her back. This will also allow you more time to think about whether or not you CAN forgive her after all.

      Questions to ask yourself before you cut her out for good:
      – Do you think she’d do this to you again?
      – Can you trust her?
      – What do you gain from this friendship that you would lose if you do cut her out completely?
      – What do you stand to gain if you DO cut her out completely?
      – Could it have been your boyfriend telling the lies, and not her?

      Now, don’t worry about writing the answers here. These are personal questions to consider for you and you alone.

      I hope all that helps. Wishing you the best through this difficult time, Sophie!

      Stay strong,


  33. Jean says:

    It was extremely gratifying to see this article. I recently cut off ties with a friend who drained my energy and happiness. She always made small cutting remarks to the point where even my husband noticed it. I refused to talk to her anymore and I cannot believe how content I feel. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with others.

  34. Sadie says:

    My problem isn’t a friend, it’s more like my mom. She is so negative about everything. I live in a completely different state than her and whenever I want to talk to her it will take weeks to get ahold of her. Finally, after weeks of blowing her phone up she will answer then proceed to talk for hours about her and what she’s going thru. I never can get a word in about me and my life. It’s like she doesn’t want to hear about me or even care about me at all. I wish I could have a good relationship with my mom, but at this point I’m not sure if I even want her around. I know this is a website about cutting negative people out ,but I am not sure what to even do about this situation. Should I do to her what she does to me, or just forget about a relationship with her at all. I don’t know anymore.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Sadie!

      Since this is your mom we’re talking about, I wouldn’t recommend you simply cut her out.

      Have you voiced your concerns to her? Maybe she’s just so excited to talk to you that she wants to make sure she’s let you know everything. She probably doesn’t even know she’s doing it.

      Also, it sounds like you may have to just try interjecting your status updates into the conversation to be heard. It might feel unnatural, but I bet it will work. I’ve had to do that on more than one account with my own Mom. :)

      I hope this is a case of misunderstanding as I perceive it to be. Try being open and loud! :)

  35. Melissa says:

    I’ve been reading into guilty feelings lately about cutting a friendship off with no explaination. I have read this blog and I will take this information with me from now on. I have cut a friend off for bringing me into her depression and lost many of my best friends because of this one friend and i slowly stopped hanging out as much and once she realized things where not the same I had to tell her that things aren’t fixable for us and that if she cant care for others like i cared for her then it won’t ever work.
    We no longer speak and my best friends let me back into their lives with open arms. But its been 8 months and im still feeling like i should have done more to explain myself because she is dragging another person who she replaced me with down with her like she did me. I’ve moved on and im much happier. I just feel bad because i invested alot of time into our friendship at one point in time.
    ANYWAY thank you for posting this it was very helpful!

    • Amy says:

      Melissa, I’m glad that you’re making that space for happiness in your life. Depression is really tricky; she may not have known how she was affecting you, so I’m glad you got to talk it out with her. I’m sure it wasn’t a personal choice not to care.

      It is so important to stand up for your own well-being. Guilt will come because of the history you have with her, but you have to remind yourself of the “why.” I’m so glad to hear that you’ve moved on and are happier now. :)

    • Billy says:

      Hi, I think you did a very good thing for you. I had to cut someone out of my life as well, a terrible liar. After years of being her friend, I realised that everything she comes in contact with goes sour. I still hang around with mutual friends. Do not worry about that other person, I do not worry about my mutual friends any more. Certainly now that I know they even knew before I did. They know what happend and chose to still be around this person. I had to learn to let go.
      That person you want to save has to find his/her way, you cannot save them. I will not bad mouth her, neither should you. But, I did warn a person who is very important to me and who did not know. I also told this person that I will not ever mention her again and that it is up to her what she does with this information.

      You totally remind me of me, you are most likely an empath. That is exactly the reason why she was in your life. But do forgive.. evrytime you feel anger, forgive. It is for and about you.

  36. […] of my first steps in recovery was deciding to cut the people out of my life who didn’t add to my happiness or left me feeling […]

  37. […] of my first steps in recovery was deciding to cut the people out of my life who didn’t add to my happiness or left me feeling […]

  38. Darren says:

    I have been struggling to break off a friendship and have read your post before. I attempted to talk it out with a friend and they still haven’t really changed. It turns into a sob story about how everyone is awful to her. I feel it is a control mechanism to make me feel pity for her and like it’s my responsibility to be nice since no one else will. Thing is, I don’t have to see her at all and she has cut me out before to return when she felt like it. It’s not fair to me and I have said that. She is still annoying me with her negativity, judgmental ways and I ended up cutting her off last month. She now texts me and pulls the I don’t know what I did and I’m sorry story. I have told her before why and she just doesn’t see that she is repeating the pattern. Is this where I just ignore her because I’m over going around in circles when it’s clear she won’t change?

    • Amy says:

      This is where you decide if you want that person in your life or not. It sounds like you’ve clearly stated to her that you’re not interested in that kind of behavior. Perhaps it’s time to try distancing yourself. I have an inkling that that’s what you want to do…

  39. This is so true. I had to do this about 3 years ago with a small group of “friends” that were not good for me or my goals. Let me tell you, the change on my life was immediate. It was hard, but some times it’s the only way.

    • Amy says:

      Glad you did, Roberto. I bet your life is better for it. :)

      • Roberto says:

        It is! And just as a quick update… one of those friends I had to let go, looked me up after all this time. She told that about a year after I separated my self from that group, she did the same thing. Her life changed for the better, and we are know great friends again. That goes to show that not everyone is a bad apple.

  40. Zabra says:

    Amy, thank you for a very insightful article. The points you make are spot on, I kept imagining my friend, I will refer to her as M, as I read your post.

    I met M two years ago at the restaurant where we work, we became friends almost immediately after I started working there. Rarely would a day go by that I wouldn’t see her outside of work. I was drawn to her charm, intelligence, and sweetness. At the beginning, she was very supportive of my endeavors and made me feel great about myself. After about a year of seeing her, she told me that she is an alcoholic. This never once deterred me from wanting to be her friend, but after she admitted that she was an alcoholic, she became more comfortable with getting drunk around me when I would visit her home. The cat was out of the bag, so to speak. She would call and text me nightly asking me to come to her house, and I would go every time. I didn’t really understand severity of the impact she was having on my mental health. I felt obligated as her friend to be with her when she was intoxicated. I was partly worried that something awful would happen to her, and part of me was also very lonely, and I needed to have someone to care for.

    Late last year the cold, hard truth struck me. I was an enabler. By being there for her when she was drunk and helping her use the bathroom, or walk up the stairs to her apartment, I was letting her know that I was OK with her alcoholism. I never said anything about it, I didn’t have the guts to. I would listen to her problems and respond with constructive advice. The proverbial last straw on the camel’s back was one night when my dad was in the ER because of heart problems, I reached out to M. I was sad, anxious, and incapacitated by concern for my dad’s health. I called M, and she was extremely intoxicated, so much that she couldn’t even understand what I was saying. That night I learned that this relationship was completely one-sided. I could comfort her, but I couldn’t expect to be comforted in return.

    Sorry for the long post, Amy. But this brings me to my plea for help from you: I NEED this friendship to end. She has chosen not to seek help for her alcoholism. Therefore, I need to end my relationship with her. It is hindering me from living a positive life. How can I tell her this? I feel so guilty, because I understand that alcoholism is a serious disease. But I can’t do this anymore.

    • Amy says:

      Oh, Zabra. I’m so sorry to hear about your Father’s heart problems and this tough situation that you’re in right now. My heart goes out to you.

      You sound like a very kind-hearted person. Is there a way to start enabling her to find help? What I mean by that, is having a sit-down talk with her in which you let YOUR cat out of the bag. Tell her you’re worried about her, and that you are having a hard time handling it all on your own. Be sure to come from a place of love for her as you speak, and hopefully she’ll understand that you are looking out for her health; not attacking her.

      If you want to help her, look up AA meetings that are close by, do a little research into overcoming addiction, and find some names of people who are trained in helping people with alcoholism to have at the ready when you talk. This may just be the wakeup call that she needs, but you must be careful in how you go about it.

      You have the choice to try to help her, or to simply leave, and that’s up to you. It sounds to me like you want to see her get better. You may be the only one in her life that could help her realize this.

      Tell her you’re worried. Tell her you love her. Tell her you want her to live her life without relying on alcohol to cloud it. Tell her there is hope. There is. She can do this, and you can help her through it if you choose to.

      I hope that helps, and I wish you much luck and peace as you step into this next chapter of your relationship.

  41. norma says:

    Hello So here I am trying to find a way to completely cut of a “friend” who I tryed cutting her off by not answering her and her sisters calls and text , I had been noticing and being told by mutual friends how stupid I was to let this best friend of mine keep using me by borrowing my clothes and never returning them borrowing my new heels and the 1s she would return were scraped and the rest she “lost” also my expensive lipsticks that after 3, 4, and 5 it adds up … she let her little girl brake my sons DS! And seemed to not care she had me babysit her 2 baby girls and while she would ask the men she went out with for money for babysitter she woukd never pay me, i am a freelance makeup artist so she would take advantage knowing how close we were to ask me to do her makeup every day she wanted to party and never offered to pay me I also made her a baby shower when she was pregnant with her little girl and let her live at my place for a whole month without asking her for a penny even when I babysat for her almost everyday for her to go out with different guys and when I did tell her sisters in a conversation that they brought up about her being irresponsible I said yes she needs to stop going out as much and be more responsible with her job!! That somehow got to her and she wrote to me on fb saying if that’s how I thought about her then we should stop talking but that made me mad to c how she wouldn’t see everything I did for her!! But even after that being cleared out I kept being there for her taking her food days she felt sick letting her borrow money for gas in wich she never payed me back and last time we hung out on jan/18/13 it was for her birthday I was undecided if to go or not because I knw how she don’t work for about 3 months already and she was going to expect for my hubby to pay for hers and all of her friends drinks and entrance to the club and she did do just as i thought she said please have him pay ill pay him back when my guy friend gets here well we spend a few bills that night and even after the club they got “hungry” that was the last straw and what made me realize how this person is only my friend to use me but when shes done a favor in the past like giving me a ride to a place where she had to go too i payed her gas money and still was throwing it in my face over fb … this what i said is not everything i have done alot more like bying her and her 2 babygirls xmas pressents bday partys and pressents and never got 1 in return… and well like i said since i cut her off i deactivated my fb and I start getting phone calls from my cousins that have her asking me if I and my so called “bestie” were mad i said no we havnt talked but were not mad why? And so they read to me all the BS status she had been updating saying how fake friends envied her and how she lended a hend and this fake friend took advantage of it saying how this fake friend was unhappy with her life and envied her happyness etc etc and so on… I mean I stopped talking to her for 1 week &1/2 and she starts saying all this just because I don’t want to answer her calls? Omg she has truly never lended me a hand never I was always there for her and somehow she don’t see that! I have 3 kids I’m a stay at home mom to a hard working man that gives me everything (not to mention my recent breast augmentation ) :-) I am very happy and I don’t need or desire to have her life partying every single night with different men and having a different guy pay her bills all the time .. I honestly don’t need that because I have 1 guy that does that for me and he is mine only:-)… we talked 2 nights ago she asked my babysitter to have me call her and so when I did call her she acted like she hadn’t said anything on her fb she was just a bit confused and so I explained to her a needed a brake and I actually felt very very relived with my brake off friends and fb she asked if she can come visit I said I was going to be very busy and so I said I’ll call u 2marrow from my hubby cell cuz mine isn’t” working”n I haven’t returned her call.. what should I do when we finally talk I feel like I can’t tell her anything because she believes everything she does is correct and she is so close minded she wont listen to me if I tell her she is doing wrong.. please any advise??

    • Amy says:

      Hi Norma!

      Wow. That’s a LOT of drama. It sounds like you know exactly what you need to do, it just might be scary to think about actually doing it.

      You have to keep in mind why you don’t want to be friends with her. What’s worse? Staying friends and letting her walk all over you, or not talking and seeing her sad cries for attention on Facebook? Maybe de-friend her there as well.

      It doesn’t matter what she says, does or thinks if you choose not to let it matter to you. None of what’s happening is fair to you. So put an end to it.

      There’s a point when enough is enough… and it seems like you’re way past it. Let this go. I can tell you don’t want it and it’s dragging you down. Rip the bandaid off already.

      • norma says:

        Thank you so much I really appreciate it :) sorry I got carried away when talking about it I guess I hadn’t had the time to really get in to talking about it to anyone.. I did call her last night just explained to her I want time to get myself emotionally stable for things that are happening in my life and I hope she understood and so now I feel like I can breath and very relived thanks again :)

        • Amy says:

          No worries! Don’t be sorry for getting it out. It sounds like you needed to :)

          Glad you’re getting your space now. Happy Breathing!

  42. Dotcom says:

    I agree with cutting ties with draining, negative, and/or crazy people. I don’t agree telling them why is always the right thing. If they have destructive personalities, they can simply amplify things and make life even more hellish. This doesn’t mean you can’t be assertive and make it clear the friendship is over. There are lots of ways to do that, though without feeling entitled to explaining yourself to others. Not all people deserve one. It is all a case-by-case situation.

    • Amy says:

      You have a good point there. I didn’t think about it that way, but you’re right. In certain cases, it’s probably best if you just avoid the drama. Thank you for that! :)

  43. Raymond says:

    Hi. I stumbled across your post by typing in how to let go of a so called friend that constantly uses you out of your life, and I’ve found some interesting comments and advise here. I guess, let me start by explaining the situation so as to give you a better overstanding of what I’m dealing with. This young lady that I once considered a friend of sorts for 6 yrs started showing interest in me beyond the friend zone and constantly made comments of this because I was involved in relationship at the time that she felt wasn’t healthly for me. Her honest confession was that she really wasn’t planning on getting involved with me on an intimate level, but rather felt the need to “distract” me from this other woman and we became more than just friends for a few months now. I guess the messed up thing is that she had an on again/off again man that was away on business when we began to see each other intimately and I was going through a terrible break up and we became close sexually. Once I totally removed my ex from my thoughts and my life I put that energy towards my friend that would constantly remind me that “she has a bf that she loves” and that we were nothing more than just friends, but she would invite me spend the night with her or even weekends at her home and we did everything together like an actual couple. But then I began to notice that I was actually putting more energy into our relationship as far as catering to her needs, wants, and demands while when I would ask for the same in return I would only get excuses as to why she couldn’t do those things for me in return and the fact that she still quote/unquote had “a man” and that she did not want to jeopardize her relationship with him because she truly loved him and she only saw me as a friend, but enjoyed the attention and pampering that I gave her on a daily basis. So I continued to do these things because by now I had fallen in love with her (which I also expressed) and she continued to let me spoil her even though she claimed that our friendship means more to her than our intimacy and that she could separate the two and step back in “friend mode” when necessary and I, on the other hand, could not. I’ve felt early on in our relationship, and still do til this day that she used the fact that I had fallen in love with her to fill the void of what her bf could or would not and she never truly had any feelings for me beyond being friends, but the attention she was receiving was hard to let go of. Now she’s acting very distant and we don’t talk unless she needs something and where we used to text back and forth, now she responds to my texts hours after the fact or not at all. And then we she does text me it’s short acronyms instead of words. The sad thing is that we’ve gone back and forth about this and how it makes me feel and she constantly apologizes, invite me over for dinner and sex, then the next couple of days she’s back to doing the same thing, but uses the excuse that “she has a lot going on” as the cause of her behavior. I’m truly tired, hurt, and I feel really used and I want to cut ties with her all together because honestly, she’s slowly distancing herself from me by calling me less and sending strange texts out of the blue just to say that she did reach out to me….so what do I do at this point?

    • Amy says:

      Hi Raymond. I’m going to give you the truth here, even if it’s not what you want to hear: it seems like she’s pushing you away because the relationship is getting to intimate for her. She’s warned you that she’s in love with her boyfriend and that all she wants is a friendship. It sounds like her mind is set and you may not be able to change it.

      My words of advice would be this: move on. You may have to distance yourself from her to heal. You are not her servant, available at beckon call whenever she deigns to reach out. You must look out for yourself as well. I don’t know if this relationship is the best thing for you.

      I hope that helps, and please know to take this advice with a grain of salt; I don’t know the full spectrum of the situation.

      • Willie says:

        Hi Amy, this is Willie aka Raymond (which is my middle name) and yesterday I decided to move on from my relationship with her intimately and as a friend. From day one our relationship was always one-sided with me giving more than I was receiving in return, not that I was really looking for anything material-wise, but I at least expected for her to treat me with the same affection and with as much conviction as I gave her, not only as a lover, but most importantly as a friend. I constantly showered her with gifts, rushed to be with her whenever she called and I would literally drop everything to cater to her needs and wants. I would text her every morning with positive words and what ever she needed from me I never hesitated to give, whether it was money, gifts, sex, positive energy and so forth. So my final test for her yesterday was to not reach out to her at all because normally I would check on her because she had been going through some difficult times, and I’ve been by her side since day one, even before we decided to take things further in our relationship. She would usually call me as soon as she got off from work, but yesterday there was no call. So I guess about a couple of hours later she sent a text asking me how I was? I replied that I was cool and then she never replied back. So, by this time I’m like she’s acting exactly like what she just apologized to me for a couple of days prior, and said that she was very sorry and that I didn’t deserve to be treated in the manner of how she’s been treating me, but here she is again pulling the same ole stunts. So I get dressed and go to the barber shop and she calls me while I’m in the chair and I don’t answer. She leaves no message and I decided that I would not return her call to see what she wanted just to see if she will call back or text because I didn’t respond. Well guess what? No call, no text, no anything from her and that’s when I made up my mind that I’m truly not a factor in her life regardless of how much I’ve held her down these past few months. Her actions over time were pretty obvious and she was well aware of how horribly she has treated me and even once told me that she believes that I’m going to eventually end up hating her for how she’s been treating me. But guess what? I wouldn’t even give her the satisfaction of controlling my life like that through hating her. I know for a fact that I was an awesome friend and lover to her, but she’s used to being used so I guess she figured she’ll take it out on me to make herself feel better? Either way it’s her lost and I don’t need that type of person in my life pretending to be a friend when really all she wanted was a play toy until her bf decided to act right. But you are absolutely right, that relationship is not the best thing for me and I don’t even plan on confronting her about her actions. Her absence only opens the door for someone to enter that truly respects me and want to be with me. Thank You once again for your wisdom. I knew that I needed to distance myself, but I couldn’t let go. But the sad thing is that she had already let go of me first.

        • Amy says:

          It is sad, yes, but you’re right: this is opening another door to someone who will love you as you deserve to be loved. This is one of those instances in which you’ll look back and ask, “Why did it take me so long?” and “Now I see why I went through that; so it could teach me _____.”

          I wish you every happiness as you continue down this path. You’re doing the right thing. Stay strong.

  44. Sharon says:

    The sad thing is realizing that I truly have no friends.. It’s not all about friends but a true friend is hard to find..I’ve lost so much in my life from my mother father and brother in the space of 2 years .. And the sad thing is I’m always the good friend , my hubby and I were going true some really hard time financially … I don’t get any assistant from the Gov or state ,,, due to the fact of his job.. And not one of my so called friends that I ask for help came true for me .. My lesson is well learn…lol.. My circle is small and I love it like that.. Ppl by nature will disappoint you … God first family next..

    • Amy says:

      Hi Sharon! I’m really sorry to hear about your recent troubles, but I’d like to respectfully disagree: I don’t think people are disappointing by nature. It may seem like that now, but it won’t always be that way unless you project that expectation onto others. I’m not saying by any means that you weren’t wronged, or that those friend may not be the right ones for you, but I think you know since you have those close friends (I’m the same way keeping a tight-knit small circle :)), that people aren’t all bad. Please hang in there, and keep the faith. Remember: God made them, too. :)

      Wishing you every happiness,


  45. Andrew says:

    I came across this article when looking for ways to eliminate some friends in my life. I still don’t know what to do. I have this one guy whom I’ve known for a few years. We used to have some good times but lately his behavior is becoming more and more offensive, to the point I don’t want him even coming over to my house anymore or I don’t want to see him in public. He just turned 21 and is becoming a drunk and making fun of it (he drank 24 beers in 6 hours and says that it was fun). I was there helping him get out of a terrible relationship, which he finally did, but then almost immediately got into another one where the girl drinks as much as he does. He is terribly inconsiderate, making plans with another friend of mine and leaving me out all the time. He cannot admit when he is wrong, and it is always someone else fault, never his problem. Any time I mention something, he always shrugs his shoulder and says ok, like saying too bad you feel that way but I’m never wrong.
    So why do I keep him around? Because I only have two friends, he is one and my best friend is his best friend. So I can’t just cut him without damaging the other friendship. Then they’ll both be gone and I will be utterly alone and depressed. No matter what I choose here, I’m going to be damaged severely. I either put up with bad, immoral, immature behavior and have people in my life, or make a break and have no one. And before anyone chimes in, you can’t make friends where I live. Time and location and circumstances prevent any new friends and moving is out of the question.

    • Amy says:

      Hmmmm. Ok, Andrew. You’ve presented me with somewhat of a riddle here…

      Are you sure that, if you stopped talking to these people, the result would be depression and loneliness? It sounds like they’re having quite a negative impact on you as it stands now. How do you know it will get worse if you cut the relationship? What if it’s ok to be alone for a little bit to establish how you are willing to be treated?

      There are other choices for friendships, too. There are support groups online, sports teams in neighboring counties to join, etc. I know you say moving is not an option, but then I ask you, why? If you are miserable where you are, would a change of atmosphere be a horrible thing? If you’re in school, I can understand, but then therein lies your answer to making other friends. Schools have tons of people to make friends with. You just have to open yourself up to those opportunities (which is scary, I know).

      I think it comes down to determining how you are willing to be treated, then taking action to create that reality. If you don’t want people to treat you that way, separate yourself. I find it hard to imagine an instance in which new friends are not possible.

      If nothing else, try talking to a trusted professor, counselor or maybe even therapist. It’s helped me a lot when I’m faced with a difficult situation. I bet it would help you, too. :)

      I hope that helps, and please know that I don’t know the full spectrum of the situation, so take this advice with a grain of salt please. :)

  46. Janelove says:

    I cut off my ex who I dated for 2 months found out I was only being used as a rebound.. Sad thing we were good friends for 5 years prior. I can’t ever forgive him for the pain he’s put me through. I haven’t spoken to him in over a yea. The day I cut him off I felt a big weight of poison leaving my life.

    • Amy says:

      I’m happy to hear that you felt that weight lifted off you, Janelove, but at the same time, I’m sorry to hear that you were treated that way. Good for you for sticking up for yourself. You’re worth more than that.

  47. Anna says:

    Loved the article! I am having some issues regarding whether I should delete these “toxic” friends.. or should I say people because they aren’t my friends anymore from Facebook. Basically the only reason why they are still there is because I am in denial (like I can’t believe this could be the end of our friendship!) and because I want to see what they are up to and I want them to see what i’m up to. Its so stupid! To be honest i’m so over this game. It makes me feel so angry and frustrated and depressed.

    I see the two of them hanging out together, posting photos on FB and i’m going insane trying to work out what i’ve done! Its like they’ve just completely binned me. I know I haven’t done anything wrong. One of them in particular has treated me terribly for many years. She will msg me saying let’s go out and then never get back to me about details.

    Will it look immature if I delete these people off my FB? I’m just so sick of playing this game!

    • Amy says:

      Hey Anna!

      Ohhhhhh Facebook. So much fun and so much stress! I don’t know everything about your history with these people, so I can’t say for sure, but it seems like you’re leaning toward deleting them. If you don’t delete them, maybe consider hiding their updates? Nothing wrong with that. :)

      Either way, they probably aren’t meaning to make their flakiness a personal attack. If you’re tired of it, though, don’t waste your time! Just do a little hiding. You’re the only one that’ll know :)

  48. Lauren says:

    Hi Amy,
    Your post was exactly what I was looking for. I have a friend who is very toxic, and whatever I do, she always tries to bring me down. She and I have been friends for 9 years. We went to high school together, college together, and have even worked together. She’s very jealous of me and anyone who has something that she wants. We used to have a great time together, until I got engaged to my now husband. He and I were together for four years before getting engaged. Coincidentally, she and her boyfriend got engaged three months after we did. She and her now husband have been competing with us ever since. We are always nice to them, but yet they are always condescending to us. My husband even helped her husband get a job, and now we feel like that backfired, because her husband is trying to out-do mine. What do you think of this situation? How do we go about cutting ties?

    • Amy says:

      Hi Lauren! Thanks for having the courage to open up here so that your story can help someone else. We really appreciate it.

      Bottom line: if they keep acting that way, stop talking to them! What’s the point? Start distancing yourself or at least speak up about the way they treat you. It’s completely unfair that they’re taking advantage of your kindness. Actively helping people who just keep hurting you is a form of self-sabotage. To clear your life of that nastiness, you may have to cut them off or limit the time you spend with them as much as possible.

  49. Apex says:

    I read this hoping to understand my situation as a person who was effectively (albeit coldly) completely cut loose by one of my very best friends. One day, about a year and a half ago, she just stopped speaking to me without any explanation as to why. I tortured myself looking for answers, trying to imagine what I could’ve done to deserve this and I’m not saying that in vain, I really did some soul searching. I even apologized to her via e-mail a few times quite profusely. She was such a good friend that if I wronged her in any way, I was totally willing to accommodate her.

    I agree with a lot of the points of this blog but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in a trial-by-fire sense, it’s that cutting someone out looks like passive aggressiveness and resentment to the other person. Maybe gradually drifting is sometimes more key to getting rid of closer people or talking about issues for some kind of resolve. Even though it’s been ages since we spoke, I sincerely miss my friend and have always hoped that at the very least she would explain to me why we aren’t friends any longer.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Apex!

      I’m really sorry to hear that that happened to you. Try this post as well.

      Your situation is exactly why I suggest people try to talk it out with their friends before leaving the relationship. I think it’s better for both parties to work things out, or at least get closure.

      I hope you still have a good support system without her. Stay strong, Apex. Maybe she wasn’t meant to be in your life at this time.

    • new girl says:

      i am not sure if you will get to read this but i cut off a friend i have had since middle school because she has a drug addiction (she doesnt call it that, but i do) she will take a sleeping pill before we were about to go out for the night.

      she would get mad at me if i do something like tell her i dont want to hang out with her and the guy she is sleeping with at his house, even though i offer alternatives where he is included

      she was also mad at me when i told her she was wrong for cheating on her boyfriend. she said i was on his side. just writing all this out (i have never done this before) justifies my decision to cut her loose.

      the last straw is when she started a loud public argument with me…i actually joined in and i wasnt myself.

      when we were arguing, she told me i was boring, uptight and that the guy she was sleeping with was a way better friend than i was…i was soo shocked.

      i am not saying i am perfect by a long shot but i always try to be respectful of my friends and the people that i am around.

      i say all this to say, has your former friend changed in any way? has she matured, if she has then she would not be willing to take the same treatment that she had in the past.

      this isnt just for you but for everyone to read, a friendship must mature with the people or it wont work.

  50. ejones says:

    I have been “Friends” with a girl since 4 grade even after moving 12hrs away in 8th grade and only seeing her twice since then, now im 21. We talk off and on but I really don’t agree with her life style choices (dating a married man.. etc) I want to put the past behind me and be done with her but don’t want to regret it either! ugh this is a tough topic.

    • Amy says:

      I think what’s important is reminding yourself of why you are friends with this person NOW. If it comes down to nostalgia alone, I think it may be time to move on. Have you tried to talk to her about what bothers you?

  51. lucas keeton says:

    Thanks for the help. I’ve had a friend for the past year has been constantly being a jerk to me around my other friends. He’s a bit of a follower as well. He’s one of those people that judges a book by it’s cover. He’ll like someone one day and hate them the next. Thanks for the tips. I hope it improves my outlook on life.

    • Amy says:

      Hey Lucas! Sorry you’ve been having trouble with your friend. If he’s saying painful things to you and your friends, try talking to him about it. He might not even know that’s what he’s doing. Hope that helps!

    • new girl says:

      you should do what is best for you, and i think you already know what that is. good luck.

  52. T says:

    Hi! really so glad I came upon your site. It is inspiring to me, I love the energy coming through-from your honesty about how you have cut people off in the past, to having the courage to have the talk. I can so relate, and it took me a long time to develop the maturity and capacity to not be hot and cold, but to be honest about how I am feeling. I had a similar journey to you-though I was on the receiving end– I was “de-friended” by someone because, I suspected, I had moved on to more healthy relating, and she felt very dropped (score keeping relationship which I could not continue to do, in order to grow and be healthy). I recently reached out to her, after a few years, after my having grown a lot more, recently getting married to a very supportive, loving man; I wanted to know the reason for why she went cold (I have learned not to assume, but to ask, today!). I came to this site because it’s always so helpful to hear from other people, even when I know and can trust myself- the support helps, too! Her response was full of lots of hostility, bitterness, (name calling-ouch!), shaming, guilting, and this because she perceived an email I sent her through a very negative filter. There wasn’t much room in the relationship for me to be human, to not meet her 100%, how, when, where, just the way she wanted me to, and if I couldn’t I would be (and was) punished. At the time, she was continuing to make bad choices that caused her a lot of pain,and I was making the opposite choices, that were bringing me more peace- and a much fuller schedule of full time work and school- I didn’t have the space for her pain-when she caused her own pain again and again. I offered what I could (hope you get the help you need, come up and visit and stay for a weekend), but she took these in a very negative way. I am sitting on a response, just allowing myself to feel into the deeper truths of what my shortcomings might be as a friend, whether there is any truth to her pain around my actions, without shaming myself, and allowing the response (if I make one) to be my reality, not defensive, but loving- (and not for her, but for me). Also, I have learned to give back someone else’s perception of me, if it’s not true for me- not taking on other people’s opinions of me (in this case, I was all good, or all bad-which is a big indication that this isn’t about me). I appreciated your saying: I’ve maintained friendships that sucked the life out of me, but because this person had stuck with me through my hard times, I felt like I owed it to her to listen to her negativity and complaining… every day.

    I got to the point, where I couldn’t thrive in a relationship that was score keeping- that I needed to grow, and, I have heard, I cannot hold a boundary and protect someone else’s feelings at the same time. I risked losing the friendship in order to more fully find me. I really valued this piece- it was so honest- I am still on a learning curve of communication and allowing others their feelings (and not taking it on).

    Thank you for this article and your site!!

    • Amy says:

      So happy to have helped, T! I’m sorry you had to go through that, but it sounds like you’re really taking the chance to look inward and explore if there was truth to what she said, which is very admirable. You deserve a relationship that doesn’t keep a tally. Wishing you all the best in forging new friendships without the score board! :)

  53. James says:

    I’m glad I found this site, but the process is still super hard. I very recently decided to call it quits with a couple of my “best friends” and it feels like my heart is breaking. I’ve gotten through years of abuse and neglect from parents, depression, cutting, going to school and work full time to support my family, taking care of my mom with cancer – the list goes on. Despite all of this, I’ve tried to maintain a positive (at least outwardly) persona. I love helping people, nothing gets my full attention, energy, or willpower like being there for someone. Anyway, I’ve known this guy for nearly a decade – so he’s been with me through a decent amount of the problems, I consider(ed?) him family. But I started noticing signs that he wasn’t exactly as open with his opinion of me as I thought. I spent a lot of time being supportive with his clinical depression, getting him and his gf back together, being there whenever he was down and needed to talk, trying to get him to do different things and see the world in a different light – the works. I really valued him as a brother. However, I started noticing him and his gf (also an ex bestfriend as a result of this) only emitted negative energy around me. They’d only ask how I was doing in passing, or as a side note. We live about 5hours apart, but whenever he’d come down, it’d be almost impossible to get him to hang out, and if he did, it’d be with some sort of half assed attitude. In fact, getting him to show any type of emotion is extremely difficult, and it felt like I was pulling the weight of the friendship. It seemed like he never cared, and anything I said felt like it was being scrutinized. We had a huge argument spanning 3 days, but anything I said wasn’t considered because it wasn’t his opinion. I tried hard to explain myself on whatever points he argued, but regardless, he didn’t really want to hear it. It just seemed like he was more being vocal about everything he’d been feeling for however long this has been going on. The worst part is the facade that we were really open with each other about everything, and someone being in my life for 10 years should understand me a lot better – but it felt like I was a stranger to him in his cold and uncaring approach. I miss him, he’s the only guy I’ve ever thought of as a brother (as I have none of my own, or any male influence in my life).. but it felt like that was too much of himself to give, that he just didn’t understand the concept of best friends or the level of commitment that takes. I’m always the first one to say sorry or make amends, but it just doesn’t seem fair that I do it this time. I don’t know where to go from here, or if I’ll ever have that type of friendship again.

    • Amy says:

      I know this part hurts, James, and I’m so sorry that you’re going through it right now. It sounds like he might be moving on, but the good news is that you don’t seem to be groveling to get him to stay (which I don’t believe you should). You are aware of what’s happening and that’s very important.

      Have you tried asking him what’s going on, or what’s changed? It may be that you’re simply growing apart, or it could be that he’s secretly going through a very tough time himself. This may be a case to at least try reaching out for, but I leave that up to you.

      I hope that helps a little. :)

      • James says:

        Hopefully this goes in as a reply, clicked the button and all. Anyway, thanks for the reply Amy!

        Well, I know he’s clinically depressed and has a bit of a superiority complex. I really want to be there for him, but it’s draining – not the part about being there for him in those times, but when I try to do fun things, it’s impossible and he never seems enthused. Maybe we just weren’t meant to be friends for longer than a time period? Because that’s what it feels like. We’re both in our final year of uni, so I can see where the pressure would be on. But I just don’t know, I feel like he should put in some effort as well. It just makes it difficult because I know his condition and I’d feel horrible for dropping him for not being able to differentiate

        • Amy says:

          I think you have a point: some friendships run their course. It seems to me that you both are growing apart and that’s totally ok. I would definitely try talking to him before dropping him if you feel comfortable doing it. He may not be aware that he’s acting this way. And if you do, you’ll at least know that you did everything you could and explored all options before moving on with your life.

  54. Adam says:

    Straight up telling my friend that I’m leaving him isn’t really an option for me. It would simply be too uncomfortable, and I don’t want that to be my last memory of the person. I’d rather the friendship just slowly fade away. I’m sure he’ll get the point.

    • Amy says:

      I understand and that is your choice to make, Adam. I hope you find some other useful info in here!

    • James says:

      You’re right. Fading away is a better option, because you probably still have some hope that he’ll turn around and be amazing. It’s better to let it die slow so you can realize that you’re the only person who cares, and then move on to find better.

      • Amy says:

        I can understand that point of view, James. I respectfully disagree, though. I know that I, personally, would always wonder what would happen if I tried to talk to the person instead. What if the other person doesn’t even know that they’re hurting you? It is uncomfortable to face the problem sometimes, I’ll give you that. Though, to have closure, it may be necessary.

  55. anoyumus says:

    i have dis friend who i told this secret all of a sudden she jus spread it to other ppl should i drop this friend?

    • Amy says:

      That all depends I guess. I can’t say for sure one way or the other because I don’t know the full scope of the situation or how you feel about this friend already. This is a personal decision, but ask yourself: What am I getting out of this relationship? Does it outweight how this event makes me feel? That’s how I usually decide. Hope that helps!

    • ICYNDICEY says:


  56. John says:

    Some very valid points in this article, but I don’t agree with all of them. You say the way you dealt with cutting ties to people was through simply not talking to them anymore. Then you add that it’s disrespectful, juvenile and mean. With my situation, I respectfully disagree. I have an ex-girlfriend I need to eliminate from my life, and the way I see it, not talking to her anymore is the only way out. We had agreed to be friends after a nasty break-up last year. So her and I went out as “friends” recently, and apparently she saw this an an opportunity to rip me a new one every which way she could, without provocation. In the past, when I confronted her about this behavior, the problem only got worse, with her calling me a “wimp” because I was sensitive to her harsh criticism. So, instead of confronting right then and there, I took it. I bought her drinks, helped her with her new TV, and as soon as I dropped her off, I decided right then and there, that was it, no more. She’s called and texted me since, wondering where I am, how come I don’t respond, and finally concluding that I must have lost my phone. All I know is that during that last encounter, I was nice. And I think that’s really the impression I want to leave her with, not a face-to-face confrontation. That will only embolden her, and give her the satisfaction that she got to me.

    • Amy says:

      Hi John!

      I think the situation varies greatly depending on the people involved. It’s totally up to you how you choose to handle the situation, and I understand the way you handled it. It sounds like she wasn’t really open to having that type of conversation, so this very well may have been the best way to cut her out of your life.

      Kudos to you for doing it at all. It sounds like your life will be much more peaceful without that influence in it. :)

  57. Shina says:

    omg – i cut off a group of girls i was in a group with they grated on me treated me like shit like never calling me not understanding my needs and judging me constantly,

    I actually feel relileved to have cut them all out of my life for good they were all a bunch of pretentious superficial religious and annoying group of girls that I dont know even know why the friendship lasted this long – ten years.

    Well whats done is done.

  58. yyy says:

    I had a friend that cut me off because of my negative attitude and complaining. To be honest, she was right, I did have a negative attitude at the time and was complaining a lot. However, I was also in a very stressful period of life (working a lot, studying a lot with a difficult partner, struggling with a difficult roommate where I had to pay extra bills). Since then I’ve graduated, had more time to myself, gotten a less difficult roommate, been less stressed, and have been able to relax and have more fun. She was jobless, having fun, and had just graduated, which meant she was pretty much stress free.

    I was also annoyed with some of the unsolicited advice she gave me like ‘be more positive’ when i was working like a ton and she was just hanging out and having fun. Its great to be happy but you shouldn’t judge other people for being stressed if that’s the situation they’re in. Sometimes stress comes out as negativity.

    Funnily enough I am having the same situation now with another friend (who is very negative whenever we go out). She is also getting her life together and not in a great place to go out and enjoy. I am not cutting her off, I am just telling her that she doesn’t have to go out if shes not going to enjoy it and say negative stuff all the time. Its better to just tell the person whats bothering you and limit your hanging out time until the other person gets more positive, than to just cut them out completely with no warning. I’ve known people like this in my life and their lack of loyalty is very disheartening for those of us that seek actual real friends in life that arent totally fake. If youre gonna cut people out just for being a little negative than you are a ‘fairweather’ friend and that’s not really a good thing. If however, the person has actually done legitimate things to cut you down (like steal your ex boyfriend or criticize you when something good happens, like you get a good job or something) then that’s a different story.

  59. yyy says:

    Also it is usually the case that when you have a lot of complaints about someone they also have complaints about you that you might not like, hence why you are really avoiding ‘the talk’. For example, my friend found me negative and critical of others, and I accepted that is sometimes true. However, on my end, I found her to be very judgmental of others (albeit silently) very overly sensitive to small disagreements, and very unwilling to be open about things (even though she didnt hesitate to pry into my life and ask lots of questions). Most of the time I felt like I was under a microscope when I was around her, and that wasnt exactly fun for me.

    • Amy says:

      You have some really interesting points in your comments, yyy. The first I’d like to address is what you say about the importance of not cutting a friend just because they’re negative sometimes. I whole-heartedly agree with you on that. We all have our struggles; we should feel open enough with our nearest and dearest to talk about what’s troubling us so that we can get back to our usual positive state. :)

      Also, what you say about the friend having his own complaints is true, and is often the case for avoiding “the talk.” I think it’s fair in most cases to hear out what they have to say. Maybe they see something in you that you could address to be a better friend as well.

      Thanks for your insight!

  60. ICYNDICEY says:

    I appreciate your candor in this article, but some people you just can’t explain to them why you can’t be “friends” with them anymore, and it is best just to avoid them. I have found that trying to reason with certain individuals just causes even more stress, and it is better to make a clean break. You don’t owe anyone anything. Not even an explanation if they are harming your mental, physical and spiritual existence. Remember…you come first.

    • Amy says:

      I can understand your reasoning, ICYNDICEY. It’s definitely easier to make a clean break, and it’s up to you how you choose to go about it. I agree that, if they are being consciously malicious, a clean break may be best. It’s true: you don’t owe anyone anything. I just fear that people may regret it further down the line like I did.

    • new girl says:

      I completely agree with you but I think what she is saying is basically treat others the way you would want to be treated.

      The power is yours. If you think that by telling them the issue, they will upset you or you will act out of character, I think these are the best instances to just stop talking to someone.

      I am currently torn myself as to what to do, but I think I will go with letting my former friend know why I no longer wish to be friends because I think it will be good practice for me to say how I feel.

  61. new girl says:

    i am actually about to cut off another friend.

    she constantly talks about her former relationship that she had with a married man ( i of course dont agree with that) and wants to use me for dating advice….but i just wondered after an incident what do i get out the deal?

    plus meeting some other people that she new, they didnt even know me and were way more supportive and encouraging. so i started to feel like with friends like these, who needs enemies?

    what happened was that she is very outspoken but its basically self serving and i realized something i already knew which was that she wants to suck all the good ideas and life out of me to pump herself up…but what do i get?

    like what was said in an article..our friendship stemmed from a place when i was really down on myself.

    just hanging out with an old highshcool friend made me realize wow, i feel so energized with the hs friend, yet with the other girl i always feel conflicted, bad and just drained.

    i am not sure what to say to her though, because i dont want the issue to be more than what it is.

    • JSDC370 says:

      Wow! Great read! I really enjoyed how clearly you expressed this friendship issue!

      I’ve been dealing with negative draining friendships for some time now and it has caused me so much confusion and guilt on how to deal with it. I have distanced myself from all relationships for the past 4 months and my life has never been better. I am in the best shape of my life (lost 40lbs), i’ve read countless books and blogs, i have saturated myself in meditation and silence, and have took a career leap which appears promising. Its just so refreshing to not be surrounded by negativity. I am curious on your thoughts on friends/family who hold negative beliefs of you, doubt your abilities and put limits on your capabilities. It seems all my friends and family treat me like someone i use to be but i no longer fit that mold. I always seem to buy into there beliefs when im around them. It is very stressful and energy draining. I am currently looking into relocating from my hometown. Your thoughts are very welcomed and appreciated.

      Again thank you for this wonderful article. I especially liked firing promoters of bad habits and quote “I’ve had friendships that I kept because I only wanted to see the good times, and was in denial that we didn’t have anything in common anymore.
      I’ve maintained friendships that sucked the life out of me, but because this person had stuck with me through my hard times, I felt like I owed it to her to listen to her negativity and complaining… every day.”

      • Amy says:

        New Girl: thanks for opening up here. I think you say it all with this:

        “our friendship stemmed from a place when i was really down on myself.”

        I’ve found that most of the friendships I’ve had that stemmed from my mindset at my darkest ended up being detrimental in the end unless the person grows with you.

        JSDC370: Thanks for all the kind words! I am so happy to hear of everything you’ve accomplished! It seems like you’ve really turned your life around. Kudos. :)

        With friends/family that seem to see you as you were at your lowest point, they simply need to experience that you are not the same person. You don’t have to go out of your way to “prove” it; you just need to live how you do now, and they’ll come around… hopefully. Some people are committed to living in the past, though, so this may not work on all family members.

        What matters is that you’re committed to your life now, and you build that solid support system around your healthy and happiness.

  62. Sally says:

    I have been in both situations where I’ve been cut off and where I’ve cut someone off.

    Just recently I had to cut two people (a male and female couple) out of my life because one of them sent a very offensive message to me on Facebook telling me off over something to do with religion or lack of it and while I let it go at first it just angered me more and more so I decided to cut them off altogether however my partner is still friends with them and while I don’t have any issues with him going out to visit them or see them they are no longer welcome in our home, he knows and understands why and he respects it.

    On another occasion I had someone cut me off and try to come back and I wasn’t interested in rekindling the friendship at all not because I held a grudge but simply because I had moved on in my own life and there was no longer a role for them to play in my life.This is really something people need to think seriously about before they cut someone out of their life too because they may decide to go back and the person they’ve cut off has moved on and may not be interested in rekindling the friendship or relationship…Never assume that someone will still be there when you turn around to look for them!

    Just recently I had a former friend come back into my life slowly but surely after 4 years of not speaking to me, in this particular situation they were well within their rights to cut me off as I has lost the plot after a not so nice relationship break up with an abusive ex and I wasn’t a great person to be around at the time..anyway I have emailed this person a few times and they have unblocked me on Yahoo messenger and other social networking places however even though I do wish to rekindle this particular friendship and while I found it easy to send the emails I am really anxious at the thought of communicating with this person via instant messaging, Skype and the like as I just don’t know what to say or how to go about it and I’m thinking I might just stick to emails for a while longer and go from there..This particular friendship will not be the same again but in this case that’s a very good thing, sometimes when you rekindle a friendship you don’t always want it to be the same as before otherwise you’ll have the same issues all over again and you’ll ending up losing that friendship once again…Different is good!!

    • Amy says:

      Different IS good, Sally! :)

      Do what you’re comfortable with. If you don’t think Skype or phone would be the best route right now, make yourself more open via email. You choose how to go about this, and the result will likely be better if you’re more comfortable as you proceed.

  63. Cal I says:

    I’ve been on the opposite side of this. I was cut out of someone’s life, and they expressed negativity and complaining about my life as the reasons. It did kind of traumatize me a bit. (I use that word lightly compared to actual trauma. Stung may be more appropriate.) I really didn’t have any idea I was insufferable in that way, and I will admit that even if I felt bad and angry, it inspired me to change. Those who are cut out may always be bitter toward you(“you left me at my worst” kind of attitude), but they will most likely feel helped once they look back and see the steps they took to be a better person to be around. That person did end up coming back, but I respected their boundaries and only discussed positive, basic things with them. I don’t take out my depressive tendencies on people anymore.

    • Amy says:

      What a wonderful spin! YOu’re right, Cal I!

      I’ve been the one cut before, when I was Ms. Complainer, and it did make me look twice at how I interacted with my friends.

      I hope you DO have someone to talk to about those depressive feelings when they come up, though. It’s important to not keep those inside until they explode one day.

  64. Anonymous says:

    I want to ask your advice about how to best cut a man out of my life. To make a long story short i’ve known this man for several years (friend of a friend) and we’ve been talking for over six months now about getting together and going on a date.

    I am very attracted to him, and we have a lot in common. However, he is a major flake. In fact, we have never once ended up doing anything together because he never follows through. He doesn’t usually even call to cancel, but plans are usually vague to begin with.

    I have tried to show him my disapproval by ignoring his calls for weeks at a time and basically telling him I’m not going to make plans with him anymore.

    However, he always gets back into my good graces, and after begging me for another chance, I end up agreeing to go on a date again. Then he flakes on me all over again.

    I don’t have a cell phone or caller id on my home phone so I basically have to screen all my calls to avoid him.

    I don’t even feel like talking to him about it. I would prefer to just send him an email asking him to stop contacting me. I wanted your advice on what to say.

    It’s hard for me to do this because I do really like him and I enjoy keeping in touch with him. However, I know I deserve to be treated better and I don’t think he’ll ever change.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Amy says:

      Ooh, to tell you the truth, I can’t give you a good answer for this. It should be personal to your relationship.

      Here are some guidelines I would follow:
      -Make this about you not him
      -Start with a compliment, put the yucky stuff in the middle, and end with a compliment
      -Do not attack him; simply state how you feel
      -Include what you wrote to me here: it’s hard for you to do this, but you’re ready to move on. You don’t think you can do this with him in your life.

      I hope that helps!

      • Anonymous says:


        I think your advice is perfect. I like the reminder about not attacking him, and very good idea to make it about me instead of him.


  65. Joe says:

    I am a 26 year old male. my best friend is a 24 year old female and we hooked up a few months back. we decided to become friends with benefits. we literally hung out everyday for 3 months straight. she never wanted to see anybody else or had any other interests in another guys. but recently I did something to really hurt her feelings so much to the point where she completely cut me off. this happened 2 weeks ago and I found out today she has been having another guy stay the night with her. I have developed feelings for her and this hurts really bad to see her with him. Should I just completely remove myself from the situation? or try and work things out with her?

    • Amy says:

      I guess that depends on what happened, Joe. It sounds like she’s quite hurt right now, and maybe she just needs her space. Maybe she’s just done.

      If you’re going to reach out, maybe keep it to something like an email in which you state your feelings, and what you hope to achieve from your relationship.

      Here’s the thing: if she doesn’t want to continue a relationship with you, you must respect that. She has a right to set her boundaries after being hurt. It may hurt, but at least a lesson has been learned, right?

  66. Robbie says:

    I found this very interesting to read. I have been struggling with cutting friends I have had since high school because of the time we spent together. We all have addiction problems and the more I think about it, the more I see that is what we have in common. A lot of them have had a negative impact in my life, I have had trouble moving forward in my life, like there was an anchor attached too me, and now with age and wisdom I have started too see it was and is these negative people I’m surrounding myself with that is the anchor. I lost a fiancée over these same people as well. I am happy too have been able too read this and get some perspective. I just recently landed a job I have been working towards for awhile and had a birthday. So I feel like my life is going in a whole different direction, and with these tips I feel I have some insight on how to drop the dead weight. I thank you for this read and best of luck too everyone.

    • Amy says:

      Robbie, I can’t tell you how happy I am to read your comment that this post has helped you come to the conclusion to “drop the dead weight.” Congrats, man, on all you are embarking on now! This is the beginning of a new life for you. Live it up!

  67. Julie says:

    I really needed this read. Because of a bad friendship experience I have withdrawn from everyone. I look for ways to avoid the people who I used to call friends. This has been going on now for two years. Now I am starting to feel lonely. The only person I truly socialize with is my husband, and of course we all know that is not healthy. I used to have these big parties every other month at our house. But I noticed that no one else did anything at theirs and after I would go out of my way so that everyone could have a good time there were always two “friends” that would talk behind my back. I have already confronted this situation and told them how I feel, but still, I can not find a way of going back to being the same to them. It’s just sad. :-(

    • Amy says:

      It is a little sad to recognize faulty friendships for what they are, Julie, but it’s not anything you can’t move past and learn from. You are obviously mindful enough to realize that these friendships don’t serve you. Use that mindfulness to seek out new connections with people who encourage and support you. You don’t need people who talk behind your back repeatedly. You are worth being treated with love and respect.

  68. Chelsea says:

    Hi Amy,

    I wanted to say that I really enjoyed this post. I believe in all the things you’ve said. I just wanted to ask your advice, though, as an outside perspective because I’ve found myself in a difficult situation concerning friends. Sorry if it ends up being a super long comment!

    I recently decided I no longer wanted to be friends with this couple who has been friends with my parents since I was rather young. They have come to my family’s business every week for years so in working there, it was hard for me not to see them and get to be friends. But in the past year, the woman has really been one of those “friends” who doesn’t make you feel good. It took me a long time to even feel remotely confident about myself and slowly, every week I’d see her, she would make me feel really inadequate about aspects of my personal life that I already felt insecure about. She’d pester me about it every week and as much as I tried to make her understand that I had issues to deal with to take care of myself, I just couldn’t get her to understand. Eventually, it even got to be really annoying and I really just wanted to defend myself. But for fear of causing trouble for my parents, I kind of just buried it. The husband, however, was a really dear friend who was always kind and gracious with me. He was really supportive and we got along quite well. But it was made known to me that the wife was quite paranoid about my friendship with him, when really- he was like a father to me (sounds like a terrible soap opera, I know). Long story short, they stopped showing up to the business for months without any explanation, never answering me, and just showed their faces again today. In that time away I decided to be relieved that I wouldn’t have to deal with that drama since they disappeared for their own reasons, reasons that I told myself were unrelated to me. I was horrified that someone who once said I was like a daughter to her was actually seeing me as some kind of threat. So I guess my question is this- considering the complex situation where my family is still friends with this pair (so I don’t want to mess things up for my parents), how would I go about letting them go as friends? As much as I’d hate to hurt the feelings of the man, I’m not so certain that the kindness of one is worth the confidence-killing of the other… Because surely, as a couple, if I take one back I can’t avoid taking the other. Do I just play civil and avoid connecting with them as much as possible? I think I’m making the right decision letting them go, but I just don’t know if I can even realistically do it if they’re going to be around frequently again. Am I trapped? Am I right in thinking that accepting the pain of being hurt by one is not overridden by the support of another? Again, sorry for the long essay of a comment! I just really admired what you had to say; it really resonated with me and I thought I could use some sound advice or opinion.

  69. Tamsin says:

    So funny – I am in the same dilema with my half sister she is not a very nice person and sucks the life out of my. Tried my best with her for years, but persistant nastieness for all this time is all I got back. the annoying thing is she is not overtly nasty, but always gets little digs in all the time and is so selfish. However, she also loves to play the victim. I ignored a message of hers on facebook and we stopped speaking after that( I really did not want to innitiate contact with her). However, everytime she spoke with any member of my family she was always like Tamsin refuses to speak to me and I have no idea why. I have to be nice to her now and have made efforts because our father is terminally ill and is likely to die in 5 months so don’t want there to be any tension around.(thankfully she is not close to our Dad as the two of them have never got on well) However, after he dies and the funeral is out of the way I want to cut all ties in a way that will cause the least drama to the family as a whole. Really don’t know weather it is best just to ignore her or to explain to her she adds no value to my life and is an entirly nasty individual!

  70. Mel says:

    I have mixed feelings about this.

    If a “friend” is always intentionally disrespecting me, using me, or putting me down, then I have no problem saying goodbye (but why would I be their friend in the first place?).

    However, if a friend is pessimistic and negative, a downer, because they are suffering and going through depression (perhaps they were abused as a child) then I would feel like a real jerk ditching such a friend. I think that it shows a lack of character and compassion. Especially if the person is a “friend” that I have known for a while. It just strikes me as rather selfish, shallow, and cold to drop people who are not beautiful, positive, and successful.

    Would jesus approve of us if we dumped our cancer stricken friends for being downers? Do we expect them to put on a glowing smile and blow up balloons all day in order to convince us that they are positive and happy and worth being friends with?

    • Amy says:

      I agree with you, Mel, and I think it’s a really important issue to address. Thank you for bringing this up.

      Having suffered from depression and having only kept one friend through my lowest times, I realize the importance of having an understanding support system that sticks through the tough stuff. If a friend is working their way through a low point, I am by no means telling you to drop them. Every one of us struggles, and deserves support through those issues.

      I also do not believe nor have I ever expressed that one should base a friendship on beauty and success. It should be based on character, mutual respect and love.

      For a more detailed view on how I recommend supporting a friend who suffers from anxiety or depression, give this a read if you’re interested.

      I hope this helps clear some things up, Mel. Wishing you much health and happiness!

  71. Karmicenergy says:

    I don’t believe that you always should tell someone why you don’t want to be their friend anymore. All it will do is stir up a lot of drama. They will get upset and defensive. They may get angry. They will never believe anything negative about themselves, or that they have done anything wrong. It is a rare person who can accept criticism. Let’s face it, sometimes you have to cut them off and move on.

    • Amy says:

      I understand your standpoint, Karmicenergy, and I think this is a case of “to each, his own.” There’s no right answer; it depends on the situation and the people involved. I think it comes down to doing what you need to do in a way that will preserve your wellbeing while maintaining respect for the other person involved.

  72. Frank says:

    I have a small Problem Im out off work So I went to school to become a contractor It took me a while to pass the test, I have friend that I have know for 45 years and Im 50 almost My friend aways told me I was not smart enough to pass the test everyday so everytime I took the test I failed, will two days before my test had a fight with my friend and his girlfriend and told them that both of them are ment for each other do to the fact they are negtive and Love to se me in pain and they get off on it told both of them to stay out of my life this is two days before my test and this time I passed He called me the same day and asked if I passed I said yes now thing are getting worse he trying to run my life and tell me how to run my busness, By the first of the year 2014 I need to sell my house and start a new life where I have no negative people around me I think that will lead to my success Do you think I’m making the right choice I really need a new start I can make new friends I just cant understand why him and his girlfriend are acting like this.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Frank!

      I’m so sorry that you’re going through this right now. It sounds like you’re having a rough time with all of this.

      I can’t tell you whether or not you’re making the right choice because it’s a personal decision. It seems a bit extreme to do all of that, but for some people, it’s what needs to happen to reset.

      Do what you think is right after weighing the pros and cons. Any way you go, keep standing up for yourself! :)

  73. Kari says:

    I cut off my best friend from high school a month before we went to college. We had grown apart but neither of us would talk about it. Even though we spent a lot of out time together, we were never really close. She seemed to think that if she bought me things and took me places that would validate our crumbling friendship. I tried to cut her off by ignoring her texts/calls but she was persistent. Finally I came clean to her face to face and I’m not going to lie it didn’t feel good at first. I knew that I had hurt her and that I had handled the situation poorly. But if I hadn’t cut it off then we’d still be going in the same circle. So, definitely cut that toxic friend out of your life early. Don’t let it drag on for years because it will hurt no matter how much resentment you’ve built up for that person.

  74. Reabetswe says:

    Hi Amy :)

    Thanks so much for this great post!! I only just discovered this website through this article (I typed “how to cut people out of your life” into Google and it led me to this article). I’m so excited that I read this!!

    It truly is hard to cut a friend out from your life, and even harder to accept it. I’m currently going through this. It’s hard for me to open up, and I often don’t trust people with my emotions, and as a result I have very few close friends, and the others are just acquaintances. So, when I do open up to a person I hope that they will be loyal to me as I am completely and wholeheartedly loyal and true to them.

    Which is why it came as a huge surprise (and an incredibly painful blow to my whole world) when someone who I was close to, had opened up to and considered a friend for life, recently turned on me when I told him that I did not appreciate a comment he had made. The response he gave me (that I have no credibility, which is a huge insult when you are involved in law, and blaming me completely for destroying a friendship with a colleague who I was never friends with and who disrespected me immensely) showed me that the person does not really care about me and probably never did; especially since when I asked to talk to him about it he just blew me off by telling me that if I see a problem then I am the one with the problem, not him, and I should fix it myself.

    Although I would never admit it to him, it was a huge blow to my emotions (still is when I think about it). I’ve been trying to deal with it for weeks and it has affected other areas of my life too (my academics, family life, and my interactions with other friends). I’d become more withdrawn and introverted and extremely angry and depressed and I didn’t completely understand why. I kept his contact number on my phone and gave him a vulgar name (which made me laugh a little everytime I read it) but that was not curing me at all, because every time I saw it I’d remember all the bad emotions and get upset again. I needed a better solution.

    I read some advice from a drag queen (Yara Sofia) and she said (I’m paraphrasing here and have taken some artistic licence): “You are the Queen of your kingdom, and you decide who your royal court and subjects will be. If someone does not mean you well, exile them. Delete them from your life.” So I did: I deleted him from my life. I deleted his numbers and pictures and everything that could potentially remind me of him, because I could not stand what he had done to me and I could not let him control my emotions any longer (even if he did not know that he was).

    And since I “exiled him from my kingdom” (or “fired him from my life”) I feel ssssssooooooo much happier!! It’s astounding how much better I function actually!! I think this was the right move for me, and brought me back on track with my life and my goals and those who mean well for me. And after trying countless other methods on dealing with this kind of thing, I think that this is probably the best way: by just deleting (or firing; although he kind of quit) the person from your life :)

    Anyway, now that I have written down my whole life story (hahaha, sorry guys), I just want to ask one thing Amy: How does one stop feelings of guilt and feelings of missing out? This person and I share a study group with other people who I’m still friends with, and before I decided to exile him I had feelings of extreme guilt at doing it (that I’d hurt his feelings, which I hate doing to people even if they deserve it) and that he and the other group members would leave me out of future group events (and he would turn them against me). Also, I see this person often as we study the same degree; how do I handle the encounters between him and mutual friends? I would appreciate it immensely if you could advice me on this.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this; stay well :)

    • Amy says:

      Don’t say sorry for sharing here, Reabetswe! Your story will probably help someone else in a similar situation, so THANK YOU!

      I am so so sooooo glad you were able to get that negativity out of your life. Kudos to you for having the courage to let it go!

      Ok, so to address your questions for me, I would say that all you can do is act from a place of love in this situation. Don’t go out of your way to ignore him or show him malice. Realize that the way he acted came from some part of his life that caused him so much pain he learned to react that way. Knowing that, have the strength to forgive or at least move on.

      Since you will see each other and the same people, it doesn’t mean you can’t hang out. It probably does mean it will be awkward for a while, and that’s fine. If you really don’t want to be around him, call up some friends that are outside of your law school circle and reunite with them.

      He might try to turn friends against you. He might not. What matters are the actions you choose to take. Don’t give your friends a reason to justify his bad intentions. Act from love, be open and honest, and trust that–if they are worth your love and time–they will see the truth or at least try.

      I really hope that helps! Best of luck!

  75. Reabetswe says:

    Thanks so much Amy, this is one of the best pieces of advice that I have heard in how to deal with this situation. I like how you said that I should approach it with love, I’ve never thought of looking at it that way before, thank you :)

    I have one last question for you: I have a friend who is in a moot court team consisting of two speakers and two coaches, and they travel to different countries in order to compete. She is one of the speakers and her and the other speaker don’t always get along. She often comes back frustrated from their meetings because she feels that the other speaker tends to bully her without their coaches noticing, and when she brings it up the coaches shrug it off or tell her that there are more important things to worry about, like the competition at hand. She’s really professional so she’s able to get to her practices and do what needs to be done and leave. But, just like me, she is extremely emotional when she creates a relationship; and even though it is a working relationship, because they have been in this moot team for almost a year and are often forced with being the only company each other has, she finds it hard to just be “professional” all the time, and they often speak about personal topics.

    Anyway, the moot team are travelling to a very distant country in a few days to compete, and they’ll be there for 11 days. She’s starting to get worried and anxious that she’ll be bullied again by this other speaker, and won’t have anyone to talk to about it (it’s not as easy to walk away and be with real friends in a foreign country unfortunately). Also, she has been called out by the coaches in the past for just walking away and distancing herself from the team, but that was because she felt she didn’t fit in and they did not care for her feelings (as they tell her to just get over it when the other speaker bullies her, and even suggest that she may suffer from various psycological disorders). I think she feels a little invalidated in the team, and it pains me to see her dreading her trip and the competition just because of the people she will be travelling with: she should be excited and looking forward to it, but instead she’s thinking of taking anxiety medication…I don’t know how to help her: PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Amy says:

      I would say a couple things:

      First, is it imperative that she’s a part of this team? If it causes her so much stress, is it really worth it?

      Second, if the answer to the above questions is yes, then she just has to do what is best for her and spend less time with the people that bring her down. It doesn’t matter what they say to her afterwards if being in their company is just as bad. At least she’ll save herself some time being put down.

      You have to do what’s best for you. If that means they don’t like it, so be it. 11 days is a long time to try to please people that seem to be looking for something to pick on her for.

  76. Nichole says:

    I usually don’t post on these sites, but I came across this article and I feel as though I wrote it myself. I have never had a “best friend”, they cut me out or I cut them out. Last year I was feeling overwhelmed by a friend who I had known for so many years, but had only gotten in to trouble with. I was working a lot (and I mean a lot) he didn’t have a job or apartment and would call me all day long.. while I was struggling to work and maintain my life at home. He would call me for rides, a place to hang and the likes. I did exactly what you say you regret, I ignored him. I blocked him off my phone, I even had to remove my name from my voicemail. Eventually we “talked” over Facebook in a message, he didn’t like what I had to say and I didn’t like what he had to say. In the end he wrote his status about a “message he got from a hater this morning”.. which was anonymous and all good and fine.. until everyone he knows who dislikes me used his status to rip me apart. It got so bad I had to apologize to the jerk just to get him to leave me alone. I had no other choice than to delete and block him and black list his phone number. The conversations were getting violent and just being around him made me feel drained. It’s been a year and a half now and I truly feel refreshed. I live in a very small town and being put on blast like that made me not want to go to the grocery store. Eventually you become strong because you have to, but don’t underestimate a “friends” ability to turn on you when you ignore them. With him I didn’t see any other way out, and I needed out. Thank you so much for this article, it has assured my every move.

    • Amy says:

      Wow, Nichole. I’m sorry you had to go through that, but I’m so glad you shared it here with us. Please remember that him acting out like that is a reflection of hangups he has personally, not necessarily with you. I’m happy to hear that it seems to have gotten better since, and good for you for being the “better man” and apologizing (even if your heart wasn’t in it). Wishing you the best from here forward!

  77. Dan says:

    I have a friend from the time I started grammar school. I get insights talking to him. In fact my mother who is now deceased knew his mother who is now over 80. We went to the same high school which I left and went to a private school in my last year. However, when I talk to this person it brings back bad memories when I was younger. I decided today not to talk anymore and leave the past where it is. I believe some people including me talk to these “old friends” and subconsciously try to relive or redo the past. We never can time to say goodbye. Are there others with this same experience.

    • Amy says:

      Hi, Dan. Thanks for sharing here. I think many people in this community have the experience of trying to hold onto relationships for the nostalgia of it. We long to “redo” the past or to make it right somehow, but many times, we just can’t. We have to move forward from here, whether that is done best with or without them is a personal matter.

  78. Concerned Stumbler says:

    This was a very thoughtfully written essay on the importance of cutting off ties as a marker of self-respect. It was very sensitively and sincerely presented. More impressive are your consistently thoughtful responses to each and every comment for the last two years. I can’t help but feel though that such consistency is leading visitors to take advantage of it/ underappreciate it.

    I feel your essay in addition to your years of thoughtful situation-based replies are more than enough material for others to find the answer to their own problems. I know people with similar levels of sensitivity and insight that will patiently bear through hours of venting, and though such people seem to find great joy simply in helping someone out, there are clearly other ways they could be using their time to derive greater joy and pleasure.

    Perhaps placing some limit to the comments section, or making your responses to questions more valuable (by having posts where you reply to one out of many given advice-requests) would help. Your replies are level-headed and post-worthy in and of themselves.

    • Amy says:

      Wow, Concerned Stumbler. I sincerely appreciate your comment. Thank you for your concern and for the excellent advice. I am so grateful to have your support!

      You are right: to comment back to each case on this post does take quite a bit of time, and if I find that I get too busy to respond, I will have to cut down. It is a great idea to compile responses into one post (as each one is its own post as you say! I never thought about it that way!).

      I will strongly consider your advice and again, I am so grateful that you are concerned for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to write this.

  79. Elle says:


    I found this article and it resonated deeply with me. I am currently in a situation where I would love some outside advice. I recently moved to a new state. Back home, I had a small group of friends who I get along with extremely well. They are all positive people who are happy with themselves and provide excellent support and love. However, when I moved, I made friends with two young women. It’s nice to have some people around to socialize with, but these two women leave me feeling drained most of the time. They love to gossip about other people, and are constantly judging others based on their appearance. I know that this is probably due to their own lack of confidence, and I consider myself to be a more positive and accepting person than they are, even though they openly pride themselves on being good friends to others. It’s been about a year since I started spending time with them. I worry that the more time I spend with them and the less time I spend with my friends back home, I will transform into a negative and judgmental person. I used to be a lot more confident and happy in general, and I can’t help but feel these two are bringing me down. I have many times debated firing them as friends, but can’t seem to do it. Maybe because they are the only friends I have here at my new home, and also because they are always together, and I feel I will be ganged up on. They seem to really like me and are always inviting me to do things with them, so I worry about disappointing them.

    My plan is to try to involve myself in more activities where I might make some new friends, and try to find more people I really connect with. That way, I can spend less time with the two negative nancies and more time with other people who understand me better. However, I’m nervous that whatever the activity is I choose to participate in, the two women will want to join me. I feel that I am bending to their will and becoming who they want me to be, because I’m afraid of being alone. That they have me trapped. I haven’t felt this way since elementary school, and I feel my confident self slipping away. Please help.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Elle!

      Yeesh! It sounds like you’re in quite a predicament. Here are my thoughts…

      I don’t doubt that your new friends LOVE having you around! You sound like a positive, supportive person, and they seem to not be used to that from each other. You are who you surround yourself with, though. If you want to save yourself from negative nancy-ville, I would start limiting time with them if it were me.

      Let me ask you this: what is the worst that could happen if you talk to them about the situation? You said they would gang up on you. Do you meant that they might seek you out to bully you, say online or do nasty, malicious things? If that’s the case, there’s no need to have the break up talk.

      So, here’s my next question: what’s the worst that would happen if you went out and did those activities without them?

      What’s the worst that would happen if you started saying that you are busy more often?

      If they ask you what the deal is, you can either tell them the truth, or make something up. I’m a huge proponent of honesty, but when it comes to malicious people, it’s not black and white. A harmless white lie that will save you bullying isn’t the worst thing in the world. ;)

      Hope that helps a little, Elle. The main thing is that you do what you need to do to live the life you want to live. Don’t forget what’s important!

  80. Anni says:

    Am glad i read this.
    I hav bin bestfriend with this gal primary school and even went to the same high school.
    After high school i left for college far from home that was in 2011 and we used to communicate.
    When i came back home she had changed alot and she now competes with me for anything. She tries to show that she is better than me.
    The gal introduced me to alcohol. I luk back and see how i did bad stuff when we were so tight friends. Like getting home late, drinking alcohol, always lying to our parents, blackmailing people etc.
    Now i dont do any of that and we are stil friends but not that close.
    I dont want any contact with her.
    The problem is she is a neighbour and we have close mutual friends.
    I think i hate her so much but i dont show it

    • Amy says:

      Anni, if you have taken steps to better your life and have minimal contact with her, is it necessary that you stop all contact? I ask honestly not knowing whether it is or not. It seems like if you’re neighbors and you don’t have a move in the near future, that contact is going to happen. It doesn’t mean you need to hang out. A “hello, how are you?” is fine. If you don’t continue the conversation past that, she’ll get it I’m sure.

      Keep putting yourself first here. You’ve moved on to bigger and better things!

  81. Elle says:

    Thank you so much for your response, Amy. I don’t think they will bully me, but I don’t think it’s worth talking to them about it because I truly doubt they’ll understand what I’m trying to say. They have a tendency, from what I’ve seen, to place blame on everyone but themselves. I also feel they won’t be very receptive because they will talk to each other about it when I’m not around and convince each other that I’m being heartless. After all, it’s harder to look inward and accept criticism when you have someone beside you to team up with and blame it on a third party. These two women are roommates, so they are always together.

    I really don’t want to lose who I am, and it is true that you are who you spend time with. I find myself adjusting my behavior to better suit theirs – possibly because it is always the two of them and myself, as opposed to spending time with only one of them. My social instinct tries to conform to the majority. So I think it will be a good plan for me to simply find friendship elsewhere and limit the time I spend with these two. Thank you so much again for your input.

  82. Louise says:

    Hi Amy,

    An ex-friend and I haven’t talked for quite a while because she treated our mutual friends very badly. Since I sided with them she blocked me on Facebook. Now she’s sent a friend request to me, and it looks like we’ll both be attending an event together in the near future. I don’t want to be friends with her because of a number of reasons, but I don’t want her to make a scene at the event if she asks why I haven’t accepted her friend request and I tell her that I no longer want to be friends. I don’t want to be enemies, I’m happy to talk to her at just the event, but I don’t want to lead her on and make her think that there’s a chance at a friendship.

    What should I do?

    • Amy says:

      Hey Louise!

      I think it really depends on what your “number of reasons” are and what “treated…very badly” means. Either way, I think this is a personal decision that needs to be made on your part, not one I can advise you on.

      Is what she’s done really beyond forgiveness? It sounds like she might want to talk things through a bit. Would that be a possibility for you?

      Don’t worry about writing back here. These are just questions to ask yourself as you determine what to do. Hope that helps!

  83. Miracle says:

    When I contacted you I was 6 months into a bitter divorce battle. I thought that my marriage and family was ruined. I found your site and breathed a sigh of relief. Not only did you STOP MY DIVORCE AND BROUGHT BACK LOVE INTO MY MARRIAGE. It worked super fast sequel to the fact that you and your circle was there to help me and counsel me through every step of the process. You have helped me so much and I am happy to update you on our progress. Roy and I have reconciled and have since renewed our vows. We are stronger than ever. I am so happy that you were able to help me keep my family intact. Without you, I do not know what I would have done.

    • Amy says:

      Wow, Miracle! That’s amazing to hear! I’m so happy you’ve found the love again, and I wish you so much more for your many years to come together!

  84. Linda says:

    Hi Amy, Good article! I have been having a problem with a close friend who has depression. She has had a rough life, not doubt about that, but she is so jealous of everyone, including me. I don’t think she means to be negative and complain bitterly so often, but the last time we were together, it was awful! I went home feeling weird and uncomfortable. She noticed I lost some weight, and keep harping on it; asking how did I do it; what’s my secret, on and on. She complimented me, but it felt so “icky.” I told her I was watching my weight and exercising, plus switched my depression meds, which made me gain a lot. She drove me nuts with that. Then, she was questioning her meds (which were not changed in a long time). She is so annoying. Then tells me my skin looks so good….all while shoving a greasy muffin down her throat, and saying she has been eating a lot of sweets. Then still in a puzzle over her weight gain. I am lonely, myself. I don’t have more than 3 friends, including her. My other one is in a far away state. I like her a lot, but don’t know how to get her to stop complaining or comparing herself to me so much, my family, my weight, my husband, etc. She’s so miserable and she has therapy and meds, so I don’t know what the heck the answer is….her attitude, maybe!

    • Amy says:

      Oh, this is a tough one, Linda. I feel where you’re at. Let’s see if we can find a way to work this out.

      Firstly, have you tried having a heart-to-heart with her? Maybe even just sitting down and telling her that you’re worried about her, and you want to see her happy, but you see her in a cycle that isn’t helping her. Ask her what you can possibly do, and keep leading by example. It sounds like you’re making great strides in your life. Keep telling her honestly (when she asks) about what you do to achieve your goals. Place the emphasis on your attitude adjustments; make it very clear that your positive attitude and refusal to sink keeps you from failure. That’s what it sounds like on this side, anyways. :)

      Hope that step helps. Let me know how it goes!

  85. Jade says:

    What a great article! I recently just ‘fired’ a friend – but didn’t have ‘the talk’ with her. I just started limiting my time with her, answering her millions of chats, rants, and offers for dinner. I would have been dreading the dinner, as all I could picture her putting every single thing down in my life. Literally – everything. I didn’t realize it until I actually started taking note, and everytime we hung out she would say something so rude/critical of a part of my life. Whether I told her great news that my long-term boyfriend and I were thinking of getting engaged (she put me down in front of my team of co-workers – equating marriage to unhappiness and anyone who wants to get married is lame/stupid) to the new house we bought a wonderful neighborhood (she said ‘ugh! I would NEVER live out there. So boring. The people are terrible’). Even when I got into grad school she told me it was an ‘awful and expensive mistake’.

    For some odd reason, I brushed all of these things off (and of course, did not let it bring me down) until I started hanging out with new friends who were super successful, positive, and had some direction in their life. I left their sides feeling refueled, rejuvenated….like i could run for president tomorrow! When I left her side, I always left angry, rejected, and like she never heard a word I said.

    Trust me. Fire these people. Life is too short. Often times, these people are absolutely miserable and unhappy to see YOU (and your shining, wonderfuly sweet self) moving on with your life!

    • Amy says:

      Oh, how I love that you’ve shared your story here with us! Thank you, Jade! I hope it helps many more people who fear taking that step.

  86. larry says:

    yes, you should drop “negative” people from your life. Because some people are just “negative” for no reason. It isnt like they have been hurt or traumatized. They are just “bad” people who “hold you back”. Just like poor people or those who are homeless or hungry. Those are “negative” people too who should be pushed away. Maybe they will just all disappear? And the “good”, “positive” people can be safe from them and enjoy life. Because as we all know money and being positive are the “good” life. Why bother yourself with those who are depressed. They are “bad” people who dont deserve to have friends. They just need to be erased. maybe those with cancer too should be cut as well. With their illness and ongoing problems they just hold us “positive” people back. Yes I get the point of this article. “negative” people are bad and dont deserve friendship. They surely can help their circumstances and choose to be “negative”. That is always the case. I think I will start “cutting” the “negative” people out of my life today. I am clearly superior to those people.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Larry. It seems you took my article in a different way than I intended. I’m sorry if it came across as encouragement to cut depressed people out of your life. If you’ve read my story, you know that’s not at all how I feel.

      We all have issues. We all have problems. It’s when the friendship becomes one-sided that makes me write this article. All people deserve mutual, loving friendship, and it is possible to achieve that even if one is depressed. True friends listen to each other. They give as well as take. They support instead of put down.

      I believe that all of us deserve love and support. Keeping people in your life that make you feel horrible about yourself helps neither party.

  87. lisa says:

    thank you for the inspiring post. I have a few friends I really want to cut off. But I still don’t know how to. I don’t feel like I owe them anything, however, they are struggling and need someone to talk to. I recommended my friends to see an advicer, one friend did, others didn’t. They are all in the process of working things out, and whenever we meet it is a lot of talk about their hardships and in general negative outlook on things. Mostly I just hear them out, sometimes I try to make them see things in a more positive perspective.
    Whenever they call or say let’s meet up, I always say yes, but I really don’t want to meet up. I am not sure if I will be able to say it straight, it seems so cruel. “Hey, I know you’re struggling, but your troubles are taking me down too” I can’t possibly say that :(

    • Amy says:

      I completely understand where you’re coming from, Lisa, and I don’t recommend that you completely cut them out, either. It sounds like some of your friends really are trying to work on themselves, and they’ll need that support to climb out of their hole.

      If hanging out with all these friends brings you down, would it be possible to focus most of your time on the ones that are working to improve their outlook? They might be more receptive to your encouragement, and your support may help them recover faster.

      You don’t have to completely cut the other people out, but maybe just limit your time with them. If they’re draining you and won’t seek or accept help, maybe a sterner talk needs to come into play.

  88. Lisa says:

    I have this friend who’s been like a sister to me for nearly eight years. I love her so much!
    But, her live in (he’s not supposed to be living there) is a bad drug user and it makes me feel very uncomfy when I go there. I’ve now almost totally stopped visiting even though she lives right next door to me. There’s been so many times that he’s hurt her one way or another. No physical abuse….yet. It’s totally killing me to see her like this. She knows how I feel since I don’t hide my feelings from her, but it’s now gotten to the point where he’s coming between her and I.
    I don’t know what else to do or say.

    Any help?

    • Amy says:

      Hi Lisa!

      I’m really sorry that you’re going through this right now. It sounds like a horrible situation for both of you to be in.

      Let me ask you this: have you tried to talk to her? If you have, does she get defensive when you try to talk about it, or does she seem receptive. I think all you can do is at least try. If nothing changes, all you can do is take action to remove yourself from him. Maybe meet her out for coffee or meals instead of going over there.

      You may have to clearly state that you’re uncomfortable with him, but you don’t want it to come between you. Approach it from love, not offense. If she feels you are voicing true concern, she may be more open. Hope that helps!

  89. John says:

    Hey, Amy–

    Good advice. I have a friend who may have “other” reasons for his mode of communication (sexuality!!), but as a former professor and minister I have noticed many thing about his behavior…

    1) A passive-aggressive mode of operation

    2) Too scared to be honest with himself about people

    3) Stays in bad relationships for far too long, even when they’re unhealthy

    4) Looking for Ms. Perfect (where I would, as a ‘typical’ male, be a “pig” by comparison)

    5) Always “waiting for Godot” about career, and crying about the college-trained women that get chosen over him

    Hey, I’m not perfect, but I have 5 academic degrees, finishing teacher certification, and don’t make 75 excuses about my forwardness (not a pig!!) with women. He looks for Ms. Right, and I am looking for Ms. Right Now!!

    Well, kinda. Still a gentleman–I just don’t obsess about it!

    I have been his friend for over 30 years. I have also had diabetes for 30 years. MUST I continue on?! We have nothing in common. When I become light-hearted, he becomes judgmental…

    He just today called me a d-ck and an a–hole!!

    No one calls me that except him.

    I could address this, but I have before. I even told him as far back as 2004 that “we had nothing in common.” I rescinded and continued on because of loyalty.

    I AM confrontational! Bring it on. BUT…

    Not if I don’t have to. I don’t have to.

    I think I answered my own question!

    Prof. John

  90. Amanda says:

    Thanks for publishing. I had a friend cut me off when I had a nervous breakdown earlier in the year. I only saw her once during this time and it must have scared her. After two months I had recovered and I tried to get in touch several times to ask if I’d done something wrong. I left it at an unanswered SMS with the same question. Doing something as drastic as excluding a friend and not telling a friend what they have done wrong is such a huge punishment, it’s always there and can never be resolved. I’ll never have the opportunity to apologise because I’m not sure what happened. It made me think a lot less of her for handling it that way.

    • Amy says:

      Oh, Amanda. I’m so sorry to hear you were on the brunt end of things. If you get a sec, give this a read, too. Though it seems that she may not be giving you the chance to save the friendship at all.

      If she can’t stick around through your breakdown and recovery, maybe she is not the friend you need to have in your life right now. YOu need a lot of support and encouragement right now. I’m not sure if she’s ready to offer that. I don’t think she understands breakdowns, and that’s ok.

      Kudos to you for coming out of that, Amanda! Sending you much love and healing vibes! :)

  91. anonymous says:

    Hi Amy. So I am a senior in high school and I have this friend who is super close to me. I befriended her last year when i was new to the school. I saw other people didn’t like her for some arbitrary reason (shes from texas) but I thought that was so rude and so started talking to her during lunch and befriending her. She is a very straightforward person which i like but she can be very arrogant. I had a lot of good timeswith her. When I asked my other friends at that time to do things with me, they were like im sorry i can’t when they clearly could. I asked this friend and she immediately said yes. I love how she can be comforting, but sometimes she is very condescending towards me as if i don’t know anything. This year I opened a club and I am president. I elected her as one of the officers because she is very organized and she can take care of things and is responsible.

    Now onto the bad things. She is very arrogant. One time we took this quiz and i said i wonder if i got this one question right. She explained it to me wrong and I knew it was wrong so i kindly said, i don’t think so… maybe its this way. She further neglected to believe me. I said that i have it in my notes. she said that you must have wrote it wrong. So she does have a bit of an ego. But i still love her. Shes a great person.
    Today we went outside together for a fundraiser and an errand that takes about 45 minutes took an 2 hours! So i was very upset because my curfew is much earlier.

    I don’t know if I should be friends with her or not. Its like I want to but sometimes I don’t you know..?

    Please Help

    • Amy says:

      Hey, Strongie!

      It sounds like you have a good friend there, even if she’s a bit stubborn at times. :) You may just need to declare your boundaries a bit clearer. For instance, if you don’t want to stay out past curfew, make sure to make that known. If the time is getting close, let her know you need to get back, no matter if you’re done or not. Maybe offer to drive instead of her.

      And it sounds like the argument you had about the quiz is completely normal, you’re just both a bit stubborn. ;) Does it really matter who’s right? If you know you are, and she doesn’t want to look at the proof, then that’s her thing. It has nothing to do with you. You can simply say what you believe and either fight about it, or you can let it go and know what you know.

      What I WOULD be worried about is if she treats you badly, doesn’t mind your needs, or just doesn’t add to your life in any positive way. It sounds like she does, though, she’s just human, and therefore, beautifully flawed. ;) If it really bothers you, maybe bring it up with her about how it makes YOU feel (leave the focus on you instead of saying “YOU do this…” Say instead “I feel like this when this happens…”).

      Hope that helps!

  92. M says:

    Hi Amy,

    EVERYONE and especially people in highschool should listen to this advice. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I have learnt this now, and only last week I had the guts to call a friend and say “I don’t want this anymore”, after more than 5 years of opposite feelings: either extremely good moments, or terrible ones (needless to say, the terrible ones stick to your memory like permanent glue). Those 5 years were precisely from highschool to university, and completely shaped me into something I wish I had never become. Only today I am trying to find the strength to find myself again, after an incredible identity crisis and depressive feelings.

    Yes, in the moment you say “bye bye”, that person might cry, insult you, say you don’t deserve them, feel insulted, say you will regret it, swear they want to see you dead (you can imagine how mature and good of a friend she was). By the end of that phonecall, I was in panic, crying, I could barely believe I had done what I had done. But I did. For the first time, I stood up to someone who had made me believe she loved me and would do anything for me (probably she would, which is also scary and unhealthy), while in other times she said “I made her disgusted”, was jealous of my family, my other friends and even my good grades. And worst of all, I could not understand at all why I was still with her. Probably because I felt sorry for her, taking into account that her family life was a mess. She had trouble with – seriously – everyone and everything.

    I am still feeling afraid and paranoid, but I feel proud of myself for telling the truth regardless of the consequences. Like she ALWAYS did to me. She would throw her crap and drama on my head, cry, insult everyone, even make racist comments to other friends of mine and I would stand with everything for pitty. No. More.

  93. […] recently came across a post on firing the negative people in your life. I wish I’d seen this post months ago (heck, two years ago it would have been awesome). In […]

  94. WJS says:

    I have had some really bad friendships. I have also been too wrapped up in my own world and been a bad friend. I think when you don’t deal with your own problems that you you start to attract people who are “toxic.” I lost a friend I had known for 18 years because she invited herself to my home when I was post C-section with a hernial tear and facing an operation. She brought her 4 year old daughter at the last minute, then invited her cousin on the trip and expected me to host them all for dinner when they showed up 5 hours late from out of state. My husband put them up in a free hotel because that was way to0 many people to have in our small home, especially at that time. She really came out because she had given a child up for adoption (long story), and wanted to “help” me with my six month old baby. We lived far from family and most friends at that point. She criticized my home, my “neediness” from being in constant pain, and said I was terrible for not letting her family gather in my place and hang out. I actually apologized to this silly woman! That says more about me, I know. Then when she got back to her home she sent me a nasty email saying she had to “distance” herself from me. I said she could have said this in person or at least called. So we set up a call. She called me names and said I had never had problems that were as bad as her problems. I said this is not working for me anymore. Then she said she wished me well. I said “No you don’t. So don’t lie.” That was the end of that. The truth was: this pesron was never a friend. You have to cut people out when they really are not decent to you. The question is, why do we put up with people like this? I think it comes down to working on yourself so you can make better relationship choices. Just my two cents. Thanks for writing this article.

  95. Alexa says:

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for this wonderful post. I totally agree that friendships need investment and “work” and that we need to find the “right” people to spend our time together instead of just hanging-out with whoever and whenever, or simply keeping our old school / college friends out of habit. The problem is, though, that many of my ex-friends didn’t really have the same definition of friendship as I did and I realized that pretty late…I failed to understand why other people wanted to hang out with me and feel very stupid. I also feel like the “bad guy” for wanting to “fire” them. What do you do when the other person doesn’t share your opinion about friendships and really doesn’t understand what your problem is? P.S. Nothing really dramatic had happened (for example they didn’t abuse me or anything, or stolen anything from me etc.)

  96. Sharon says:

    Thanks for posting this. I had a childhood friend to reconnect with me via Facebook last year. I finally cut him off today, once I realized that he was out for what he could get. I will admit that it was hurtful.but a lesson well learned. He took my kind, helpful nature as a weakness and lost a good person for life.

  97. Anonymous says:

    Hello, Amy.

    I found your post while doing some online reading about “toxic people” and the ways they can bring us down in friendships. This is coming someone who has resisted joining Facebook or similar mainstream social media.

    Probably what struck the biggest chord was your mention of letting someone into your life because of loneliness. I befriended someone while feeling incredibly lonely throughout my undergraduate studies. I knew from the beginning that despite the laughter and “camaraderie,” the friendship was not a good influence on my self-esteem and overall outlook on life.

    Eventually we became intimate, even though I knew in the depths of my soul that it could never lead to anything lasting and he was not someone I could trust in a romantic relationship. Meanwhile, I was reverting to my teenage ways of smoking a ton of marijuana in order to feel accepted. His life was and still is centered on marijuana, and I have long since returned to living a healthy lifestyle. For anyone who may be in a similar situation, listen to your intuition. Mine was telling me to run away, but I let it go on for a couple years before I finally saw things for what they were.

    The friendship ended through an e-mail explaining my need to disassociate myself from life that revolves around marijuana. I should have also mentioned my reasons for mistrusting him, but I did not. He was devastated and urged me to reconsider, but I held my ground and we have never seen each other since.

    Almost five years have passed, and recently, I called him to apologize for ending things so abruptly. It feels like things are reconciled, but hearing about his current lifestyle sends my intuition into red flag mode – much like how things were at the beginning. Although there has been a couple partly sincere mentions of getting together in person, my gut is telling me to not go there – ever. Before reading your post, I had been planning on letting him know in the most diplomatic way that we need to let things go in peace.

    Your post and comments from readers are among the most coherent I have encountered on the subject of handing “toxic people.” I thought I would share my thoughts and experience because your advice parallels much of my own philosophy, and after reading your post, I definitely know I can handle this once and for all. Thank you!

  98. vanessa says:

    Wow! This post is awesome! I feel like I have been searching for this all my life. Am in college now and there’s this guy MAN I met recently, gave me a lift to school and we exchanged contacts. We’ve been DATING for three months now and I honestly don’t like this guy…I don’t even love him. I know he’s MADLY in love with me but I don’t love him. Infact I pity him coz he’s really fallen for me. He’s too old for me, he acts like he doesn’t think about me…like when we’ve arranged to meet up and something pops up, he doesn’t call or even text me and when I confront him about it he gets pretty DEFENSIVE and giving me excuses. I remember one time we were in his car and he was driving, I told him my moms beauty spa got burnt down…guess what? He meandered round the topic saying” uhm, u know times are hard now and the economy is not favorable so you should read your books and get good grades” And he doesn’t call me in the morning or during the day, or even at night before he goes to bed unless I call him. It’s almost like he doesn’t know how to date. And I have been hoping…wishing he would learn (read it out on Google or something) but noooo!! I’ve been dying slowly in this relationship. And now am dropping him like he’s a bad habit. (After I talk to him about it one last time) FINALLY I CAN GET THIS BIG BABY OUTTA MY LIFE. THANKS AMY!!!

  99. Laurelei says:

    Hi Amy, so grateful I found this page. I have an odd mix of the situations you mentioned- I had someone I should have fired multitudes of times over 32 years-incessantly late, not a few minutes but 4 and 5 hours late- often when the agreed upon event was ending- she was promiscuous, a drug user, etc. I am none of those things. I stayed friends with her through thick and thin, out of a perceived debt to her mom, who was very kind to me as a teen. Looking back I can’t imagine how many decent friends were out off by her presence…but loyal to the end, I was…. but every time she would show up at 11:30 pm for a barbecue that started at noon, and demand to be fed while we were readying for bed, I wanted to fire her. Over and over.
    Till she fired me! I guess she got tiered of me “reacting” to her foul treatment of me. I could bore you with thousands of examples, but you get the idea. Of never being an A list friend to her unless she needed something, then I was her “sister”…. etc. So it came to a head, when my husband invited her to my 50th birthday surprise party. She was separated from her husband ( another winner druggie) and she rsvpd she was coming – then called me all that week digging to see “if I knew what was happening Saturday,” etc, trying to ruin the surprise. So they day before, she called and rsvp’d for her estranged husband to come also who was NOT invited, but my husband said fine, and paid for his plate as well- then they never showed up. Cut us off cold – from that point on. No responses to email, calls, txts, etc. (She told others she had plans that day and couldn’t make it so I was just upset! what????) after 32 years of me dealing with her sh-enanigans out of some noblesse oblige… and, at public events since we know many of the same people, she has hid from me like a child peeking out behind a tree on playground at recess. It would be laughable if it didn’t hurt so much. My husband and most newer friends see it as a blessed relief- but my question is, how do I handle these public events, and why, if I really wanted this urchin gone, does it still hurt? I realize I wasted many years hoping she would grow up/ fly right/ be an adult and treat me with respect which was never forthcoming- so why the continued heartache? Thank you again for the article… you can see how deep reaching it is since it has been getting in put here for years I see…Thanks AMy~!

  100. Jacquelyn says:

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  101. Sarah says:

    Hi Amy,
    I must say, this is the best article on getting rid of bad friends I’ve read up till now (and believe me, I’ve read a lot in the past couple of days).
    I haven’t been friends with a certain person for too long. It’s only been nine months, and I believe it was partly my fault for taking the friendship so seriously in such a short period of time. She just seemed so…perfect. We matched each other in every way imaginable. Sometimes we even finished each other’s sentences as weird as that sounds lol. But she’s friends with a certain group of people every single person in my batch (that’s about 50 girls) considers bullies. We met in med school btw. I always thought my friend was different from those people. I didn’t mind her hanging out with them even though they sometimes used her to get to me and stupid stuff like that. All my other friends kept telling me the whole “birds of a feather flock together” and that she wouldn’t be friends with such people if she wasn’t like them. Naturally, I didn’t believe them and continued my friendship with this girl. A few months ago she started treating me differently. She would ignore me and stop talking to me. And when I would ask her why she was doing all that she’d just say she was tired or depressed or whatever. Even though I would see her acting normal with her other friends who she frequently told me would hurt her in a number of ways and that I was her real friend. One time I invited her to lunch for her birthday, she said she would come and we would enjoy the meal together but ended up just abandoning me after I got the food and went with her friends. She came later to take the food and acted as if nothing had happened. I confronted her about three times now about how she treats me but I always ended up forgiving her after she would act all sad, shed a tear, and swear she did not know all the horrible things she kept doing would hurt me. Like you mentioned in the article above, I kept remembering the good times we shared, and all the times she’s been there for me (thought I’ve been there for her for waaaaay more times). I didn’t want to let her go. Actually, she kind of didn’t want to be let go either. She would cling to me and beg like there was no tomorrow whenever I suggested ending the friendship. Now I’ve FINALLY decided to kick her out of my life. I realised she’s a manipulator and is just keeping me around for when she’s bored or her other friends are busy. I blocked her on whatsapp and on my phone and anywhere else she might try to contact me. Talking just doesn’t seem to do anything with her. I know I’ll have to face her in college, but I have begun surrounding myself with positive people who are serious about their studying and their future (she and the bullies aren’t…at all…they barely pass). This article made me stop in my tracks when I felt like reconciling with her. It just isn’t worth it. So thanks Amy! You really helped me out!

  102. Darci says:

    Loved the article, I have had to recently let go of some toxic friends and my life has been better since. Great advice I must say!

    One thing though, is that I have also recently been unexpectedly “dumped” by my best friend. He ignored me for a couple weeks except for very half assed texts, when we used to really talk in depth about everything. When I asked if I did something wrong he said he felt I was emotionally dumping on him every time we talked, and that I was too self centred.

    I feel like articles like this are useful if the friend is truly a toxic person, but with my recent struggles I honestly had no idea whatsoever that my friend was upset by me.

    Thats not to say I shouldn’t improve – I would love to be happier around friends and perhaps less self centred. If my friends are feeling ignored or unimportant, I would absolutely love to show them that I can be a better friend.

    But I also feel like sometimes these friends do absolutely NOTHING to place boundaries for themselves in the first place, and then they wonder why people dump all over them. (Hint: I’m not a mind reader).

    I’m not a mean person by nature, and I would never want to hurt my friends on purpose. It really hurts me when people are quick to label me as “toxic” when I actually just struggle with social skills due to my depression and anxiety.

    I would talk about heavy personal things with this friend because I honestly thought he was strong enough to handle it. He never asked me to change the subject, or never told me that I was upsetting him.
    I also tend to talk about myself quite a bit, which comes off as being self centred but honestly thats just how I communicate sometimes when I really like to be around someone. I’ve been like this my whole life so its really hard to change overnight.

    I’m not a perfect person, so I feel like as much as articles like this are really helpful, they can also just fuel people to “cut” everyone and anything that doesn’t serve them just because they are too afraid of confrontation and would rather run away.

    It just hurts me so deeply when people give up on me before they even really give me a chance to correct my poor behaviour and make me out to be some kind of monster in the process.

    But hey, maybe he was just doing me a favour by doing the cutting?

  103. Adam says:

    Hi Amy,
    Great Post. I find myself in an odd position. I came across an article the other day and read a post describing traits of toxic friends. I get along with everyone, find the compromise and equal ground in every situation and dislike arguing. Two of my friends, approaching 30, some of which I have known for 10-20+ years are disrespectful to me. This article described these guys to a T. They have grown to be very rude to me and hardly ever positive, but kiss butts to some of the other guys in the group. I am convinced they have some jealousy towards me. The problem is that one of my closest friends ( who is an awesome friends to me) and a few others (that I get along with) are all still in the group together with these other two. We ALL see each other weekly. Happy hours Thursdays or Fri/Sat every Sunday on the boat, concerts, you name it. I try to limit my exposure to the two that are problematic but it bites me. They call me out for that one time I don’t go out. They are both negative with everything I do or say. They are manipulative and try to find sly ways to get under my skin to entice me to argue back, which is seldom for me to jolt back, in turn making me look bad. I don’t understand. They talk down on me when we meet new people, embarrassing me for no reason. I don’t argue with them because I swear they are programmed to argue haha. It drains me down though and its tiring. Whether we are out and they are negative, complaining, just being rude to me, telling stories that should not be brought up to new people, or it’s the group text chat we are in that I got included in on and 95% of what I say gets ridiculed, made fun of, or get jabs out of the blue. I have had enough. They are calling me out by limiting what I say and do with the group. There are times when these two guys aren’t bad, limited, but generally they feel the need to shoot me down. Our group Is close so it’s hard for me to not include them. I don’t want to lose my other friends, but the others are somewhat starting to feed off that negative energy now and I feel like I am being pushed out. I am beginning to realize that they are both feeding off the negative, or at least in a way to make themselves look better or feel better. I am so confused. I bend over backwards for the group, not so much for the two now, and am respectful. I don’t bust them or call them out when opportunities arise. I keep my mouth shut because that one time I chime in with the guys and bust them, bam, it turns around on me. Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t. I rarely get bothered and these guys sure know how to do it. I have considered calling it quits but I think that’s a mistake by losing the other guys. I don’t know if confronting is a good idea. I doubt they would recognize the problem or admit it. I think that would in turn, give them something else to bust me up on when we are with the group. They would eat that right up. They have been this way for many years and I have just put up with it. I don’t know why but I have had enough. Any suggestions? I may be a bit sensitive at times now because its been years and years of negativity. I try to overlook the minor stuff and laugh it off and prove to them it doesn’t bother me but its getting to the point where I don’t want to deal with it and it confuses the heck out of me. Any suggestions? I should say that I am happy, just not around these guys!

  104. kate says:

    Hi there , im not entirely sure if you will get this message but I need advice. So hear goes I will try keep it as short as possible. So I fell out with my bestfriend from school nearly a year ago now . The reasons to this were because with I was friends with an old friends of ours , which she no longer was friends with. My bestfriend had cut her off after her wedding , couldn’t stand her and didn’t want anything to do with her. She was even her maid of honour and didn’t end up planning her hendo , her words were too me ” its not like its your wedding is it , I don’t really care” Anyway they never spoke for two years , she would get me wound up and say how this friend didn’t treat me right ect and I made more of an effort. And in all fairness she was right , this friend didn’t put into the friendship what I did. So I told my friend how I was feeling as I was upset, but only to find out that my bestfriend was being pally pally with her. Now I would want nothing more for them to be friends , I just couldn’t understand as it was only a couple of days ago she as telling me I should just cut her out of my life. I confronted my bestfriend and she said its a womens prerogative to change her mind. I said to her but you can’t stand her , and I said she was being fake which to me she was. We had a massive argument and didn’t speak for ages. She is now best of friends with our old friend the girl she couldn’t stand and cut off for two years of her life. We got into an argument a couple of months back because my other bestfriend has seen pictures of them on fb and messaged her saying how can you be pally with her she doesn’t like you and said nasty stuff about your kids. It was nothing to do with me , I was angry with my bestmate but she was just being protective over me as she knew how hurt I was from it all. But some how now I have come off looking the bad person and apparently lied about what she said. And my ex bestfriend has gone round telling people secrets about something personal that happened in my life and also made up horrible stories which people believe. After a while I messaged my ex best friend and I apologised as in the arguments I did say a few nasty things , but only because of what she had been saying and said I was lying. I was mad at myself for bringing myself down to that level and I have learnt from it I was just so hurt at what she was doing and saying. I wished her well and everything and did say if she ever needed me I would still be there. Not once have I had a message back on fb not even a sorry nothing, she blocked me and everything now and then I can see that she has unblocked me to have a good knows on my facebook to see what im up too. I went on facebook today and I have noticed she has unblocked me again, do you think It would be best to block her before she can block me and just get on with my life. Or let her see what Im up to as it will annoy her more that im getting on with my life. Or do you think it will bother her more by not knowing , I know this all sounds petty but I just don’t know what to do for the best. What would you do ??She has also ruined all friendships I had with my past when I was younger she has told them horrible lies. I don’t live back there anymore anyway , but it just saddens me that I don’t have any ties with my past anymore there all gone. I live in the same city as her now though but we live the otherside so it be unlikely we would bump into eachother . Hahaha knowing my luck I prob will , but I would just act as if I didn’t see her. Please can you help me with whats the best way to deal with this ? sorry about the long essay . Thank you so much x

  105. kate says:

    Sorry just one more thing to add , I truly believe in my heart that I did nothing wrong and I will hold my hands up and admit it if I did. I have apologised for reacting back the way I did. But explained how much they both hurt me and I was upset , but yet im the one who gets cut off and is the horrible person.

    I just don’t get it I really don’t :/

  106. Mirek says:

    Hi Adam,
    I feel like I really need to reply to you. I was in your situation repeatedly. As a teenager I had lack of “social” skills, didn’t speak much and had some friends where just few of these people turned-out to be good friends. The rest was just putting me down, making jokes of me and made me look dumb in front of others. My luck was that I changed school and later also opccupation several times.
    I realized I was a very weak personality that had to grow-out.
    And even now when I am an entrepreneur and telling other people what to do, I stand before a painful move. We need to fire a team member who isn’t performing well-enough. He became one of my best friends over years. We meet each other daily. He’s almost like my brother. And now, for the sake of company, my responsibility is to fire him… I am disappointed, sad, angry and I know I .. need .. to .. let ..him .. go… f**k!
    I stand by you and cross my fingers you’ll be strong enough to get out of the reach of the whole group. You need to find and join another group or distant-enough place somewhere in the world. You can’t just leave them. You have to go from them to somewhere, to somebody else. And that somewhere has to be very concrete. Then you’ll be free and will do better.
    Remember: When you spend time with them, you cannot do million other things at that time.

  107. Chloe says:

    Amy friendship works both ways. A good friend will listen, support and do whatever it takes to help their friends when they are both happy and sad or as you call it negative. I can’t believe that you are never negative. Maybe one day you will find yourself lonely again because you have turned your back on people you call your friends. I hope that when you are sad and low that your friends do the same to you. Some people are stronger than others. Just ignoring someone who has turned to you because they trust you and need someone is a nasty act and one that could sent them over the edge. Your outlook is selfish and unkind. Sorry but I could never ever turn my back on anyone that needed me. I am willing to take the crap as well as the good times. True Friends do that!

    • Amy says:

      Hey Chloe,

      Thank you for your honesty and having the courage to open up here. I’m sorry you feel that way about this post and about me. I think you’ve taken this post the wrong way (there are follow up posts that offer more detail into how I feel about this). I am quite open about the fact that depression gets a hold on me often so you’re right: I am negative sometimes. We all are. You’re also right about true friends being there for you through the good times and the bad. It’s an important give and take of a relationship. I actually get angry with my friends if they don’t talk to me when they’re down.

      What I worry about is that some people use others to feel better about themselves by dragging the others down. THESE are the “friendships” I encourage you to think twice about. The “friends” who only take, take, take aren’t true friends at all.

      Being an activist for the depressed, I would never say that people who are down don’t deserve support. I feel quite the opposite. I think if you are constantly beaten down, treated as an enemy or annoyance by a “friend,” however, you shouldn’t be wasting your time. I hope you understand a bit better where I’m coming from, and I truly wish you much health and happiness.

  108. I met two woman 8 months ago. I’ll call them person A and person B.Both of them were very shy and stick to each other like glue. I met them at a group I meet with every week. I have about 5 good friends that I have known a long time. These two people invited me to go to an exercise class weekly with them. I went because I always wanted to do this kind OD exercise. And I would have gone alone if I knew about the class; but as time went on I realized that person A was a control freak. Everything had to be her way: where she wanted to eat, where she wanted to go, what time, what day. I suggested, in the eight months of knowing them, to person A that the three of us go to dinner some night. In three months I suggested this about 3 times and every time she refused with some excuse. She always suggested other places. No compromise. Person B just follows her along, like a dog and does everything she wants. I was getting sick of both of them. I don’t think either one of them has any friends and my only relationship with them was at this exercise class. They always went out together. Person B even let person A drive her car all the time. As I said, I have other good friends and was becoming tired of this but felt that just seeing these two at an exercise class was all I could handle as I felt being around both of them made me feel like I was in high school. As person B always deferred to the control freak, person A. Person A is manipulative. One night we were getting something to eat in the mall and she asked me if I was paying for her dinner. Another time when I first met them I invited them over my house for pizza. Person A emailed me back and said, “don’t forget to buy the wine and salad. Another time person A showed up at a craft fair I was doing with my friend (she came with person B) and complained about the prices and after buying something and begged my friend to let her have something else for free. My fiend, tired of her by now, gave it to her. Now I was at a point where I couldn’t stand either one of these people but figured I only had to see them at this exercise class. Until one night person A texted me and told me she had to talk that it was really important. I told her I was tired but would meet her but she had to tell me what it was about. She texted me back and said, IT IS ABOUT ABOUT YOU (ME). She said she felt something was wrong with our relationship. I said we are fine just to get her off my back but another text came that said, ok, but we still have to talk. That is when I lost it and decided I had enough. Because I don’t follow her around like person B, she had trouble with me. I was infuriated. These two people I wouldn’t call friends as I only saw them at exercise class. I felt intense anger at this controlling, manipulative, using person. And the next time I saw them at this class I ignored both of them. I was through. Of course I had person B confront me asking me what was wrong and I just said, I don’t want this anymore, I’m finished. I felt awkward seeing them again and ignoring them. It made me uncomfortable- you know 2 against 1. But they were not my friends and person’s A manipulating, controlling, using behavior made me sick. And sicker watching person B like a dog follow her everywhere. There was no discussion on my part in dumping them as I felt the discussion would go no where. But I’m feeling uncomfortable when I have to be at exercise class where they both are. How do I stop this feeling I have? I’m glad I dumped both of them but as I said I feel uneasy.

    Thanks for any help, suggestions. I live this post!


  109. Christian Petersen says:

    Well, I think we agree that control freaks are the worst. People who aren’t being honest if they don’t like someone come in at a close second. And for me, people who are waaay too busy with the cutting knife are third. Most of us are the third type, maybe also the second, and about 1-5% or so are in the first one . So much effort to avoid the minority. If you talk or look funny, you can just get the f*** out! ;(

  110. Sara says:

    Hi Amy,

    Thank you for your post. I wish sometimes I could go back in time — not because I want the friends back who I cut off, but because I never said why I cut them off. Maybe it would’ve helped them become better people. I’ve severed ties with perhaps 2 people in my life due to them being chronic gossipers, energy vampires, or liars. One of them even putting me in harm’s way to advance herself. To me, these trespasses were so blatantly obvious that any normal person would see that this was destructive behavior, but looking back, I think these people had been acting this way their whole lives and had no idea that they were possibly insane and needed help. Or, maybe they did know and just didn’t care….I’ll never know. But, I did want to tell you not to feel bad about severing ties. In fact, I have been on the receiving end of being cut off, and I really don’t care why. That person isn’t worth my time anyway.

  111. Isabell says:

    Wow!! I did this yesterday – but not as friendly as I could have. The thing that sparked the firing was when my friend asked me to help them figure out a bill and see perhaps why they were being charged so much. I asked my friend to check their bank account or visa statement to see if he had been charged there- – – – and it annoyed my friend that he would have to check and he was just rude…and I was asking to help them! I told him I had to go and hung up the phone. I thought about this and it occurred to me this friend appreciated nothing. I had done so much to help them and realized no other friend treated me like they do. Fights had become frequent between us and I finally put it all out there the next day. Basically telling them to #$@% off…he was upset and told me I hurt him and then no contact. I followed up with an email to say ‘sorry I hurt your feelings but this is not good for either of us” I went on to write that I hope he has a good life and for him to take care of himself.

    Honestly, it was a ridiculous friendship. I did a lot to help him and he could not take one hour out of his week to even meet up and eat a meal with me. Anytime he said he would do something, he never did it. Constant disappointment. I know splitting ways is for the best and we will both go on to better lives.

    Great article and thank you for sharing!

  112. Hi Amy,
    Ok so I have this friend who I have been pretty close with for at least 8 years. She is a year older than me, which means that she is in the grade above me. About 3 weeks ago, she told me something about another one of our friends. I wasn’t really interested in the whole situation, but I still listened to her when she talked. That same day, I had sports practice, and I was talking to the girl that my friend had told me about. I asked her if my friend had said anything to her, and she said “yeah”. She said that she came a told her that she stuck up for her, and all this other stuff. I was confused because that is not what my friend had told me about her. She had said the complete opposite, and now was telling us two different stories. I mentioned this to the girl that I had heard about, and we both said how it was two different stories, and how our friend had made up one of the stories. This wasn’t news to us though. We had known for quite some time that this girl had not always been truthful with what she was saying. We just didn’t understand why she had to make up things. If she was going to make them up, then we feel like she shouldn’t have said anything at all. So the next day at school, the friend that was told the opposite story, and I were talking. She brought up again how the girl had made up the two stories, and decided that we were going to call her out on it, at lunch, and ask her why she did it. Right then I knew that this wasn’t a good idea, because for one, I cannot stand confrontation, and two, I had been down this road with this girl before and it always starts a fight between us. I feel like each time it happens, we grow farther and farther apart. But I agree to call her out anyway. So we get to lunch, and we meet the girl in the classroom that we eat in. I say that we need to hurry up and do this talk because I have to go to the bathroom, and get my lunch box. My friend says to go ahead and go, and when I get back, we would have the talk. So I go get my lunch box and I go to the bathroom. As I am about to step out the door, I hear the girl who we are confronting’s voice say “Where is she?” I step out of the bathroom to find that my friend and the girl who we are confronting, have left the room, and come looking for me. So they see me and the girl just starts going off. She says anything she can think of to try and cover her lie, and just keeps getting more and more upset as she speaks. While she is on her rampage, she manages to let me know that I am a “compulsive liar” and that I “need help”. there really isn’t anything for me to say back, because I already know that she is lying, and my friend is aware too. So we go back in the room, and she is still going on and on, all the while proving that she is indeed the one lying. My friend and I are just sitting in there as calm as can be, and she is just jabbering on and on. She again manages to say how I am a compulsive liar, and that I need help, then she looks at her boyfriend and says “can you tell your dad that you need to refer a client, because she needs help. After that I told my sister what happened, and she too is friends with the girl, so she txts her to see what the problem is. The girl tells her not even close to what she told me, which just show that she never stops lying, and my sister starts to tell her off just the same. So now, I am not friends with her, nor is my sister, but my other friend whose idea it was to confront her, still is. I really like this girl, despite the faults that she may have, lying being the main one, and I just wanted to be friends again. I am friends with everyone, and I cannot take it when people are mad at me and don’t like me. I tried txting her, and telling her I was sorry, and that I was still interested in being friends, and I asked her to please reply and tell me her thoughts. She never did. And still up until this day, she won’t talk to me, and her boyfriend just barely talks to me. I feel like a part of me is missing not being friends with her, because I have been with her through everything. From complaining about sport practice, to the death of her sister. I have been with her through thick and thin, and that still will not change no matter what. I am a junior this year, and she is a senior which means that now is my last chance to make things right, because she is going to graduate in May. So I guess my real question is, is there a chance for us to be friends again? and if not, how do I just let it go? It will just eat me alive to never talk to her again, and to never be friends with her again, but as of right now, it looks like that is the only option. Please help me.

    • Amy says:

      This is a tough one. You can’t go back and change what you or she has done, so let’s focus on the present. You still want to be friends with her, but it seems there is a lot of drama between you. She is obviously still hurt over what happened and needs space which is why she’s not getting back to you. You have to respect that. You cannot force her hand.

      That said, you can’t please everyone. If you only want to be friends again because you don’t like the idea of someone not liking you, that’s no reason for a friendship at all. You stated that you had very strong feelings about her lying, so why does that matter less now? Maybe this friendship is just not meant to be. If it is and you want to pursue it, you’ll have to give her time to heal, and then be honest and open about what you want and how you feel about the past.

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  114. amaya says:

    Hi :) Ok here is the thing i have this friend who was really close to me and stuff. at least i thought she was. I’m still schooling and before my exams she used to tell me she doesn’t study at all and ends up getting good marks and then rubs it on my face that she did well without needing to study because i studied (at least i thought i did) and i couldn’t get good marks. i didn’t realize how much this was making me feel bad until when i went to collect my report from school with my mom, she said to my mom how she got better marks than me and she didn’t study. but after after sometime our parents talking and it blabbered out of her moms mouth that she studied before the exams and she still does. But we were talking on the phone few days back and she told me she did not touch a book. all that time i thought something was wrong with me and that i am stupid but i was just too blind to see. and her mom does not let have an a facebook account so she mine and all. She has this guy and recently i found out that she talks behind my back with her guy on my account. honestly i regret giving her my account because she is violating my privacy and i can never have a conversation with anybody without her interfering and she goes around telling people that it is not only my account but also hers. its like whats mine does not feel like mine anymore. but somehow she makes me look like the bad guy in front of my other classmates. and im scared if i confront her, will i loose the rest of my classmates.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Amaya. I’m sorry you’re struggling with this right now. All I can say is that you deserve so much more than a “friend” who calls you stupid or is otherwise hurtful towards you. You may lose a few classmate friends, but if you’re open and honest with them about why, the true friends will hear you and be there to support you. One thing to ask yourself: would my life be better without this person and maybe losing a few friends in the process, or if I don’t say anything and keep receiving this kind of treatment?

  115. amaya says:

    sorry for the grammatical errors -,- i was typing in a hurry.

  116. Yukki says:

    I have been trying to cut off a friendship. This person has been a close friend for about 12 years, but now we have been getting a lot of arguments. The first argument was last year, over me refusing to attend a concert with her because I didn’t like the music group. The second one was over me not giving her an immediate answer for a graduation trip two years in advance. Recently, she has been saying I have been growing distance with her and we only do school related things together. We have not hung out much outside of school much because I have overprotective parents. I told her that and she continues to say, “I’ve been distant.” We have only hung out together about 3 times. For two of the activities, I paid for it. We also had two hangouts in the park, but she never showed up to one of them. We are also in the same clubs together so she asked for a ride. From then on, every time we stayed for club meetings she always asked me for rides. Her reason was because her relatives didn’t feel like driving. Afterwards, when she asked for rides I end up refusing. She eventually stops, but one day when I told her yes, she started asking again. There are times when I lend her things like clothes and money, but I do not get it back until several years later. Some stuff she did not return. Our third argument was over something that I thought was foolish, how long it will take paint to dry. She said would not dry in 20 hours and I disagreed. During a break, we got into another argument. She messaged me, but I was busy at the moment and could not reply. Later, I saw a new message, in all caps something along the line of, “I know you saw my message. You made me wait 40 minutes for no reason.” We argued. A few hours later, she said that I complained about another person whom we have stopped being friends with too much. She said I needed to be more straightforward with the other girl. I agreed that I needed to be more direct with the other girl. She also brought up the topic about me being distance again. I told her the same thing I did last year. We argued for several days and she was giving me major headaches. One day while I was out with family on an errand, she insisted that I tell her a time so that she could be in the conversation with the other girl. I told her I was busy and I don’t know and she kept telling me to tell her where I am and that I was avoiding the subject. When I told her, she said she was done and bull crap. My brother decides to intervene. He sent her a very polite message and then told me to stay off my communicative devices for the rest of the break. When I got back to school, we continued the argument. She demanded an apology from my brother because she said he had not right to get into the conversation. She continued to insult him. We argued for several days before I said I need distance and a break. She then kept asking “For how long”. I told her I don’t know. When I got home, I ignored her text and calls simply because I did not want to get into another argument. I did not know that she was contacting me for work. All was said was “call me”, “message me”. These words started off most of our arguments. The calls got annoying so I said I didn’t want to talk when I got home and ignored the rest of her calls. She called over 40 times. When I got to school, she snapped at me for not answering her, but she has other friends to ask for homework, not just me. She also says that if I don’t rest my brain I will get ill. I understand when she said I was making her feel like a jerk but trying to argue or reason with her is like talking to a wall. From that day on I asked to be excused from advisory because I could not stand being in the same room. I pretty much don’t talk to her. My other friends have told us to swallow our pride, apologies, and get over it. So she said, “I forgive you, but you need to be more direct with me.” She didn’t even try to apologize. When she did, the reason for the apology for is not even a good one. I told her that I apologize for not being more direct, but I don’t know if I want to be friends. Sorry for the super long message.

  117. Emily says:

    I had a friend who I thought was a really good friend. We have been friends for roughly 11 years but in the past two years we have been constantly arguing over things that I thought was really stupid. She started an argument about how I don’t hang out with her. Since I was young I have had very protective parents and they do not let me go out much. She knows that but after a while she brings that topic back up again. For most of the times that we have hung out I paid for it, and there was one time where she didn’t bother to show up. When she ask for help with homework she snaps and yells at me when I lose her rather than telling me that she was confused. What’s the point of her continuing to ask me almost daily to help her if all she will do is just snap at me? She once invited me a a trip that was two years in advance, and when I didn’t give her an immediate answer she snapped at me. She even yelled at me for not replying to her text message as soon as I read it and not telling her where I am. We tried to work it out but the things that I saw to her just goes out the other ear. A few days I said I needed space. She yelled at me about how our friendship will not be mended this way. She said that I needed to be more direct with her about my feelings, but who wouldn’t get mad after arguing for over an hour on the internet for several days about the same topic. We have been friend for a really long time, she should know my personality and the fact that I don’t really like to talk about feelings to others. Once a family memeber of mine got involved because he saw how stress out I was after every arguemnt. Later she continues to insult him and demands that he appologize to her. I eventually ignored all her messages and calls because I saw no point in talking with her if she was just going to ignore what I was saying. My other friends and teacher have tried to persuade us to be friends again, but I don’t think I want to. Looking back, it seems as if I have just pushed aside all the bad things about her because she was my friend. I ignored the fact that she snapped at me when I help her with a problem and I confused her in the explaination. She always ask me for rides because her family doesn’t like to drive. There are times where she doesn’t even bothering asking her family before asking me. I ignored the fact that she snaps at me when I make her wait. I also ignored the fact that she borrows thing from me but do returned them. Sometimes I feel like saying why were we ever friends. It feels awkward and lonely in some of my classes because she used to be the only person I talked to but once I cut her off I feel relieved.

  118. Emily says:

    Me again. I really don’t know what to do with her. It seems like every opportunities she has she will continue to insult my family member and start a fight with me. She seems to misinterpret or twist what I say and then she will say something that will start an arguement or send a loaded message. It makes me so tired and irratated because break time is for resting but with her constantly messaging, calling, emailing me I can’t do that. She doesn’t seem to understand that sometimes people are too busy to reply or talk. She also doesn’t seem to understand that each family may be structured differently. I feel bad for treating her coldly but I am so tired of her telling me I don’t know how to handle my own problems and starting conflicts with me.

  119. Lucy says:

    So I need some advice, can you be friends with people who are close friends with someone you personally cut off ties with? I cut ties with two people and I spoke about my past to our mutual friends on two different occasions. Once was because I was using examples from the past and the girl asked me why I was even talking to her about it. The other guy had wanted to bring it up, so I told him the events. And then it led to the ex friend stepping in and asking why I was telling everyone I had beef with them. When I didn’t I was clearly telling the events of a past friendship. And it seems like the mutual friends are now more on their side than mine. Should I just cut them out?

  120. lin says:

    this article makes me feel alittle better about dumping a 27 yr friendship. I am a senior citizen, and even at this age, friendships can become toxic. I feel alittle hole, but happier because of it. I had hoped she would get my clues, not calling back, un answered emails, etc. Nope, she finally got to me and wanted to know what was going on. I had the talk and she was furious and turned it around on me as the cause. Oh well, its over, that’s the main thing.

  121. Jae says:

    Wow this website is amazing! I’m so glad I found it and would love to hear your comments on his. It’s not rocket science, but I have two long time friends who are energy vampires and I’m married to one. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to severely limit my time with all of the negativity. One considers herself my best friend and is a very good friend, however in recent years she made terrible choices that have led her to financial ruins. She never hears my advice as I warned her this could happen and now she is on the brink of a nervous breakdown. The other never hears anything I say. I’m wondering why I’m friends with these two women other than because I have sympathy for them both. My husband is naturally negative but I can’t address him right now. I’m wondering if I have a negative magnet on my back! ugggh

  122. Twinkle says:

    Hi there,
    I was hoping someone will b able to guide me into the right direction. I have a very close friend of mine who used to b a nice person with good values. I have a good value system and try to befriend people who have similar positive outlook on life and have good virtues like love, kindness, honesty, respect etc. this friend of mine ( was a single mom) is cheating on her new husband (married for 3 months) and neglecting her son by traveling overseas with a guy she doesn’t love. I tried to explain how wrong that is but she is in denial and thinks I’m giving her a lecture. I’m not sure what to do because she likes to share her stories of infidelity to me, but it only makes me more and more distant from her and dislike her even more. It’s sad because I do care abt her but I feel like I cant b myself and pretend I’m ok with her behavior anymore. If someone could give me a suggestion it would really help a lot. Thanks in advance

    • Amy says:

      Hi Twinkle,

      It sounds like her values no longer align with yours. It’s not wrong or right, it’ just what it is now. If you’ve voiced your opinion, that’s all you can do. Now it’s your choice whether you want to stay or go. I would ask myself, “Does her behavior affect our friendship, or is it something I can live with because of the love I feel for her?”

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  124. soraya says:

    hi I am soraya :) i have this really close friend. She was not allowed to have a facebook account so she uses mine. i dont mind it but i believe she is invading my privacy. Sometimes she interferes when i talk to people and i can never talk about something serious to somebody else. she interferes. this has been happening for over a year now. And actually she is online more than me and when i get messages from people. she does not tell me about it half the time or she replies herself. Moreover she adds random people without my permission. And she goes around telling people that it is not only my account but also hers. i feel mean to think so negative bout her but what is mine doesnt feel like mine anymore. i had to deactivate it for a while because of my exams. but i feel like i should tell her that i feel like she is invading my privacy when i do activate it again. would that be the correct thing to do? Because i know she would take it the wrong way and probably not talk to me again. And she has this guy she talks to thru my account, it was a coincidence but i was online and she was talking behind my back with that guy. i told i saw it and she apologized so i tried to let it go but to think she wud do that, just hurts. her parents said she can make one after exams but she doesnt want to because i have had that account for a long time and all the people she knows is in my account so she is not bothered to create one herself. i feel evil but i can’t help thinking that way. so should i tell her? :/

  125. Anu says:

    I really like the way you have authored your thoughts.

    I can relate to this article a lot!

    Cutting off happens when we try to give too much too soon and then not able to cope up with realistic expectations of ourselves vs. others. I have been there..

    While I have started to find balance in relationships by setting boundaries, I feel the only thing which works (worked well) well for me to avoid or minimize exposure to toxic people in my life sucking my life energy is to cut them off, in a very subltle dignified way. No reason or justification given, just a nice way to say “i have things to do..” and move on.

    I am 41 now.. I have a pattern of attracting people who suck energy from me in the form of money, information, food, company, running errands. In short not a friend but a caretaker….I didnt know how to avoid me from being empathetic and also enabling. My mind shifted with a lot of crappy experiences of how people used my friendship and treated me like shit…i thought i deserve to respect myself better. The key is “healthy boundaries”. Its hard for me, as i start to feel on behalf of others, their situation. But always get kicked in the butt when i realize they are lazy and using the empathy part of nothing wrong in cutting off respectfully.
    Thanks for this great writeup!

  126. Aisha says:

    Hey, Amy! I loved this and believe its the truth. But like my friend I’ll call her “A” so A and I were REALLY good friends and then I stared making more friends and A did too.But we spent less and less time together.And I love her and she loves me we are like sisters. Ya THAT good a friendship. But I wonder about her because even though we are best friends with our other friend “H” she never opens up to us. nd she always makes me laugh and after I leave I immediately miss her. A couple days ago I told her why I was drawing back from her and she LAUGHED and said OMG I was drawing back for only 2 reasons because 1. I was SO jealous of how you and H had no prob making new friend and made strong ties really fast. 2. I was so paranoid about how u guys were laughing and yelling and when I came and sat down or walked by u guys would become quiet. I sat down ya’ll changed the subject and when I walked by you waited until I was gone to start talking again. “B” was the only one that wasn’t part of your group. So I told her all my secrets and fears. And before I confronted her about it me and “H” ignored her because “B” tried to make a fight between us she told us a bunch of her secrets that we never knew. And me and H were like if she didn’t tell us this and we are her BFFs then well I guess we should stop this before we REALLY get hurt. So she said when you guys stared ignoring me then all I had was B and like ya’ll I told her about my depression and soon our teachers were telling me to go to depression seminars and I didn’t know why I recently found out she spread all my secrets. And now she still says things she thinx don’t hurt me but they do and I don’t know if I should cut her or not. What should I do?

  127. Aisha says:

    Oh ya and she’s about to switch schools so she’s tryna detach from me and H so Idk wat I should tel her to make her stop cause a day ago I found her crying and was like whats wrong hon? She said it just hurts so much detaching from u guys when I asked y r u detaching urself she said I am switching schools so I don’t wannna always miss you guys

    • Amy says:

      Hi Aisha!

      It sounds like a really tough situation you’ve found yourself in here. If she’s drawing away, it could explain some of the actions she’s taken that have hurt you, though it doesn’t excuse them. Honesty is truly the best policy. Opening your heart up to her while knowing that she may not receive it the way you hope she will, may be the best way to go about this. Remember that you can’t control her actions; only your own reactions to her. Sending you good vibes whichever way you go!

  128. Jaeson says:

    Got lose em sometimes!
    I think people think friends are like Pokemon “gotta catch em all.” Um no. I have had some close friends, but there are points where you have to ask yourself the one dreaded question “can you live with it?” I find a lot of people put up with incredibly abusive and FAKE relationships because the “friendship” (if you can call it that) was formed during a rough or bad period of their life. If it lasted through this bad period people falsely *think* that those people who were there and that they spent time with (even if it wasn’t quality time) should still be in there lives decades later. This isn’t the case.

    People part ways. People change. And some people do unfortunately change for the worse and you have to sever them.

    The more immature a person is, the less you can trust them, they aren’t growing up, they are growing on you like a bad leach. I’ve seen situations where the friend is incredibly abusive and tries to pin all their insecurities, ineptness, and agitation on the friend and blame them when it is their fault from the start.

    If you cannot have a civil conversation with someone, they need to go. If they cannot have one with people who you care about, it needs to end. If they talk trash about your blood-relatives, they need to go.

    I had a situation where my friends girlfriend talked trash about my family who they had met once, simply because they were slightly more well off and had different ideology. No one has to put up with that. Not everyone has to be, or can be everyone elses’ friend.

    I really do not understand how anyone can put up with abuse in friendship. Abuse is letting that person control and dictate your behavior, who you are or or not friends with, etc. An abuser will try to blame you for their being ‘uncomfortable’ around someone else. You know what? Maybe they deserve all the discomfort they get.

    Children sometimes sadly, never grow up, or they become worse children. Choose your friends wisely. You are becoming them. Ask yourself–do I want to be this person in 6 years? If the answer is no, drop that crap like a hot potato.

  129. Tiffany says:

    I had one supposed “friend” tell me I had to change for them to be friends with them.
    Another stated that they only hung out for me because they felt sorry for me.
    Another “friend” used me so they could pass their college classes.
    Another “friend” tried to make me be friends with someone who was abusive to them and to me.
    Another “friend” enjoyed talking trash behind my back and trying to get people to ditch me for no reason except for some ideological differences which they never talked about to my face.
    Another “friend” tried to have people ditch me in a third world country on a vacation (no lie).
    You know what they all had in common?

    They were all self-centered, evil people. They only thought about themselves, what others thought of them, and how they could use or manipulate everything around them like a circus. I dropped all of them as friends.

    Those friends that dont make plans with you- no matter how long you’ve known them… are NOT your friends.

    Friendship is a two-way street. If it isn’t going two ways….wake up and realize its over. Let the chips falls as they will. You can’t save it.

  130. MOnica says:

    This article was very helpful to me.

    I was friends with a person (or so I thought!)
    One day out the blue the phones , the visits,came to a complete halt without an explanation. When we would run into one another, I ask what did I do for you to cut me off that way? Her response: I didn’t cut you off, & you wouldn’t understand. ( this would always be her answer when I would see her periodically out & about over the years)

    Fast forward 10 years later, (Yes! I said 10 years Later) She had her husband contact mines to get my number ( at this point I was not open at all to talking with her, However my husband said should to see what she had to say:

    She calls me: First thing out of her mouth is that she wants to rectify our “friendship” HOld up! Rectify our friendship: Last time I checked she told me there was no problem between she & I. The day of the visit come she still saying she didn’t cut me off. Wait! no phones calls, visits, no invites to your functions ( I heard about it through grapevine) but she didn’t cut me off. Secondly, she said : something about he said/ she said: but when I asked her what was she wouldn’t elaborate, thirdly she apologize but became upset because I accepted her apology,but I locked her out my life. She wanted me to accept her apology…go back to the way it was …where I shared my personal life with her business with her, but I told out friendship will never be the same.. I’ve grown & changed & sure you have too. To much time has passed.. & trust have to be earned..

    I don’t want to establish the friendship because she is not trustworthy & she acts more like a fre-enemy (how ever you spell it)

    I’ve felt relief once I cut her out my life permanently!

  131. Undercaffeinated says:

    Dear Amy,
    Thank you for this! I too have struggled with letting friends go. Recently, I had a disagreement with a close friend. Instead of hashing through it like adults, she went with the “I’m upset, so I’m going to refuse to speak to you for X months until you figure out what upset me and apologize” routine. I’m 29 and no longer have the patience to tolerate that kind of behavior. Several major life events later, (completely ignored by friend) I’ve realize the people we grew up with as children aren’t always the best people to keep close to our hearts as adults.

  132. Janet Butler says:

    I am 73 years old and was able to turn the corner and withdraw my friendship with another senior who also lives in our senior community. She seemed to be so nice in the beginning, but began to be pretty nosy and gossipy about people. When I told her that a friend had gotten her feelings hurt at our worship meeting, this friend stated that I was wrong. That nothing had happened like I told her, and she stated that it just was not true. Well, I did verify it, and the next morning, she left a message on my answering phone which stated that she had more time to think about what i had said. She realized she was way out of line and as far as I was concerned, my friends do not call me liars. Also, I told her directly that I did not want to talk about people. She asked me about someone else who had not been nice in the Worship group, and again, I told her I did not want to talk about anyone that way. I have since decided to go to a local Methodist church nearby and love it. It has totally taken me from this whole situation and I do not have time to be a part of a worship group which does not believe what I believe nor do they show any sensitivity or compassion toward someone who has mental and physical limitations. I smile, ask how she is doing and she inquires how I spend my time at church and I just say that I love the church, the people, and am attending several classes. That is as far as I ever plan to go with her. Do not know if this helps, but when you get older, you see red flags go up much faster. Also, when you are older, you realize that negative people can spill off on your and create a sense of mistrust of them. If they will gossip about other people, they will gossip about you. I do think that girls and women are too pulled in the direction of going along to get along. To many think that they must please others and keep friends no matter how much they may insult them. I just hope women will see that they are as valuable as anyone else and have no need to be a silly doormat to incur favors.

  133. Gigi says:

    Thankyou Amy for this article ..
    I needed to know that what I didvid right as I am currently in this very situation.. I have cut a girl from my life whom I thought was my friend. but she proved it again and again that she just knows how to insult others and taunt them , blame them n takes it all as a joke .. enjoys making others tense and says that it was fun to do so… I don’t know if she does it consciously or not . but
    My patience has snapped recently after she did something very wong to me in office. I just stopped communicating wid her after that.
    But even though she made my life miserable I am more upset with this other person who also knows of her behaviour but still lectures me on how I am thin of patience and how I should tolerate her character and this makes me so angry that I have decided to.cut him out of life as well….
    It makes me so sad that people r so quick to give suggestions , they say don’t be too stubborn , you should patch up and don’t make it a ego issue…
    But I will not be persuaded by this , I know I have to hold my grounds and no matter what I will not let these people ruin my life…

  134. Anna says:

    I experienced a bad depression after a good friend cut me off his life. Be were both guilty, but he felt more frustated than me and now became responsible for my depression and sorrow that will probably never fade away. I cant simply erase my memory and accept to hurt people this way, if they dont really deserve. What a selfish attitude ! I live in a Western country, but am originary from a place where people help each others much more than in your capitalist individualist society. They do not have a stone heart and understand what troubles really mean. I will never ever cut out of my life any person who cares about me.

  135. A. Abismo says:

    I made friends with a younger couple. They have a lot of family drama. Her parents dont want them together, they had a baby, and when I came to pick up the friend of mine she asked me to lie to cover up the fact I knew her boyfriend. I found myself in a situation I didnt want to be in. If I have to sneak around and lie for people “Friends” then it isnt friendship. She started asking me to take her places w hen she has family living around her, and I had to sneak around to pick her boyfriend up and take him home, it was uncomfortable and something she didnt tell me about before I ever introduced her into my private life. I invited them over for movies and a get to know you day. I found them in my bathroom being intimate and walked out on the porch and they were doing the same. I dont allow that and most of my friends dont either, there are things you just dont do in other people’s houses. I am nobody’s taxi service. I am 20 years older than they are and just wanted to be friends, not have to lie to her parents for her so she can go to her boy friend and sneak around. I promise you I had no idea all of this was going on. I finally went with my gut and sent a polite voice message mail and told them how I felt. I am their friend but im putting some distance between us. I have my own family dealings, I dont need to be put into the middle of her family problems, I have my own. My friends would think of doing or asking me to do the things these two did. Becuase they are young is no excuse either, I know young people that are very mature. These two… I cant be involved with this kind of thing. SO I fired a friend or two. I like them but im not there gofur for sex, love and a taxi serivce….

  136. Wale says:

    Hello Amy,
    Your words are as though you were speaking to me directly… So many years have been wasted, just because I try as much to have unknown vision-less so called friends around me for so many years. But I thank God that I was not close to my grave, before my eyes got opened, because I got to know that, they are only there for me when the goings were good, and when nothing was with me, they tend to run away. Some of them only call me when going to club, so that I will come and spend. My wasted years is so funny and learning.

    Thanks for this piece, its encouraging.

  137. Amy says:

    Hey Amy, i really need help ,sooo…. this is my story, im 15 years old right now and i left my friends because i had to move far away in a different country so these three years i never saw them face to face… only by phone and texting and after those three years i moved back near them so i started hanging out with them but it turns out they all CHANGED ….they all smoke weed and do whatever and i’ve been boxing for a few months now and imVERY VERY serious about it and im pursuing my dream and i know i can make it to Profeessional and then soon a champion but my friends are discouraging me and smoking weed and all the stuff that stop me from doing what i want, im not saying they dont like me but like they say ” You become like the people you spend most time with” and after we hang out and i come back home i feelso DEPRESSED AND DOWN and like my dream wont happen anymore and theres this guy called TYRESE GIBSON on Facebook , hes an actor but he always puts motivational videos and To be honest without his videos i literally would have stop doing boxing and pursuing my dream …..he ALWAYS put me back up there when i fell….. and right now im really lost i dont know what to do about my life , friends , etc… i hope you can help me

    • Amy says:

      Dear Amy,

      I think you know exactly what you need to do. It might be helpful that you no longer live around these friends. I would start to look into more people that are doing what you want to be doing. Are there other people in your boxing classes that you could hang out with? The people who make you feel like you aren’t worthy of your dreams aren’t worth your time and energy. The only person who can make space for what you want is you. Sending you much love and light as you take these next steps.

  138. Jennifer says:

    Hi Amy,

    I want to commend you on how well you presented this and your willingness to openly admit where you made mistakes. It shows great personal insight that a lot of people lack. It’s so easy to blame the other person, and most of us so instinctively do that.

    I think you’ve given very good advice both ways. I agree that truly the cruelest thing you can do to any person who has made any sincere effort at friendship and never done anything blatantly to betray you (an automatic out for me….NOW…I’ve learned, lol) is to end the relationship with no comments, no words, no conversation….and it’s become so common. I blame social networking. We’ve become so accustomed to one-button clicking the confrontation away. :-(

    Anyway, the only thing I would add is that where you mentioned friends who always want to pressure you into happy hours, or always talk about the bad day they had, I think a lot of people don’t realize that if you have TOO long a list of ways the friendship can strain your energy, before long, you really WILL be excluding everyone. Boundaries, so important, but even a good thing can be overdone. And if you talk to your friend about why you always hear her life sucks, you might learn something that you didn’t know about her position or why it’s so hard to change things so that more good things happen to her. One has to care about those things; we don’t all walk in the same shoes (not that a person should use their friends as therapists because that’s really not a good idea on either side, you share to a point, then you talk about fun things, but realistically, sometimes life IS a struggle…lol, or we would not be having this conversation.). The one who wants you to go to happy hours might express friendship through time spent together (if it’s just work, it’s not really a friend in the true sense of the word).

    Anyway, I came across this because I wanted other people’s insights on friendships where others just don’t give as much as I do, or won’t dedicate to it. I’ve had this problem all my life. I shouldn’t feel like shit when I watch “Sex and the City” reruns because of what the characters have and I don’t. I just haven’t found same-sex friends who value me that way –really sad…I’m a good (very good, not perfect though) friend. ;-)

    Anyway, good job.

  139. David says:

    Thanks Amy.
    I had to do this recently. A friend who’s been through a rough patch (very rough) began behaving strangely – friendly one day, rude the next. Twice, at events she had invited me to, and which I prioritised because of her rough patch, she acted extremely rudely. Four days after the last event, she sent me a message which hinted that she’d been avoiding me because of toxic behaviour on my part. The conversation (over Whatsapp) that followed had her passive-aggressively say that I was a toxic, draining person who she needed to avoid for her mental health.
    I thought it over, and decided that actually, that was her. Archived the conversation, deleted her as a contact. Haven’t heard anything.
    I messaged a mutual friend (who introduced us to each other), and told her the score, and then said that I didn’t want to discuss it further. Her response boiled down to “I’m close to both of you, so leave me out of it.” I haven’t heard anything from her since either.
    Which sounds sucky – but it’s been liberating. It’s definitely worth confronting someone, Amy. You totally said it right there. If they turn a conflict into a fight, or try to dodge it and keep status quo, you know that they’re unhealthy. If they listen, and want to work things out – awesome. Those are people worth having in one’s life.

  140. Kay says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for writing this! I just recently told a friend off for not treating me right for quite sometime. And instead of apologizing or reflecting on it, he does not want to speak to me at all. I always try harder to maintain something which i think i will loose, in this case, someone i thought was a really good friend. I did try calling him once to get him to talk because well, i didn’t want my ego to get the better off me. But, still, he ignored it. It’s quite sad to see a what i thought was a good friendship just fizzle that way. I don’t know if I should try one last time (as I feel its worth it-or am I just being delusional?)or just let it be?

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  142. JAY says:

    Hi Amy,

    I was with an ex-girlfriend for about 4months, but I was in love with her. Things were okay in the first two months when I had my dad’s car and we were together every single day.
    Things started to change when my dad came back from his holiday and I did not have access to the car. She started to not meet me very often, using reasons like not wanting me to waste my money and stuff. She was going out with new friends who were able to drive her around had have dinner with her.
    When I questioned her on it, she said that they needed her help, and used these reasons for the next two months. She did not even meet me once and only maintained contact through Whatsapp text messages. She did not pick up my calls, citing that she was busy. I thought that I had bothered her too much with my messages, as she often got angry with me for wanting to ‘look for trouble’ with her.

    When she ended the relationship, we continued to keep in contact and I never gave up chasing after her for nine months. I then gave up and went on with my life.The second time we got together was right after she found out that I was dating someone new. She came back to say that she realised that she loved me.

    But the moment we got back together. She started to treat me as if I was a burden and I was invisible. I went through a lot of criticisms, and put-me-downs. She was using anything to blame me about. Even pet peeves like keeping her room clean and stuff when I stayed over.
    She had even told her friend that, it was me who did not want to let go of her, and not that she wanted to be with me. I was really hurt. She refused to meet me or even talk to me, saying that, if there were someone who came into her life, she would leave me. I then called for a break up.
    When we broke up, we maintained contact. She said that we could start from scratch, as friends. I tried all means to speak to her, only to have her messages sounding frustrated and angry. She said that she didn’t trust me enough to handle the details of her personal life When I stopped talking to her for about two weeks. She got frustrated and left our group chat we had with mutual friends.

    After doing so, she asked my friend whether I had any reaction to what she did. I was shocked that she actually bothered to ask so.

    I cut off contact with her, because I felt that I had chased after her for too long, and my love was unappreciated and there was no return of it.

    I blocked her from my messages and phone, but left it as friends on Facebook. But, well, she unfriended me after finding out that I blocked her on Whatsapp.

    I guess.. This was the universe’s way of telling me to let go of people whom I don’t need in my life?

    I actually feel really horrible now.. Because I really love her a lot… did I do the right thing by cutting her off..?

  143. alex says:

    i just wanna know something before i take actions…so i had this friend he is a dude for 8 years now and everytime he does something worse than the time before to me and i tend to tell him about it but he keeps on thinking he is always right … the last time we organised an small event and i had to do all the work while he only had one job as to invite the people even though it was his idea and put his name on it without doing anything … and then he got the money i asked him as a joke where is my share of this gain … he didnt know i was joking so he answered in an angry response ” you didnt help me at all ; you never helped me ” even though everyone told him if i was never around he he would be just a little **** that is meaningless … and everytime i go with him to something i end up loosing the most even though i had no business in that thing …. so please answer me on whether i should just stop talking to him or confront him for one last time then tell him its over or what should i do ? cause ever since i’ve known him i turned negative as hell …

    • Amy says:

      Hi, Alex. First off, it’s obvious that this is really upsetting you. I’d take some time and distance from the situation. Then, I’d ask myself: “What act can I take that would be the most loving for myself?” Usually this doesn’t involve attacking the other person, so I would take some deep breaths and stay calm and centered no matter what you choose.

  144. Chan says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your advice on this topic. However, I recently found myself going through a difficult time at work an unexpected corporate takeover, new management and people being downside. Everyone was unhappy at work and quite fearful including me. Many would say I was negative and a “Debbie Downer”, I was in fact depressed.
    At first my friends were supportive but quickly became judgemental when I didn’t follow their advice to simply quite my job. This job was a very good job that paid well, had great benefits which I previously enjoyed and had planned to be in till I retired. It was at hiring my dream job, so I was really struggling with leaving.
    In the end they cut ties with me, which frankly was a blessing in disguise. Once they were out of my life, I no longer had to justify my decision to stay. There were no more awkward discussions, with them trying to convince me of all the reasons I should leave and how foolish and self-serving it was to stay in my job.
    As time went by things eventually settled at work, I was not fired in the downsizing. I got a new manager who appreciated me and treated me better than the one that was eventually ‘resigned’.
    Today I’m very happy, and have surrounded myself with people that are caring, supporting, and not “Judging Judes”.

  145. m says:

    I have a friend who is bipolar/suicidal. I feel bad everytime we part, and have come to dread her in every way. I see no hope for this relationship. I didn’t know what to do or say to end it, so I emailed her to say I had some tough stuff going on and would need to be out of touch. (which is true) That was about a month ago. She’s started calling again and I don’t know what to do but ignore her. I feel like having “the talk” may send her over-the-edge, since her boyfriend just broke up with her, etc. It’s like I am choosing the lesser of two evils by ignoring her. Even if we had “the talk,” I wouldn’t know what the hell to say or how to say it without making her feel like shit. (Meanwhile the “it’s not you it’s me” approach is making me feel like shit!)

  146. Karen says:

    Thanks for the article! However, I don’t entirely agree with the idea of dropping people in your life because they are negative. I would rather try to change the vibe of the friendship by insisting that we talk about something pleasant than to drop a friend. Why? Because if I dropped negative people in my life, I’d be dropping EVERYONE. Truth is, everyone is negative, either once in a while, or more often. Yes, even you and I can go through negative moods. So cutting people off isn’t the answer. Confronting the issue IS really the way to do it.

  147. Amy says:

    Thank you to everyone who has commented on this thread. Comments are now closed for this post. Please feel free to visit Fire Your Friends: 4 Years Wiser and comment after reading that post!

    Stay strong,

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