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Will This Urge Ever Go Away Completely?

ice cream truck here

Today, I want to address a frequent and very important question I get from Strongies. It covers the gamut of every struggle from binge eating, depression, addiction, anxiety and every other kind of struggle that involves fear of remission. Somewhere near the bottom of most of the emails I’ve been receiving over the past month, it [...]

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The Cure for Feeling Lost: Intention Setting 101

The Cure for Feeling Lost

Do you feel lost? Do you feel like you’re wandering aimlessly through life, looking for something to be passionate about? A job, a relationship, a hobby, anything? We all go through it. Even if you’re not there right now, you’ll likely cycle around to this lost feeling again sometime in the future. And it’s natural. Even [...]

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May, BE: Your National Fitness Month Mantra

May BE

On this, the eve of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, I want to talk about how you BE. Nope. Not a grammar error. And, yes. It is related. Let’s get into BEing the fantasy you. MOST of us are waiting. We are going after goals, sure, but we’re holding off on something until we get [...]

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I’m Not Holding Back Today & Here’s Why…

I'm Not Holding Back Today & Here's Why...

Hey there, boys and girls. Yep, just a period today. No exclamation point. Wanna know why? I’m “dieting” for a photo shoot. Blegh. I hate that word! Dieting is a term that’s not used too much anymore because it brings up connotations of low-fat rice cakes and unending celery sticks. But that’s what I’m doing. [...]

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