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The Fitness Star Who Doesn’t Diet: Stepping Into My Truth


This last video shoot for Cyberobics was incredibly different than the last for many reasons. Perhaps the most groundbreaking of which was the way I accepted the job. When I was offered the video, I said yes… as long as they understood that I wouldn’t be dieting for it. You may have noticed that things […]

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Born for This: An Interview with Chris Guillebeau


Strongie, I have a very special guest here today: my friend, mentor and all-around amazing person, Chris Guillebeau! As you’ll hear (or read; the transcript is below) on the interview, Chris has changed my life a few times over. His latest book, Born for This: How to Find The Work You Were Meant to Do*, […]

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Automatic to Manual: The Chance of a Moment

Automatic to Manual

Today, I want to talk about that crucial millisecond when you decide to shift, or coast. It’s that moment you decide to get in your car and go to the gym or sit on your couch for the 10th day in a row. It’s that moment when you decide to dive into a binge or ask […]

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Set Yourself Free: What Emotions Mean (& Don’t)

Set Yourself Free: What Emotions Mean (& Don't)

In my recent bout with depression, one of my mentors gave me some amazing advice. She asked me how it would be if I experienced emotion without placing meaning onto it. For a second, I blinked, blank-faced as I tried to process it. What did that even mean? She went on to explain that emotions […]

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