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The Problem With Allowing Life to Happen

The Problem With Allowing Life To Happen

This morning, I woke up tired and cranky. Coffee didn’t help. So, naturally, I went to yoga. Yoga is my coffee-doesn’t-fix-it magic pill. If I’m feeling down, distracted or otherwise un-whole and centered, I take care of it by Om-ing out with some super-sweaty Vinyasa. The yoga instructor that taught my class this morning is [...]

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Have The Best Day Ever: My Favorite Picker-Uppers

Have The Best Day Ever- My Favorite Picker-Uppers

Sometimes, you don’t need me to tell you what to change. Sometimes, you just need some actionable picker-uppers to change the direction in which your day’s going. That’s why I created today’s post: I’m listing out all the things I look at when I need quick pick-me-ups in hopes that it can help you, too. [...]

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50 Seconds to Presence [+ Audio]

50 Seconds to Presence

Many of the problems we face in everyday life stem from being caught up in everything but the present. Depression and anxiety, two of the most common ailments amongst Strongies, is caused by worrying about things that have occurred in the past or that might occur in the future. Might. Mindfulness is the key to [...]

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Everyone’s A Comedian

Everyone's A Comedian

Last night, I was filled with a dull sense of dread. You see, I agreed to go to this local comedy show with a friend of mine… and it was with great burden that I did so. Nothing against comedy shows, but personally, many of the amateur shows I’d seen in LA made me extremely uncomfortable. [...]

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