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Introducing Movement Meetups: Taking Inspiration to Action in YOUR Community

30x30 Movement Meetups

The last few weeks, I’ve been struggling to find a way to make this movement more tangible.

I’ve been telling my story, but I hadn’t yet discovered how I could take that story and create lasting change within individuals beyond inspiring them to donate. I don’t want to go into these cities and simply teach a class and leave; I want to help create lasting change.

And then I started thinking about who I am talking to…


I’m talking to you, Strong Inside Out reader.

You are the motivated action-taker. You are the one who is tired of people giving up on life fulfillment just because everyone else around them has, too. You are the one who has been affected by various obstacles throughout your life, and you’re tired of being held back by them, and tired of seeing other people running face first into them over and over again.

You, fellow Strongy, are my tribe. You are my team.

Now I want to take the next step with this hope army and create change in each community instead of simply leaving it when I fly out.

We, my friends, are going to take action. We are going to save lives together.

Introducing Movement Meetups

Though I know not all of you will want to take The 30×30 Project Bootcamp (and hey, I don’t blame you- it’s tough!), you will get a chance to partake in the festivities while I’m in town.

I’ll be hosting a meetup in every city I plan to teach my bootcamp, that will focus on taking you from inspired to inspiring.

These COMPLETELY FREE meetups (other than the cost of whatever you decide to order at the cafe or restaurant we meet at) will involve talks about how I took my story and made it a movement and the crucial actions I took to make it happen, and how you can create lasting change in your own community.

You are going to change lives, and we’re going to make sure you leave the meetup with an action plan to do it.

I’ll have informational resources about local organizations and crisis centers that may need help, as well as talk you through how to take your action plan from concept to reality.

Even if you have no idea of what you want to do to help, we will make sure you leave with a plan. Meet up with us to get clear and proactive!

From organizing charitable events to volunteering your time, we are going to make a difference in each city this tour hits… hopefully more.

Where will they be?

These meetups will be in every city I visit as long as I have a minimum commitment of 3 people to meet.

I’m not familiar with each and every city, so I’m going to invite you to get in on this conversation!

Here is my current list of cities (and growing):

  1. Corte Madera – March 16
  2. San Francisco – March 17
  3. Burnaby/Vancouver – March 18
  4. Saskatoon – March 21
  5. Edmonton – March 23
  6. Calgary – March 24
  7. Phoenix – March 25
  8. Minneapolis – April 1
  9. Chicago – April 4
  10. Dallas – April 9
  11. Nashville – April 11
  12. Atlanta – April 13
  13. Columbus – April 16
  14. Montreal – April 20
  15. Toronto – April 22
  16. Dedham – April 26
  17. West Hartford – April 28
  18. Washington DC – May 5
  19. Chapel Hill – May 9
  20. Los Angeles – May 18
  21. Newport Beach – May 25

Click here to see the map.

The meetups will take place on or around those days in their respective cities.

Are you in one of those cities? Let me know your favorite places to grab a coffee or a healthy meal and we’ll set it up!

How do you RSVP?

To make sure that these meetups are a success, I need a commitment from at least 3 people for each meetup. To do that, I’ve created a Facebook page for all further discussion, collaboration and event RSVPs.

To join the Facebook group, go to the link below and click “join group” in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Click here to join the Movement Meetups group!

After you join, post these items on the group wall:

  1. The city you plan to attend a meetup in
  2. One of your favorite places to grab a coffee or healthy meal (that’s budget-friendly please ;))

As soon as I have at least 3 participants confirmed for a city, I’ll create a Facebook event that will be posted publicly.

Yes, you need to be a part of Facebook to join. No, we’re no longer in 1991. ;)

Feel free to invite your friends! Any and everyone who wants to create change in their community is welcome.

Please note that these meetups are NOT group therapy. I am not a mental health professional. Please, if you feel like you are easily triggered or need someone to talk to, call the people at this number instead: 1-800-273-8255. They can help you more than I can.

These meetups are going to be a great launching pad for you to ignite hope in your own community. Instead of waiting for someone else to take charge, I’m going to talk you through how to be the leader.

You have everything in you to change lives, and I am happy to coach you through doing just that.

…and you might get a goodie or two… not tellin’ you what… just sayin’…

Can’t wait to meet up with you all in person!

With hope and fire,



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6 responses to “Introducing Movement Meetups: Taking Inspiration to Action in YOUR Community”

  1. Chivon says:

    Hi Amy! Excited to see that you are coming to Toronto. I live here and would love to meet up. I’ll think of a few places for a location and post in group :)

    • Amy says:

      Great, Chivon! I would love to meet you in person, and there seems like there is a lot of interest from the Toronto area. :)

  2. Tammy R says:

    Love this idea, Amy. I am going to let anyone I know who lives near these places about your meet ups. What a great way to make lasting change!

  3. Gareth says:

    That’s a real call to action Amy, one that I’m sure will multiply the positives of your boot camps many times over. As with everything, the whole is greater than the parts; so I really hope others are inspired to take up the baton. And like you say, who could possibly be more qualified to take on such a challenge than fellow ‘strong inside outers’ – the ones who have pushed through their barriers and who have come out the other end stronger, wiser and more determined for it.

    So best of luck in your efforts to mobilise the ‘inspired into the inspiring’ – I’m sure you’ll do it!

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