Strong Inside Out Workout Videos

Burn, Strengthen & Balance with Portable Short-Burst Workouts

They’re here! They’re here!

I’ve been dreaming of making actual, full-fledged workout videos for quite some time, and I am over-the-moon to announce that they’re finally available for download!

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If you loved The 30×30 Bootcamp, you’ll want these videos at the ready wherever life leads you…

No equipment.

No long time commitments.

No more struggling to find the right workout.


These videos were designed to minimize workout time while maximizing the benefits of a typical workout.

I’ve used my years of personal training and corrective exercise experience to develop a fun, full-body workout regimen that gets results. This isn’t your typical workout video. We’re pushing your limits by challenging muscles you didn’t know you had while boosting your cardio endurance with intervals and plyometrics!

Here’s what you’ll get from the series:

Dynamic Warm Up to increase range of motion and blood flow to your muscles to help prevent injury and improve efficiency of your workout

Cardio Intervals to rev your metabolism so that you’re burning for hours after your workout!

Full-Body Strength with only your bodyweight; think there’s no way bodyweight could be that hard? Give it a shot. I dare you…

Explosive Plyometrics designed to amp up your heart rate and fast-twitch muscle fiber activation to shift your calorie-burning into high gear.

Stability and Balance with single-sided movements to help prevent injury in everyday life, and lengthen while you strengthen.

Plank-Based Core work to dynamically deepen your internal core muscles and stabilizers, chiseling and bringing in your waist (without any crunches!)

Runners, yogis, CrossFitters, cardio bunnies, and everyone in between will find a challenge in this brand new workout series featured in The 30×30 Project Tour across North America!

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The Videos


Warm It Up!

An active, dynamic warm up to get your muscles ready for the work ahead. This warm up is essential before any of the other workouts to help prevent injury and properly prepare your body for the challenging movements.


Full Body Cardio HIIT

A high intensity interval training strength workout designed to strengthen you from all sides so that you’re not overworking any area of your body more than another. Get your sweat-whicking clothes on. This is going to be one challenging, metabolism-revving, lean muscle-toning sweat-fest!


Plyo Playtime

We’re supersetting slower, controlled movements with explosive, plyometric exercises in this heart-pumping workout. Don’t have time to go to the track for sprints? Give this a go instead. You’ll be working those same fast-twitch muscle fibers that will tone you up and lean you out fast.


360 Core

This plank-based core workout will chisel your torso from all angles. Shake up your typical back-busting crunches with this routine; all of your abdominal muscles will thank me… especially the ones that give you those lines down the middle and the sides. It’s always bikini season here on Strong Inside Out! Get on it!


Finding Balance

Voted on by 30×30 Project donors, this balance and stability workout is slower than the rest, but by no means is it easier. We concentrate on lengthening while strengthening you through single-sided movements that help correct alignment and deep stabilization muscles. Especially beneficial for runners, but helpful for everyone who wants to get toned and balanced while working up a sweat.

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What Makes This Series Different?

Good question!

Often times with bodyweight-based videos, the emphasis is placed on moves that work one side of you more than another. Usually, you’ll overwork your chest, fronts of shoulders, and internal shoulder rotators, while leaving your back and posterior delts (your posture muscles) underworked.

Not only will this leave you looking unconfident, shorter and even heavier, an unbalanced body can lead to pain and injury down the road.

The Strong Inside Out Workout Videos aim to break the bodyweight workout mold with a workout that strengthens you from every angle equally and dynamically. I refuse to let you forget about the muscles that you wouldn’t think to work in a bodyweight workout:

  • the back and shoulder muscles that keep you looking tall and poised, and also keep your spine in alignment
  • the internal core muscles that deepen your waist (instead of working it wider!)
  • your butt and hamstrings that keep you stable and balance out tight hip flexors (which most of us have due to prolonged periods of sitting)
  • and all the other muscle groups you don’t know you should be strengthening

Coming from a corrective background, my mission is not to correct you as much as it is to keep you from having to be corrected at all!

Unlike many other workout programs available for home use, this series aims to lengthen and strengthen you for functional movement and daily life. Whether that be a desk job or an active lifestyle keeping up with your kids, this workout will get you ready to perform at your best.

The Strong Inside Out Workout Videos were designed to get you a balanced, lean, and strong body that functions like an athlete’s.

Not to mention that this workout is tons of fun!

I’m not going to yell at you until you cry.

I’m not going to berate you for not working hard enough.

I’m going to cheer you on for whatever you can do. I’m going to encourage you to try your hardest, and then to push that limit the next day…

I’m going to be your cheerleader on the way to the strong body you’ve always wanted.

Get results.

Get over the fear of gyms and equipment.

Get rid of your excuses.

Get strong, once and for all, while giving to those who need to find their own strength.

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A quick word about how these videos were made possible…

In the very beginning of my 30×30 campaign, before it even went live on indiegogo, I had the opportunity to meet Antonio Centeno of Real Men, Real Style. It was thanks to a generous donation from his family in honor of his sister, Lola Magdalena Centeno, who took her life in 2009, that these videos were even a possibility.

Lola never found a consistent outlet for her pain. Though she had a very loving family, she reached a point at which she felt her struggle was too much to bear.

Lola Magdalena Centeno, this movement is for you. Hopefully, we can help show others who are suffering now like you were then, from giving up hope and leaving behind a void that cannot be filled. Hopefully, we can help them realize how important their presence is here, how much we need them here.

Thanks for taking the time to read the whole shabang! Now, go get strong, inside and out!

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