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MOVE Through Overwhelm: When You Can’t Handle It, Start Here

MOVE through Overwhelm

There are days when you can’t handle it. You’re handed a project at work with a ridiculous deadline or your boyfriend breaks up with you out of nowhere or you get unexpected horrible news…

And you land in this state of immovability. You can hardly breathe, let alone get a handle on your negative thoughts. You can’t journal. You can’t call anyone. You just can’t handle the stress.

You want to freeze. You want to hide. You want to numb yourself through means you’ll regret later.

I know exactly what that’s like and I’m here for you.

I used to tell people to just get outside when they felt this paralyzing anxiety, but with time and experience, I’ve come to realize that in many cases, that’s too tall an order. Getting out of your chair might even be too much.

So we’re starting here. In your chair.

From this safe place, I’ll talk you through 6 1/2 minutes of movement, breath and intention to rise out of overwhelm. You’ll loosen up the tension wracking your body, send oxygenated clarity to your brain and talk yourself into a place of empowerment all in under 7 minutes.

Make sure you’re alone so you can really get into it. Go to a bathroom stall with your phone and some earbuds if you don’t have a private space where you are.

When you can’t handle it, you actually can. [tweet it] Press play.

If you need to do any of the movements for a little longer in order to feel ready to take the next one, do. There are no rules, rights or wrongs to this. The purpose is to bring presence in through the physical to liberate your mental, to encourage your mind out of the spiral that landed you in paralyzation.

Let me know how freedom feels after you’re done with the video, even if that only means that you can breathe a little deeper. Even if it helps you take just one small action.

Freedom is the sum of many choices made laboriously until they’re natural. [tweet it]

In this moment lies your opportunity to make the first one.

Stay strong (by making the choice),


MOVE Through Overwhelm

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11 responses to “MOVE Through Overwhelm: When You Can’t Handle It, Start Here”

  1. Alejandra says:

    That was awesome. It had me in tears throughout the whole video. My ears are ringing and my body feels strange. I am loved. Thank you Amy.

  2. Z says:

    Your ability to relate and show compassion with action is so moving. This video is so what I needed it made me cry how much you get it and have lived through it. God bless you and your calling!!!

  3. stacey says:

    A breath of fresh air! Thank you!

  4. Mimi says:

    I have been in this deep dark hole since last July. I had been treated for depression before but never had serious suicidal thoughts until last year. All I could think about was how can I do this so it isn’t written as a suicide on the death certificate. I’m a nurse, I know about this stuff but when you fall down that hole, all bets are off. I also ended up in the hospital, went through a couple of months of intensive daily outpatient group therapy that transitioned to a private therapist 2x/wk. Just as I felt I was making progress, the proverbial shit hit the fan! The last 2 months has brought MANY extremely stressful events and down that dark hole I went head first. I broke 5 bones in an ankle 7 years ago. It greatly limited my mobility to the point I cannot do the job I enjoyed for 30 years. Gained weight, depression, SELF ISOLATION!!, ect. The hobbies I loved I haven’t done in the past 2 years. The ONLY thing keeping me breathing is knowing how much I would screw up my grown kids by taking my own life. Five days ago, when I was able to follow thru my plan because the idea of horrible physical pain paralyzed me, I actually wished I didn’t have kids and I could just cease to be. I must have driven 100 miles back & forth on a 20 mile stretch of interstate at 3am trying to figure out what to do. Die? Hospital? I wasn’t going to drive myself to a hospital. I worked there in the past and in this small town, my problem would have been broadcast to everyone. So I stay in bed. Go to therapy, maybe eat, maybe not, sleep, read online, sleep, refuse company because it’s just too much work. You are very right about ppl saying just get up and start moving. That in itself feels impossible. I stay inside my head, I think, I cry, I sleep. I hate who and what I have become. I don’t recognize myself. I was an extremely strong, independent caregiver. I just had no one caring for me. I feel as if I gave everything away and now there isn’t any “me” left. I know you aren’t a mental health professional. I have those. Am married to one in fact who was the trigger for both last years hospitalization and continuing to the present. I just don’t know how to force myself to start over and feel good. I despise having to put on a happy mask to do something as basic as getting a few groceries. Can you sprinkle some pixie dust my way and any ideas that may help would be greatly appreciated. The mantra boot camp sounds like something I might be able to get into. I have a notebook of mantras & bible verses that I write down when I come across ones I can relate to & that has always helped get me through that particular stress. I don’t see any available so do you have anything like the boot camps online until the next classes? Sorry for the novel I wrote but I know from group therapy how much other ppls stories can help. Thanks again in advance!!

    • Amy says:

      Hi Mimi. First of all, thank you for sharing your story and for staying here with us. The Strong Inside Out Bootcamp is an online support system that incorporates workouts, but I don’t recommend it for anyone who’s in a severely dark place. For that, I recommend intensive inpatient or outpatient care with trusted mental health professionals (that’s what it took for me to rise out of the darkness). Please keep fighting. There’s more to life than struggle and it will be revealed if you hang in there. Sending you light and healing!

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  6. RP says:

    Thanks for this moving and refreshing sequence – it was like a drink of cool fresh water…

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