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Have The Best Day Ever: 2.0!!!

Have The Best Day Ever 2.0

It’s been over a year since I published Have The Best Day Ever: My Favorite Picker-Uppers! When I posted it, I got TONS of great feedback, so I think it’s time I send you some picker-upper refreshers! Sometimes we just need to take a little break from the everyday grind to celebrate the fact that we’re […]

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3 Breathing Exercises for Stress, Energy & Strength

3 Breathing Exercises for Stress, Energy and Strength

Every so often, I get super stressed out. Or depressed. Or angry. Or a range of other intense emotions that threaten to crush me. Thankfully, I have a tool in my belt that keeps me strong, calm and grounded… and so do you. Every time I get hit with these overwhelming emotions, I automatically take […]

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You Don’t Need Me

You Don't Need Me

Here’s the truth: you don’t need me. I have knowledge. I have experience. I like to think I’m a fun and understanding coach. But you don’t need me. You are fully capable of making change happen on your own. You don’t need special clothes or gear. You don’t need gurus. You don’t need the perfect […]

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The Turning Point: What Are You Waiting For?

When You Can't Connect, Let The Fire Take You

There comes a time when you just become DONE. Done being lost. Done looking. Done waiting. It comes in every person’s life who pulls a 180; it’s that moment when everything changes. For me, I look back on all my old habits and wonder who that person was. I felt horrible every day, I had no energy and the […]

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Self-Help Isn’t The Answer

Self-Help Isn't The Answer

Ever since I started my recovery, I’ve been obsessed with self-help books. I love me some Eckhart Tolle and Geneen Roth. I still read their books once a year, but I used to have a constant rotation of self-help books in my bag. These books helped me become aware of my negative thought patterns and […]

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