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Intentional Eating: The Story Behind The Course

Intentional Eating: The Story Behind The Course

Today, I’m opening up TPM Intentional Eating for enrollment to 15 people who want to transform their relationship with food and their bodies.

This isn’t a weight loss program or a diet or a cleanse. This is a healing process that will change the way you eat and perceive your body for the rest of your life.

You may wonder why I’ve had such a change of heart over the past year and a half when it comes to nutrition. It’s about time I told you the real deal. Here’s the story featured on the information page for TPM Intentional Eating.

The Story Behind The Course

For years, I binged in secret, then dieted in the spotlight. I showed people how “strong” I was by eating less and limiting myself to certain food groups. I’d lose weight, then gain it all back in an endless, destructive cycle.

What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I just stop eating?

I’d sit in a shame spiral until it was too much to bear and I’d go into my next bout of dieting.

The last time, I dieted harder than I’d ever dieted before. My body fat percentage came down to competition numbers and felt like I’d “made it.” When the event I dieted for was over, I binged harder than ever. I couldn’t stop. I obsessed about every meal, every food I could and couldn’t eat… I was out of control.

I hated myself, telling myself that I was throwing all of my happiness away, that I was worthless, that I was a poor excuse for a fitness personality. The shame spiral slammed me to rock bottom, and that’s when I realized how insane my relationship with food and my body had become.

My worth and happiness depended on my shape. I was only worthy if I was perfect.

Anything less was a full-blown, shame-conjuring failure. If a client had come to me about this ping-ponging between worthlessness and power dependent on her appearance, I would have pleaded with her to find help. So I sucked up my pride and embarked on a journey of intensive healing with spiritual and therapeutic work, and I have finally come back home to a place of love for myself and peace with my food and exercise regimen.

Our society tells us 5% of body types are beautiful and that’s it. To adhere to those standards is to hold yourself back from a life fully lived. Would you ever say to a child that she’s disgusting at her size? Would you ever tell her that she should be ashamed of herself for eating a certain food? Then why do you say those things to yourself?

You are just as worthy as anyone else on this earth. That childlike innocence – Love – still lives within you, but fear has come in and told you you can’t have it. I want this program to be the thing that changes that for you.

From my time in recovery, I’ve developed a love-based approach to healing your relationship with food and your body. You won’t find any diets or exercise programs in here. There’s no calorie-counting or macro-tracking either. This is about getting to know your SELF better, the reasons why you reach for food outside of hunger, and gently, lovingly healing that process.

If you want to release your obsession with food and find peace with your body, welcome home.

Let Me Guide You

Now you know the scope of my struggle and rise without too much gritty detail… we’ll save that for later. ;)

TPM Intentional Eating was developed from the unrelenting desire to share my recovery with you. I never knew that:

  • I could have so much space in my mind for things that aren’t food!
  • My food obsession wasn’t just about food. It goes so much deeper than that, and healing it improved every area of my life.
  • Relaxing about my food intake could actually lead me to a stable, fit bodyweight.

In conclusion,TPM Intentional Eating is my Love and hope for you encapsulated into an 8-week course. I hope you’ll jump into this Love-fest and allow me to help you expand into a lightness you’ve never experienced.


Strongies that are on the Intentional Eating Waiting List get a special discount, so be sure to get on it!

Intentional Eating Wait List

Wake up to your worth. Let me guide you there.

Stay strong,


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