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30×30 Project


Thanks to all of you for the support and encouragement throughout The 30×30 Project! Together, we raised thousands of dollars for To Write Love On Her Arms.

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I’m starting a movement, and I want YOU with me.

I believe that every single one of us has a purpose here, and I am going to prove it to you.

My mission is to inspire you to discover how strong you truly are, inside and out. In fact, I’m touring the US and Canada to prove it.

A 30×30 workout is coming to a city near you. Come out and join me as we get fit, choose happiness, and strengthen ourselves from the inside out to show thousands who are struggling that they can, too!

Why am I doing bootcamps across North America?

Because I want to prove to those who are struggling that hope is real.

8 years ago, I tried to take my own life.

I’ve struggled with clinical depression and debilitating obsessive compulsive disorder since I was a kid. I thought it would never get better.

I was too afraid to reach out for help, for fear of judgment, misunderstanding, or pity. I acted strong on the outside while falling apart on the inside. I was so alone, and I didn’t want to keep fighting my uphill battle for a life I didn’t even want.

After my attempt, I was admitted into a program in which I started to realize that refusing to ask for help was actually keeping me from healing. I started to talk to my family and friends more openly and saw for the first time that I had never actually been alone.

Fitness saved my life. I discovered that, when I fought for my health physically, I felt stronger emotionally as well. As I started developing a regimen, I felt I could take on more without crumbling under the weight of it.

Turns out, I wasn’t the only one. Exercise has been proven to lessen the effects of depression, stress, anxiety and a host of other setbacks many of us have been sentenced with for life.

I refused to accept my life sentence, and now I’m fighting to show you that you’re worth fighting for, too.


To Write Love On Her Arms is the nonprofit that I wish existed when I was in high school. They provide help and hope to those who struggle with depression, self-injury, substance abuse and suicide.

TWLOHA makes asking for help cool, especially in the eyes of teens and young adults (who are often scared to reach out). Before TWLOHA, it seemed like it was adults talking at us who couldn’t relate to our situation. Now it seems like there’s a trusted friend who understands us, offering hope and support.

What is the 30×30 workout?

A fun, yet intense 45-minute full-body workout to get you sweaty and inspired.

The 30×30 workout is happening in 30 cities across the US and Canada this spring! Come out, get sweaty & help spread this hope like wildfire…

The 30×30 workout is my own unique combination of bodyweight moves designed in a class-style format. Since I don’t enjoy doing only one kind of exercise, I’m not gonna make you do it! I’ll be pulling from all sorts of exercise modalities to create a cardio-strength blend that’s sure to leave you sweaty, spent and ready to do it again… tomorrow. ;)

We’ll start the class with 5 minutes of stretching, then jump right into 30 minutes of high intensity cardio and strength. You’ll do moves like the down dog dive bomber, surfer up-downs, and dynamic planks. No muscle will be left behind today- you’re getting a full-body workout! You’ll be sweating and cheering the whole way through as I work it out right alongside you.

When you’re too spent to stand, we’ll hit up your core for 5 shaky minutes, then stretch and cool down for the final 5 minutes.

Sound like fun? No reservations are necessary. Just show up to the closest bootcamp to you, donate to a great cause, and give it your all!

Come on out and give it a shot! Your body and spirit will thank you.

Where will the workouts be?

We’re coming to a city near you! Click on the map to see more info…

View The 30×30 Project Tour in a larger map

Want to help spread this hope like wildfire?

Come to the Movement Meetup and bring hope to your community

Let’s light this movement on fire. I will be hosting a meetup in each city I visit at which I will talk about how I went from story to action, and how you can do the same.

My goal for these meetups is to create an action plan for you to leave with and immediately take action on. Some meetups will have guests from local programs that are in alignment with the movement. Whether it’s volunteering, joining a program, or creating one, we’re going to take this hope and set it ablaze. Click the map above for more information about Movement Meetups.

Hope to see you there.

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