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Self-Care: All About All of It

Self-Care: All About All of It by @stronginsideout

I talk about self-care all the time to my clients. It’s a staple in the Action Lists I create for each one of them. I recently searched the blog here for an in-depth explanation, and I was surprised that I’ve never visited the subject head on! Because of the raw, real sh*t we talk about here, […]

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Grief & Depression: Navigating Loss Without Sinking

Grief Is Not Depression (& It Doesn't Have to Become It) by @stronginsideout

On Sunday, April 9th, I lost my champion. If you’ve been reading Strong Inside Out for a while, you might know that my Grandma and I were very, very close. In fact, my husband and I lived with her for a month in between our Southeast Asia honeymoon and our move to San Diego. I wrote […]

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