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Looking Back, Moving Forward

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It’s another Annual Review post! Yayyyy!

Well, I’m excited anyway. :)

We’ve done a LOT this year, Strongies. In fact, I can safely say that 2013 has been my best year yet, largely due to you all.

Let’s look at specifics, shall we?

2013 in Review

Launching The 30×30 Project


Last year at this time, I was racked with anxiety, about to launch a crowdfunding campaign for The 30×30 Project, a 30-city bootcamp tour across North America to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention charity, To Write Love On Her Arms. It would be a 3-week campaign, much shorter than most other Indiegogo campaigns out there. It was a risk. A huge one. But I had no choice; this would be the year I would lead by example. No more small, safe dreaming anymore.

The first day of the campaign, we raised $3600! Thanks to my friends in the online space and all of you, we successfully raised over $18,000 for The 30×30 Project by the final day. A big thanks to Pat Flynn for making up $4,000 at the end of the campaign to make the tour possible! Read all about the ups and downs of the final day of the campaign here.

Shooting the Strong Inside Out Workout Series


Due to an extremely generous donation from the Centeno family (who donated in memory of their late sister, Lola Magdalena Centeno, who committed suicide at 30 years old), I created my very first Strong Inside Out Workout Video Series that features 5 videos, all under 16 minutes long to completely erase the no-time excuse! Entirely bodyweight, the videos offer a complete strength and short-burst cardio workouts designed to get you leaner, quicker and stronger.

Spreading Hope Across North America

photo by Omnisonas

In March, I left with my travel backpack, my laptop, and a heart full of determination to teach 30 bootcamps in 30 different cities across the US and Canada. 30 cities, more than 30 bootcamps, and thousands of dollars in donations later, The 30×30 Project was completed! Here’s where we went:

  1. Corte Madera
  2. San Francisco
  3. Vancouver, BC
  4. Saskatoon, SK
  5. Edmonton
  6. Calgary
  7. Phoenix
  8. Boulder
  9. Denver
  10. Minneapolis
  11. Chicago
  12. Milwaukee
  13. Dallas
  14. Nashville
  15. Atlanta
  16. Columbus
  17. Montreal
  18. Toronto
  19. Dedham
  20. Rye
  21. West Hartford
  22. New York City
  23. Philadelphia
  24. Washington DC
  25. Chapel Hill
  26. Charleston
  27. Austin
  28. Los Angeles
  29. Costa Mesa
  30. Portland

If ever my faith in humanity wavered, it was completely renewed on this tour. People offered their couches, their time, their support and love to make the tour happen. I made friends for life in my travels, and learned so much from each city I visited. I didn’t get to write about them all yet, but I plan to. Summaries and lessons from all cities will be available very soon!

PDX 30x30 bootcamp

The final bootcamp was one to remember: with the help of my wonderful fitness blogger friends, Joel Runyon, Steve Kamb and Rog Law, we brought the house down at CrossFit Portland in a final raucous, sweaty party of joy, gratitude and many happy tears. It was even a featured event at The World Domination Summit, the very event that provoked my big dreaming and the idea of 30×30 the year before, and the year before that, inspired me to start Strong Inside Out.


As if I wasn’t feeling blessed enough, I was asked to present my story and The 30×30 Project on The World Domination Stage as one of the attendee stories this year. It was nerve-wracking no question, but I felt at home up there. I thrived up there. The experience led me to offer speaking on Strong Inside Out’s events page.

Strong Inside Out got a whole lot prettier AND stronger


Speaking of Strong Inside Out pages, we got a makeover! After months of feeling like the design and branding were out of date and alignment with this new powerful message, I talked to my friend, Matt Chevy at Proof Branding to completely remodeled. The logo, the colors, the images; it’s all just a few months new!

We got serious about becoming stronger. We finished 5 challenges to get healthier and stronger, inside and out. I launched The Strengthen from The Inside Out Intensive, the ultimate mind and body revolution course that’s been in the works for a year now!

Leaping Forward

My Leap That Has Me Scared S***less

When I returned home from the tour, life was different. I wanted to continue helping more people than I could individually in my personal training business. I just knew that Strong Inside Out needed more than half my attention. The movement had grown too powerful to half-ass. So I made the leap into devoting my time entirely to Strong Inside Out, and left my in-person fitness training business in Los Angeles.


I got married!!! I am beyond lucky to have found my grounding, balancing counterpart in Rick Mulready. Now, if you say my name, I sound like a leprechaun. Try it: Amy Clover Mulready. ;)

In October, I officially moved out of Los Angeles, and lived for 2 months “homeless” (only because we didn’t have an actual place that was ours, but we were taken in by friends and family and traveled quite a bit)… and it was fabulous.

Lantern Lighting

We traveled to Bali and Thailand for almost a month, seeing, tasting, hearing, and experiencing things I never thought I’d be able to do. I checked off one of my life list goals, to release a lantern at the Yi Peng ceremony in Chiang Mai!

And finally, less than 2 months ago, I left my 20s and stepped into a brand new decade of dreaming big, living this adventure, and helping you unleash your strong in every way possible.

My Takeaways from 2013

This unreal year I’ve just lived seems like almost too much. I’ve even written about how my old voice pops up here and there, doubting these blessings I’ve had, looking for the cracks that will spread and cause this whole world to come crashing down on me so that it can laugh and say it told me so.

It was only two years ago that I feared the same would happen with my depression. I thought there was no way I could continue being so functional, let alone happy. There’s no way all that work had finally paid off. I’d refused to hope for it for so long because I’d always been disappointed.

And yet, I’m here. I’ve been almost 5 years without suicidal thoughts. After a lifetime of darkness, this is the victory I am most proud of.

This year was the year I realized how important this movement to inspire strength in the struggling truly is.

You wouldn’t believe the stories I’ve heard from ex-drug addicts, ex-suicidal people, ex-cutters, ex-abused children, ex-rape victims, and the triumphs they’ve created by choosing heroism over victimization. The fire in their eyes when they tell me how they overcame such a horrible past to create a life of empowerment

The world tells us to stay silent. The world says to grin and bear it.

Well I say scream it.

Let them know this side lives in everyone, and that it will not rule us. It will not dictate the lives we create.

We are too strong to be victims. We are strength and fight embodied. Our stories show those who are hiding that they are not alone. If we keep screaming, more of the silent may find their voice.

This next year, the movement continues, stronger and wiser. I hope you’ll stay a part of it with me.

What’s next

Honestly, 2013 is a hard year to live up to.

…but gosh dang it, I’m going to try!

There are many things in the beginning working stages… which makes me fearful and excited all at once. And we know what that means, right? I have to do it!

Here are some things on the books for 2014:

The 2014 Strong Inside Out Tour

This tour, like 30×30, will raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention, but this time, I’m doing it WITH you. This year, I’ll be recruiting local sponsors and partners to throw the most successful, fun and life-changing bootcamp experience possible. If you want to help me come to your city this summer, or would like to sponsor/know someone who would like to sponsor Strong Inside Out locally, sign up below for more information!

Empowerment Retreats

For years, I’ve been dreaming of hosting empowerment-through-fitness retreats and this year, I’m elated to say that it’s already in the works! That’s all I can say right now, but stay on the lookout for more information and to get on the waiting list. Details coming very, very soon!

Endless Possibilities

I have a few ideas I’m going back and forth on in my head, and I could really use your help to focus. Tell me, what do you need from me?

Thank you for taking the time, Strongie. None of this would be possible without you.

And I mean that.

You are Strong Inside Out. Your life–your story–are what this site is all about. Thank you for your support and love. You empower me every single day.

Love to you all, and a very happy new year.

Stay strong always,



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  1. Claudia says:

    Congratulations!! Sounds like a great year!

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