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My Direct Route Back to Light & Love (+ A Challenge)


I’ve come to a conclusion about myself, and it’s important I share it with you here today; it might help you recover from whatever pain you might be going through now or may go through in the future.

Though I’ve healed a great deal over the past few years, I still go in and out of dark periods. In a few weeks, I’ll be going through the exact process I go through to minimize their hit in a blog post here, but what I want to discuss today is one of the main reasons I get lost.

When I get distracted from my main purpose in life, my light dims. Things get hazy, I start feeling the heaviness of doubt and fear, I stutter when I speak and I question everything.

It only takes a moment of meditation to bring me back. It took me going to Spirit Junkies Masterclass to learn it, but I finally found my gateway back into connection.

When I feel disconnected, all I have to do is meditate on this: “How can I be of service today?”

It’s my true north, my direct route back to light and love, and research shows that it might be yours, too. I’ve mentioned it before, but let me reiterate it for the new Strongies here with us:

  • Peer support helps to alleviate symptoms of depression [source]
  • Altruism releases dopamine in the pleasure center of your brain. Studies show that when you give money to others, it produces the same response as filling up your own savings account! [source]
  • Counselors and therapists are starting to prescribe volunteer work for people with depression because it gives us a stronger sense of purpose and meaning. This Denver charity was created on the foundation of helping people with their mental state through volunteer work!

One of the main reasons we fall into depression and/or anxiety (when it’s not simply chemical) is because we lack a sense of purpose and meaning. We start to think we’re worthless, that we don’t have a positive impact on the world. That we don’t matter.

When you place the focus outside of yourself by doing volunteer work, listening to a friend in need, or just going out of your way to be kind to someone else, you shift your mindset. You make a difference that is standing right there in front of you, usually thanking you for your actions.

Seeing that you are having an impact in the moment, and the plain-as-day positive results from your actions reinvigorates motivation, purpose and meaning. Often times, that’s enough to take one step higher back into light. Do it more than once, and you actively ascend from that darkness.

Even if you’re not depressed or anxious, you could probably afford a little more light in your life. In those moments of stress, loneliness, boredom or other low-frequency states of mind, you could be of service instead of wallowing in the foggy dimness.

I truly believe that being of service is the highest calling there is. To give you a taste, I’m going to invite you to a a challenge.

#beofservice challenge

There’s only one rule, and it can’t get any simpler:

Every day for the next 7 days, go out of your way to be of service.

That’s the only rule, and there are endless options as to how you do that. You could try any of these to get started:

  • Call a friend who’s going through a hard time right now.
  • Volunteer an hour or two of your time for a charitable cause.
  • Make some sandwiches at home and hand them out to people in need.
  • Help the newbie settle in at work.
  • Offer to do laundry, pick up groceries or be chauffeur for a day to your grandparents.

Those are all just ideas, but I invite you to choose services that really light you up from within. What makes you come alive? How do you want to feel, and what action creates that feeling inside you? That’s what you want to do.

Want to help others find their purpose and meaning and win goodies? Spread the word!


Stay strong,


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3 responses to “My Direct Route Back to Light & Love (+ A Challenge)”

  1. Rad says:

    wow. I love this. And it’s so true. When I was at my lowest lows, I couldn’t snap out of my sadness (or back to radness) until I spent my energy helping other people.

  2. Eric says:

    This is excellent, fantastic advice! People, it doesn’t matter what heights of spiritual attainment you achieve. You will be challenged at every level of life. As Amy mentions, it is something we must continually apply into our lives. Fear, doubt and uncertainty seems to settle on us like a form of dust in the air, and we can only neglect our soul connection (or whatever you like to call it) for so long before this stuff gains a foothold into our lives. What happens when someone stops taking showers for awhile? They get more and more dirty.

    Sometimes we don’t even recognize the dirt for what it is. It’s been with us for so long, we accept it as normal. As every day reality. We even at times take it on as part of our identity. It’s easy to believe, oh that’s just life for you …..hmmm… Is it really now? : )

    SERVICE is that Endless Love. It flows outwards and never stops giving and giving. Infinite in it’s beauty and eternally patient. It is creation in motion. Thank you for making my day with this post, Amy. Thank you for inspiring me. : )

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