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Gut The Guilt [Video]

Today’s post is a video. To view it, either click on the video above or watch it on YouTube.

Not into videos? No worries! Here’s the gist:

Hey Strongies! We’re here to talk about guilt today.

Gahh! Guillllt!

It’s the worst, isn’t it? When you’re trying to get healthy, any little slip up (even if it’s planned for) fuels up your guilt gun…

You eat something that’s off plan? 


You miss a single workout.


You say no to taking on another task that’s gonna frazzle you?



Let’s sit back and ruminate on something for a second. How does guilt help us to grow?

Ok, it keeps us from committing horrible acts in the grand scheme of things, but I’m talking about in these small instances that happen on the way to us getting healthy.

When you “fail,” your body produces this guilt emotion as a form of punishment. What it does, though, is worsens this feeling of failure, making it more likely that you’ll give up on your healthy efforts altogether.

You know that feeling:

I had one cookie. I’m a failure. Might as well give up completely and have the rest of the box!

Guilt leads to shame, self-ridicule and if the guilt becomes chronic, low self-esteem.

Well, that just doesn’t fly in my book of strong.So I’m going to suggest something to y’all…


When you’re having an opportunity that’s part of your 10%, give yourself a break!

Try this:

  1. Become aware of the guilt.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Then, gently tell it to eff off.

Guilt has no place in this supportive, encouraging, strong space you’re creating to nurture your healthiest mind and body. It will drive you wackadoo, and what good will it create in your life? None.

Gut the guilt. You’re stronger than that bully.

Stay strong, guys,


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One response to “Gut The Guilt [Video]”

  1. Jonathan B. says:

    Great points, Amy. Guilt can serve as a nudge to look at something (“why do I feel guilty about this? what happened?”) but after we gain that awareness, there’s no reason to keep the guilt around! :)

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