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Thanks so much for stopping over to my site, Greatist! It means a lot to me that you want to see more of what I have to say.

Here’s my story as documented in my Nike spec commercial:

Strong Inside Out’s purpose is to wake you up, and start you on the path to living the bold, healthy life you deserve.

I built this blog on the premise that you can change your life. I am here to show you, as proof, that even when you’re at rock-bottom, you are not stuck. You can change. And you will if you take ACTION to do so.

You can read about my personal proof that it’s possible here.

Whether it be through exercise, eating healthy, or starting to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, this blog is focused on getting you the life you were born to live.

…and I refuse to take myself too seriously, so you won’t find too much Om here. ;)

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Here’s to you becoming stronger than your struggle, and the SIO community supporting and encouraging you along the way!