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The Reframe: Spotter

The Reframe: Spotter by @stronginsideout

I’m feeling power-hungry, babe, and not in the way you think! I’m talking personal power. Let’s reframe it to reclaim it [tweet that sh*t!]. It’s time for another visit to The Reframe! The Reframe series is devoted to reframing old performance health terms into ones that serve us in the Health Movement. Last time, we reframed […]

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From Food Obsession to FREEDOM

From Food Obsession to FREEDOM by @stronginsideout

Last night, I ate a cookie. If this was 2 years ago, I’d be spending this morning in Shameville, USA (oh, have you been there, tooooo?!). I’d be making up for it by exercising an hour extra and eating nothing but “clean” food (aka cleaned out of all flavor), OR I’d be all, “Well, eff it,” […]

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Beyond Woo: Spirituality, Science & Faith-Finding

Beyond Woo: Spirituality, Science & Faith-Finding by @stronginsideout

When people think of spirituality, science doesn’t usually come to mind first. Recent research might change that. But first, a bit about my journey with woo… Did you know that Strong Inside Out started out as just a fitness blog? When I realized that more people resonated with my story than they did with my […]

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