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Make The Choice To Be Here Now

I just got back from a 4.6 mile run in my beautiful neighborhood of Brentwood, Los Angeles.  The sun was out, it’s about 72 degrees, I saw a species of bird I’ve never seen before that flew down and landed right in front of me, and I ran a faster mile time than I have in quite a while.  Deciding to go on that run- the same run that made me feel like I might not really be turning into a wordpress hermit- was not so light and sunny.  I was tired.  I am so sore from yesterday’s workout.  My *ahem* “Aunt” is in town.  All I wanted to do was sit here and try to decipher more of this blogging thing.  Running seemed like one more burden to take on.  That’s when I had to stop myself.  Just make the choice, Amy.

Every one of us has struggled to get out the door to work out.  If you say you haven’t, you’re lying.  Yes, you are.  We all get tired.  We all get bored with our workouts.  We all get lazy.  I’ll admit that I’ve been struggling with this.  Recently, I’ve been working so much on getting my new site going, while still training full time and TRYING to keep some sort of semblance of a social life.  Though I’m a trainer and I’m supposed to live to sweat, work outs have kind of fallen by the wayside.  I simply don’t have time right now to do the long runs that I love or get together with my best friend to do pilates like we try to do 2x/week.  I feel exhausted, and I just don’t want to!  I could be researching CMS!  I could be writing a new post!  I could be chatting with a wordpress developer!  There’s always something else that our minds come up with that we should/could/would rather be doing than working out.  It even catches people within the workout.  I bet this has happened to you too- you go into a strength training session/run/swim/jaunt on your pogo stick and you just don’t want to be there.  The whole workout seems like torture and you feel so relieved when your soulless attempt to sweat is finally over.  Let me suggest one thing to you when this happens:

Make The Choice To Be Here Now

It’s as simple as that.  Let me tell you all about it, stud.

What he said…

A few weeks ago, I attended The World Domination Summit (WDS) in Portland.  Before you report me to the authorities, let me tell you what it was all about.  Hundreds of people living unconventional lifestyles- bloggers, artists, photographers, entrepreneurs, etc- came to town to attend this meetup hosted by Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Nonconformity.  It was amazing!  Everyone was aiming to do the same thing: live life on THEIR terms.  Because all the people in attendance were like-minded and excited about the same things, it ended up being one big love-fest! …in a completely clean and G-rated way!  I got to meet and rack the brain of one of my favorite bloggers, Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness, and became friends with people doing exactly what I wanted to do.  The reason I mention this is because of one of the speakers that really resonated with me.

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Danielle LaPorte (White Hot Truth) before WDS, but after hearing her speak, I was alarmed that I hadn’t.  She exudes a firey passion that is hard to understand unless you hear her, and she emanates love and strength.  Her speech was about “being on your edge,” meaning being “impeccably you.”  I love this message because it’s what MY message is all about!  Anyways, while talking about what it takes to be truly, unrelentingly you, she mentioned that “everything you bring into your life is a choice.”  This thought really resonated with me.  Every decision we make, every person we choose to hang out with, every time we decide to get out that door to feel good and fill the world with positive energy that comes from a good workout are all our choices to make.  It’s the realization that we CHOOSE to be here with whatever this is.  Her recommendation was to own whatever situation you’re in by saying to yourself, “I choose to be here.”  It sounds simple, but it’s enlightening when you say it to yourself in the middle of a hard workout that you didn’t want to go to in the first place.

As with all my recommendations to you guys, I tried this on myself for a while before I published it here.  IT WORKS!  It is simple, but I think the most effective methods always are.  Make the choice to be here now, and reap the benefits.  This thought alone can turn a negative day into a positive one, an exhausting task into a shorter one, or just a burdening thought process into an empowering one.  Try this sometime this week when you find yourself doing something that you don’t want to do.  Workouts, waking up early, doing menial tasks, and eating healthy when you really want a donut are all great opportunities to adopt this attitude.  Please comment and tell me how it’s going!

CHOOSE health and happiness- it’s yours if you do,


photo courtesy of grbenching

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