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From Food Obsession to FREEDOM

Last night, I ate a cookie.

If this was 2 years ago, I’d be spending this morning in Shameville, USA (oh, have you been there, tooooo?!). I’d be making up for it by exercising an hour extra and eating nothing but “clean” food (aka cleaned out of all flavor), OR I’d be all, “Well, eff it,” and eat ALL THE THINGS while telling myself that I’ll get “back on the wagon” next week.

This time, I enjoyed it, then stopped thinking about it.

It’s a f**king miracle that I don’t punish myself for food choices anymore.

Like, mind-boggling, David Blaine sh*t. After a lifetime spent as a slave to body image, I’m in awe at the freedom I feel now even though I don’t look like I thought I’d have to to feel this way. 

Now that I’m here, I look back and ache for that girl whose whole day depended on that first glance in the mirror. As a performance health recovery coach, I talk to clients every day that are still in the pit of that struggle.

I climbed up out of that pit of body shame despair. It took grit and guile, but I surfaced and I know that you can, too. It’s my belief that this recovery found me so that I could bring it to others.

My mission is to help you build H.E.A.L.T.H. – not in the sense of what it’s become through scales and metrics – but through real, shame-free, feel-good FREEDOM.

Because that’s what it should feel like.

Some people say they’re going to start “healthy” like they’re about to run into a burning building to save some kittens – surely they will die or get severely burned, but it’s something they “have to do.”

True health is not a sacrifice of all that you love. It is not an all-or-nothing space where only “being good” exists and any food you’ve ever loved cannot. True health is a balance made up of individual choices based in the Love you have for yourself and your body.

There’s a way to break free from food obsession, and it works. Let me tell you about it…

Intentional Eating is O P E N

Intentional EatingIntentional Eating is my 8-week course to break through patterns and beliefs that hold you in the binge-diet cycle.

This course is my baby. Everything I’ve done to break free from body shame and emotional eating I’ve put into this course, and it freaking WORKS. It’s 8 weeks of hands-on guidance with:

  • Weekly video coaching calls with yours truly (heyyyyy)
  • 3 Emails/Week chock full of exercises, information and meditations to break the patterns that keep you in the binge-diet cycle. Need some hand-holding? I hope you’re cool with sweaty palms ’cause I’m here for you.
  • Intimacy to promote raw, real connection – we only accept 15 members tops.
  • The Facebook Group to talk about even the scariest sh*t we all face on this journey to giving the finger to body conformism. I’m in there every weekday so I can talk you through any setback and fear (they’re normal).
  • All. My. Love. I go into this program with my whole being and I can’t wait to be there – like, really there – for you.

If you’re done with self-flagellation through diets and weight loss programs, or you’re just ready for something different, give us a look-see.

Click here for more info

Enrollment is open until Friday or until we max out at 15 members. I hope beyond hope that I see you in there. It would be my honor to help you release your inner diet rebel and finally create a balanced, HEALTHY life.

Love Love Love,


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