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Self-Care: All About All of It

Self-Care: All About All of It by @stronginsideout

I talk about self-care all the time to my clients. It’s a staple in the Action Lists I create for each one of them. I recently searched the blog here for an in-depth explanation, and I was surprised that I’ve never visited the subject head on! Because of the raw, real sh*t we talk about here, […]

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Grief & Depression: Navigating Loss Without Sinking

Grief Is Not Depression (& It Doesn't Have to Become It) by @stronginsideout

On Sunday, April 9th, I lost my champion. If you’ve been reading Strong Inside Out for a while, you might know that my Grandma and I were very, very close. In fact, my husband and I lived with her for a month in between our Southeast Asia honeymoon and our move to San Diego. I wrote […]

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Seeking Newness: The Bada** Way to Rewire Perfectionism

Seeking Newness: The Courageous Way to Rewire Perfectionism by @stronginsideout

Being new at something when you’re struggling with perfectionism can be both titillating and downright horrifying. Actively seeking newness, however, is one of the most courageous things you can do to recover patterns of perfectionism. To illustrate my point, let me tell you a little story… The Newness My husband and I are headed to Europe in […]

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When Body Image Isn’t About Your Body

When Body Image Isn't About Your Body by @stronginsideout

Does that first look in the mirror make or break your entire day? It hurts my heart to say that you’re definitely not alone. Body image can carry enormous weight on our sense of self-worth and, therefore, our mood and satisfaction levels in life. What if I told you that body image actually has less […]

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