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Wake Up to Your Worth: The Story Behind The Course


Today, I’m opening up TPM Wake Up to Your Worth for enrollment to 15 people who want to transform their relationship with food and their bodies. This isn’t a weight loss program or a diet or a cleanse. This is a healing process that will change the way you eat and perceive your body for the […]

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The Fitness Star Who Doesn’t Diet: Stepping Into My Truth


This last video shoot for Cyberobics was incredibly different than the last for many reasons. Perhaps the most groundbreaking of which was the way I accepted the job. When I was offered the video, I said yes… as long as they understood that I wouldn’t be dieting for it. You may have noticed that things […]

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Shame Is Fattening: Shifting Restriction to Moderation

shame is fattening

This week, a lot of my clients are worried about all the “naughty” foods around every turn. How will I say no? How do I deal with the FOMO (fear of missing out)? What do I do when Grandma makes me my favorite cookies? Maybe you’re trying tactics to grit your teeth and willpower your […]

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