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Shame, Guilt & Goals: What You Really Want & How to Get It

Shame, Guilt & Goals

Shame and guilt used to be how I’d “motivate” myself toward weight-loss goals.

If I didn’t want to work out, I’d tell myself I was weak if I didn’t and so I’d do what was planned no matter how hard it was.

If I was tired of my certain calorie-capped meal, too bad. If I wanted to be good enough, I’d eat it or eat nothing.

…and my goals alluded me all the while. I was stumped as to why I’d lose weight, then ricochet back to where I started soon after.

For a long time, I thought it was because I lacked willpower. I must have just not been “strong” enough. So I’d bear down and become even more rigid – shaming, forcing and pushing myself into a neat little box I’d determined was how I needed to be.

…but the box would never hold.

Years and lots of therapist appointments later, I now realize that we are not meant to be put in cages. We are meant to be free, connected to the Source within us that guides us toward what we truly want.

You do not want to lose weight; you want to be accepted and loved, and feel healthy, confident and free in your skin.

Our actions are always based in Fear or Love. The ones based in Fear will feel difficult – you’ll feel the resistance in your body, the pushback of the world. Love-based actions feel like ease and fluidity.

Shame and guilt are signs of Fear-based tactics. Here’s what I’ve found to be true:

Shame and guilt will never produce positive, lasting change.

You may feel power for a short while when your body changes. Maybe you’re king of the world for a bit, but that feeling passes and the old sense of “not skinny/fit/good enough” comes back even if you stay at your goal weight. I’ve witnessed it many times over – the weight is never a cure for the hurt underneath.

Fundamentally dissolving Fear-based thinking is the key to achieving the results that you want, physically or emotionally. Without this step, your mind will never be your own. You will be ruled by Fear until you realize that that voice isn’t you.

I’ve got a radical revelation for you:

Shame and guilt is the voice of Fear trying to convince you that it knows best, to keep you in a cage of self-loathing and “never enough.”

I’m here to serve as your jailbreaker… but you’ve gotta step out of the cell.

When you realize that you don’t have to be a certain size to be enough, that’s when the results that are meant to come will come. It can’t happen in the opposite way unless you want to live in a prison of Fear for the rest of your life.

I wish for you to be free of the heaviness that Fear burdens you with. You can live without this constant feeling of lacking, of constantly needing to one-up yourself.

TPM Intentional Eating is where I take everything I’ve learned to be free of the shame and guilt, and give it all to you in an intimate group coaching atmosphere. You get:

  • Daily support on the private Facebook Group every weekday
  • Weekly Group Coaching Call with me that’s recorded in case you miss it or want to watch it again
  • 3 emails a week with materials I’ve personally used to heal my shame & guilt including worksheets, step-by-step exercises, meditations, journal prompts and so much more
  • Guidance to come home to Love in the way you look at your food, movement, body and worth

This isn’t meant to get you quick results that will fade as soon as the program is over. This is meant to change your life for the rest of your life. This is the long-term solution.

I can preach to you for hours about how worthy you are, but it might be more helpful to hear from people who have actually gone through the course themselves.

Below is a video that compiles reviews from actual graduated TPM Intentional Eating members. They say better than I ever could have what to expect from the course.

TPM Intentional Eating is open for enrollment until Friday (September 9th). I can’t tell you for sure when I’ll open the doors again.

If you’re ready to shift into freedom and ease, join us.

Click here for more info

Love is calling. Please pick up.

Love and light,


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