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Stay on Track This Holiday Season!

Update from Amy Jan 11, 2017: I wrote this post and this entire challenge when I was in an unhealthy place with my eating. While some of this information might serve you, please know that there is triggering language and philosophies I no longer stand by within (specifically around food and movement). xo Amy

It’s easy to get lost in the hecticness of the holidays. When our overarching goal of making others happy and spreading cheer trumps our own goals, however, we have a problem.

This is the part of the year that tests our strength most.

Can you make time for your own holiday wishes this season?

At this time of year, we must remember our priorities. In order for you to be able to truly experience the holiday season for what it was made to be, however, you must be the most alive you can be. That means being fulfilled, passionate, and full of love for yourself and for others.

Your holiday wishes are just as important as everyone else’s in your family. You must keep them in sight for the next couple of weeks, or drown in the madness that surrounds you.

Here are some of the goals we talk about most on SIO, and how I’d recommend you keep your focus with them, even when it seems the hardest to hold on…

To Be Fit

Now, there are two facets to the fitness goal: diet and exercise. It is indeed possible to hold onto both even at this time of year. Let’s take a sec to visit both…


This time of year is full of cookies, cakes, breads, candy, and tons of other diet-busting traps all over the office, school and home. When your goal is to be fit, these suckers ain’t doin’ you any favors.

Remember that you have your 10% every week, which means that 3-5 meals can be off-plan. Knowing this, it should be easier to pick and choose your holiday treats without guilt.

Guilt is a worthless emotion. Don’t spend any time dwelling in it. Instead, take responsibility for the treats you’d like most, and then politely refuse the rest.

Another great way to avoid nonsense-noshing is to be prepared. Bring snacks with you to work so you’re not tempted by the holiday treats lying around. Eat a light dinner before the work party so it’s easier to say no to the stuff you wouldn’t usually eat, and just stick with the super-yummy treats. Prepare healthy appetizers to bring to family functions so that you have a choice beyond crackers and cheese or the oozing spinach dip.

Preparation truly is key to being healthy. It takes a little extra effort, but so does getting fit!

You know that the goal of fitness isn’t one that’s just dropped on you; you have to work for it. There will always be special events, celebrations, and surprises that will threaten to throw you off your game all year long. What better time than now to test yourself and your commitment to those goals?

Keep your eye on the prize, guys! Prove to yourself that you can do this, even when presented with plenty of opportunities to quit…


With all the parties, extra work load due to vacations, and shopping, there’s little time left for working out. That’s exactly why you should be working out, though!

When stress runs high, what better way to get it all out than with a high intensity workout session?!

At this time of year, it may suit you best to make your workouts shorter, but more efficient. Try sprints, high intensity cardio-strength circuits, or short bursts of activity various times throughout the day that will add up into a longer workout. Instead of one longer workout, spread it into increments of 10 minutes here and there. Got a coffee break? Run some stairs! Got 10 minutes between calls? Crank out some squats and push ups! Only 2 minutes? Pop into a plank and hold it as long as you can! No Santa belly for you this year!

I have never met anyone that can’t find 10 minutes in their day to do something. Make the excuse to work out and be done with it.

To Work A Job You Love

There’s so much to think about that doesn’t include your hopes and dreams right now. Finding the right present for your kids, getting dinner ready for family celebrations, trying to get through your holiday party without getting hit-on by drunk co-workers…

At this time of year, you’re probably thinking, “Just get through the holiday season and start thinking about it again in the new year…”

Why let your soul whither away while you wait when you can be taking productive steps toward discovering what you really want to do?

You don’t need to wait until the new year to discover your passion. You’ve spent your whole life waiting.

So many people ask me how to discover what they’re passionate about, and further, how to make money doing it. I’ve only found one surefire way to discover that passion (outside of guess and check)…

I’ve talked about this program before and I’ll talk about it again: Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend has an amazing course called “Live Off Your Passion.”

Scott provides a no-nonsense way to discover and then create a career out of what you love to do. I was amazed when I started going through his course; he covers everything! You can tell just how passionate Scott is about helping you to find your life’s work. In fact, he spoke at TEDx San Francisco about it…

Until December 21, he’s running a special on the course, which includes: $70 off the price it will be in January, free updates for life, a guarantee that it will work for you (full return of purchase price if it doesn’t), and access to a live webinar with Scott early next year to discuss key challenges in living off your passion and how to deal with them.

I am not an affiliate for many products, but I believe in Scott’s so much that I have taken the leap to support him as one. Plus, all of the bonuses you earn for signing up now sweeten the already-life-changing deal. Check out more information by clicking here.

To Become Present/Create Happiness

This may be one of the toughest goals to adhere to at this time of year. Everything is hectic around us. It seems like the monkey mind is affecting everyone we come into contact with.

Everyone is worried about time:

Getting presents on time

Finishing work on time

Pulling out turkeys/hams at the right time

Not having enough time with the family

Spending too much time with the family

Time is going to pass whether we want it to or not. The choice is yours how you spend that time.

I am trying, like you, to become more present in this ever-crazier time of my life. Every so often, I just have to stop.


Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Root yourself in what really matters.

You know those things in your life that matter most to you? Love, adventure, making an impact, providing for your children, supporting your friends and family, etc.? Those things are what I want you to breathe in here.

I focus on an overwhelming feeling of love to root myself back into what matters. I believe that love is where every meaningful action originates. To love myself first is of utmost importance. I can’t lie, sometimes I drift away from this frame of mind.

When I take the time to stop and breathe into that love, I can focus much more easily, and let that nagging monkey mind drift away because I am grounded in what is most important to me. The rest falls by the wayside.

Your life is important. What are your core values and goals that you refuse to let out of your sight this holiday season?

In the comments below:

Pick 1 goal that you refuse to lose sight of this season and write how you’re going to keep your focus.

Hopefully, your tactics will speak to someone else who may need help staying on track.

I look forward to hearing how you’re taking action in the midst of all this jolly chaos!

Stay strong, guys,


P.S. I’m getting crazy amounts of work accomplished right now, so the single-post-per-week schedule will only be til the end of the year! Thanks again for all your support. :)

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2 responses to “Stay on Track This Holiday Season!”

  1. Tammy R says:

    I like your message, Amy. I have the fitness and not eating junk under control. We get treats and we throw them away. It is not to be disrespectful, but we just politely thank the person and throw them away. Keeping plates of cookies and goodies with the intent to just take a bite or nibble a little did not work. It’s extra calories, period. We toss them and write a thank you note. If something looks extra good, we may take a bite before tossing the rest.

    My promise is to keep meditating throughout the holidays. It only takes a few minutes a day (I am a newbie). Even after a few weeks, I notice a difference in my thinking and actions.

    I also love your idea of the extra planks. I’ll have to keep reminding myself “Drop and Hold It!” :)

    • Amy says:

      Meditation’s one I’m going to try in the new year as well, Tammy. I actually might start this week.

      And yes, planks are almost always a good idea! ;)

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