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Personal Trainer’s Secret to Shedding Fat FAST

Hello, my fellow fitness fanatics!  Last week, I told you I’d be giving you all the secret to burning fat fast.  Got a wedding in a month?  No prob.  Totally forgot about that reunion coming up?  Don’t worry about it.  Just want to train your body to be a fat-burning machine?  I can definitely help you with that.  Here it is.  The key to dropping fat quick:




It’s that simple!  Now, when I say “simple,” I don’t mean easy.

By sprinting, I mean going as fast as you can.  This is not the time to just run quickly.  This is “Holy Mother of Pearl!  There’s a bear chasing me!  Unless I run as fast as I possible can, I’m as good as Pooh food!”  Running this fast turns on different processes in your body than regular steady state cardio does.  When you jog comfortably at a consistent pace, you are burning fat pretty much only while jogging, and at the same time raising your cortisol levels (scientists have linked high levels of this stress hormone with higher levels of belly fat).  After you’re done with your leisurely run, your body goes back to it’s regular metabolic rate.  By sprinting, you’re raising HGH and testosterone levels that will battle that stubborn belly bulge, while revving up your metabolic rate AFTER your actual workout.  So though a sprint workout might be shorter, it will be more bang for your buck… and you can develop an awesome butt and hamstrings from sprint work.  Just sayin’.

So, this week, make it a point to get to the track, a treadmill, or just outside and do this workout:

Warm up for 5 minutes at an easy to moderate pace.  Then, sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds- your legs should be burning by the end of this!  Recover by walking as long as it takes your heart rate to come back down to the level it was at in your warm up, then sprint again.  Do a total of 5 sprints, working your way up to 12 as you get more comfortable with it.  Cool down for 5 minutes at an easy pace.  You’re done!

If you’re not a runner, you can do this on a bike, elliptical, or arc trainer by cranking up the resistance and going as hard as you can for your sprint.  Never run before but want to start?  Try just jogging for 30 seconds to a minute instead of sprinting.  Every week, add another 30 seconds that you jog, and subtract that 30 seconds from your recovery time.  When you’ve gotten rid of your recovery, start the sprints.  Have knee or back problems that make running a no-go, but don’t have access to cardio equipment?  You might be surprised just how hard it is to speed walk as fast as you can.  Also, try doing these in a pool (running or swimming), though you may want to take your sprints in laps- I’d recommend starting with 1 pool length as your sprint.

Now, sprints aren’t the end-all-be-all.  I highly recommend a strength training program that will help to shape your body and keep you strong, while preventing injury.  Pair that with a killer as-close-to-nature-as-possible diet, and you’re golden.  If you want the best results possible in the shortest amount of time, I suggest you go with HIIT training, which I do with a lot of my clients.  Want to know more about what this type of training entails?  Come back next time and I’ll tell you all about it!  GOTCHA!

Till next time, I wish you all much health and happiness,

Amy Clover

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4 responses to “Personal Trainer’s Secret to Shedding Fat FAST”

  1. Hello there I am so glad I found your webpage. Thank you for your post and keep giving out great information!

  2. Frances says:

    You’ve inspired me! Right now I’m getting ready to head to the track and do some sprints… it’s the kind of training I used to do for athletics and I’m excited at the thought of getting into it again!
    I’m posting this now so that I have no excuse… I have to go and do it :)

    • Amy says:

      Awesome, Frances! Happy that Strong Inside Out can be a source of accountability for you!

      Stay tuned- I just got a request from a reader to clear up High Intensity Interval Training, Sprints and when to incorporate both. Coming soon!

      Hope you’re liking the site!

  3. Michelle Rios-Sailor says:

    so glad I found this site! All the articles are helping me and are amazing to read!

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